Monday, July 11, 2016


Faithful readers of this column will know that pretty much since day one I said one of two groups would destroy this nation: black people or Muslims. My money was on Muslims but with what has happened over the last few weeks I am no longer confident on this assessment. I don't want anyone to think this will be some post demonizing black people or being racist in any way. But the facts are that black people have been swayed by MSM in ways I have never seen before. As a large segment seems to be largely uneducated (which is partly their own fault), the propaganda is working gang busters for them. This is a problem for everyone else, especially the smarter black people out there ( not necessarily school educated but smart nonetheless) as this one group (dumb black people) is single handedly destroying everything. Once again, thanks for voting for Hillary, rubes. The worst part is that no one seems to know what to do next which is immensely frustrating as the solutions are simple which I will get to later in this column.

Black people HAVE to stop using racism for literally every problem that comes their way. It's not that simple. Cops are not necessarily arresting black people because they hate black people. Black people commit WAY more crimes than anyone else. Black people are responsible for over half of the murders in this country, yet are only 13% of the population. Most of those murders are each other. Why is this not a real problem that needs to be addressed by everyone involved? However, anytime someone does bring this up, they are branded a racist and we get nowhere. Facts are if black people commit more crime, which they do, then isn't it logical that they are going to get shot more? That is not to say that I think it is okay to shoot unarmed people of any color. It isn't. But every shooting isn't a cause for outrage. Recent protests have erupted for legitimate shootings of black men who fired guns at police. What are they supposed to do, tickle them into submission?

We still hear "hands up, don't shoot," which never happened. We get large protests wanting change. We have churches praying for peace. You know what we don't have? Solutions. All the praying in the world isn't going to stop the death toll that is out of control in inner city areas (yet falling almost everywhere else).

The worst part is we now have actual black terrorist groups. The New Black Panthers are calling for the establishment of a Black Nation by taking over southern states like Florida, Mississippi and others. Good luck with that. Ignorant white people, which are a dime a dozen in the deep south (just look at who they keep voting for), and filled with racism and guns will love you guys coming into their small towns and telling them what to do. Get your burial plans ready if you actually try to do something so stupid. There are several other black militant groups, racist douchebags no better than the KKK or Nazis, that the Dallas sniper was a follower of online. How is this any different than ISIS recruitment?

Free speech only goes so far. I have never understood why we don't shut these things down. Sedition is still illegal and anyone openly talking about should be prosecuted. It's called treason guys. They can literally hang you for it. If we don't shut this crap down and soon, there may actually be a race war and black people will not survive that. They will get their wish and live in walled off ghettos that the movie District B13 showed us. They just may get their way and not be happy with the outcome.

So what can be done? Everyone, white, black and what not has to come together and in one loud voice say STOP THE FUCKING DRUG WAR ALREADY! Use that money saved by closing down half of our prisons (as well as outlawing private ones which has it's own set of problems) as well as the elimination of the ATF and DEA, and spend it on treatment, legalization of weed, and decriminalization of everything else. To end the heroin scourge, make it free. Have special shoot up areas, with free counselling, doctors on staff and immediate free treatment for anyone who wants to get off it. This works as other countries have tried it with amazing success. We could save trillions if we demand it. Where the fuck is BLM on this subject? Oh that's right, they are still screaming about "institutionalized racism" which is in part their own fault. Stop committing crimes on a epic scale and maybe cops won't see you all as thieves and murderers.

The other fact we need is cameras have to be on ALL cops nationwide, yesterday. That footage has to be released within 48 hours of any incident, no exceptions, to the public without delay. Failure should result in severe penalties. Any cop caught on tape during a questionable shooting, is sent home WITHOUT pay. Want to eat next week, stop being trigger happy. And if you get convicted, you go to the worst prison in the state right into gen-pop. Enjoy your last few moments on Earth. Again, if you don't want to get gang raped to death, use your gun as a last resort.

The democrats have been smart to be the first politcal party to at least declare that pot should be at the very least decriminalized and should be taken off the Schedule One list, reducing the amount of jail time one might get in less enlightened states, as well as opening research on it which has been non-existent for years, other than the occasional crap study that is filled with nonsense and Reefer Madness symptoms. This will also keep many a black man from prison.

Lastly, we have to remove the stigma of prison and allow former felons to vote, which never made any sense to me. They've done their time. Let them vote then. We also have to allow felons to work and only in cases of sexual assault, actual assault, or murder should it matter. Just because you got caught with a gram of crack once shouldn't sentence you to a life time of drug dealing to make ends meet. It is a big reason why the black community is doing so badly.

The media is giving us all a false narrative. They are telling us cops are ONLY killing black people. They aren't. They just are not reporting it, otherwise known as doing their fucking jobs. This is making black people racist against whites, as seen by the explosion of black on white crime right after the second questionable shooting happened. This is good for no one. We are stronger together than apart. But if you keep blaming whitey for all your ills, this is not going to end well for anyone.

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