Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Trump's new immigration order is going about as well as his first 10 days in office. With no warning to anyone, Trump wrecked the immigration system, failing to even tell his own departments what was going on before hand leading them scramble afterward. Few saw this as a good idea, especially as it prevented the kind of refugees I want here.
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One Iraqi who was working for the US government as a translator, was all set to come here. He quit his job, sold his house and was hours away from leading a new life when the rug got pulled out from under him. What does a guy like that do, especially one not popular with terrorist factions that see him as a traitor? This is the kind of person who comes here, works hard, most likely employing others (creating jobs), loves the country and pays his taxes. What is wrong with this guy? Oh that's right, he's Muslim. And how many terrorists have come from Iraq to the US?  0. Of the seven countries banned, they compromise only 7% of the world's terrorists and only three individuals (one from Iran and the other two from Somalia) have attacked American interests here. No one died in any of the three attacks. White Christian males have done far worse.

As a matter of fact, the country we should be shutting the fuck down is our biggest ally, Saudi Arabia. Over two thousands terrorist have come out of the kingdom, specifically because the religion they practice is one that should be wiped from the planet. It is NOT Islam but some bastardization of it, like the Westboro Baptists. The only difference is that the Westboro assholes just protest, which is their right and I stand by them on that front, while the Wahhabi have a much more militant view of the world, one that makes way too many into killers. Until this form of Islam is annihilated, there will be no peace. The other three countries near the top, Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan, are also NOT on the list even though these four countries make up 93% of the world's terrorists. So why are they not included. It has nothing to do with Trump's business interests right? Too bad we don't have his tax returns to know.

The only thing I kind of agree with is the resettlement of Syrian refugees. Bringing in even more low skilled labor at a time when that is almost certainly not needed is self destructive. Add on to that the costs of rehousing these people and it's too much money that we desperately need for ourselves. When we get our own affairs in order, I have no problem helping out. Until then though, the country is closed. If they really want to come here, fine, your family gets a good set up and all males over 18 get drafted to go back and fight in our armies. Betray us and know we will drop your relatives right back into the middle of a war zone. You now have an army to go fight in Syria, one that you control as the lives on their families depend on it. This could turn the tide against ISIS once and for all.
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I am hoping Trump will take the gloves and start fighting wars the rest of the world does, you know, by actually killing people. If ISIS has control of a city, bomb the city and be done with it. If the people there didn't do anything by now they are complicit. When there is no one left to fight, the war will end and ISIS will be a memory. It painfully clear that what we have been doing for decades is a dismal failure.

The one thing he won't do is get off of oil which he could do if he  wanted to. Oil is the number one terrorist monetary system there is. Break that, and the idiotic drug war, and these guys won't have enough money to bomb a cardboard box. But that doesn't sell weapons so expect the above to actually happen, which considering Trump's track record so far, will be an epic failure. He will accidentally bomb Jordan instead or the like.

We are headed for a cliff and a lot of you are hitting the accelerator. How come every time Obama signed anything, the right screamed bloody murder, but here's Trump doing the same thing and what do we hear: crickets. And, how many posts did you read blasting Obama for another round of golf or a vacation that cost millions due to security? Now it comes out that Trump after barely two weeks is going on vacation next weekend? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? And where are all the Obama haters? Quiet again. Fuck all of you.
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Chances are good this country won't make it to 2018. Chaos is coming. Prepare.

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Let's face it. We all knew this week was going to be hellish. And it was. In spades. Now to be fair, I will say this, I didn't disagree with everything he did, such as stopping Syrian refugees from coming here. Look, I feel bad for the plight and I do sympathize with them, but we're broke and can't afford to help ourselves. When we get things fixed here, then we can worry about the rest of the planet. As for them being Muslim, that seems superficial to the economics of the matter. The same goes for foreigners coming here and taking jobs away from Americans because they will work for less money. I've seen it happen personally to myself and others so don't tell me it doesn't happen. STEM jobs are particularly vulnerable to this which is why white collar jobs have been decreasing in value for some time, resulting in more education just to stay even. He also killed the TPP which Hillary would have found a way to implement, thus ending the country. However, his self destructive manner this week, pissing off foes and allies alike, as well as not well thought out Executive Orders causing chaos. spell disaster ahead. Just remember, there was NO right choice here.
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10)Elizabeth Warren- I never thought she would make the list, but here we are, through the looking glass. I will be calling her tomorrow and I suggest the rest of you do as well and ask why in the bloody hell she voted for Ben Carson as HUD Secretary. As he was going to be confirmed regardless her vote was meaningless, yet for some inane reason, she chose to vote yes, along with 15 other democrats. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What part about RESIST are you not getting. I swear the democrats are the biggest pussies on the planet. Vote yes one more time and I will be voting for your opponent come 2018. At least I know I'll be screwed honestly by the Republican.

9)Hillary Clinton- I am really beginning to despise women in politics. And no that isn't misogyny but observation. Look at people like Claire McCatskill, Diane Fienstein, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and  then most of the Republican females, minus Susan Collins. They are all awful politicians and the fact they are all party leaders is not a ringing endorsement. Now comes word that Hillary is thinking about either a)running for mayor of New York, b)starting her own talk show and eventually c) running for President again. I will literally kill anyone voting, hell even showing an ounce of support for these damaged goods left at the airport. Please go the fuck away forever.

8)Voters- If you fuckwads don't start paying attention, this country is going to go tits up and us with it. No one should happy with Trump's first week. The damage he has done is incalculable and it's only been the first week. I hate when I see anyone who is a voter from either party that looks on to the president with rapturous adulation. These are not people to be admired but feared. Neither side has any idea how to help us and that is readily apparent. The democrats screwed the pooch by fighting among themselves when they had all the power and that is going to repeat itself here. But because you didn't vote in the primaries and then voted team based only, we have the same retards in office as last time and none of them at this point are worth a damn. We deserve this as we did it to ourselves.

7)GOP and Healthcare- Leaked audio from behind closed door proves what we all knew: the GOP has no idea how to fix healthcare and they are panicked about it. It's all well and good to scream NO at the top of your lungs. It's another to be in charge and realize that doesn't work anymore. Now they have to govern and they are worried. They know that when Obamacare was rolled out, Democrats got swept away before the thing even failed, which it of course did. The same thing will be hung around the neck of Trump and Congress if they screw it up, which they are going to do spectacularly and they know it. The only plan that will work is a single payer one and they have destroyed that option. Great plan guys, burn the one idea that will work and get stuck with what's left. Susan Collins had the best idea which was basically to do very little other than let states opt out if they want. That is probably the best idea so far. The rest will kill tens of thousands every year and that will not play out with any demographic.
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6)The MSM- The media keeps bitching about fake news but can't seem to get out of the way of it's own bullshit. Trump isn't wrong. The MSM IS lying to you and I know because I've worked in print, TV and film in my life and let me tell the most corruption I ever say was in the newsroom. Stories get buried all the time because of some conflict of interest between the owner and someone accused of wrongdoing. And this is on a local level. If it's happening at the low end of the scale, it obvious it's happening at the top too. I have talked with several reporters from large newspapers over the years who have told me that investigative journalism is all but dead because they inevitably run afoul of some aspect of the paper. When they do tell you something, it's shielded through a litany of lawyers. The truth is dying because too much power is in the hands of only six companies. It was disgraceful that a dozen reporters were arrested at some of the anti-Trump rallies, facing ten years in prison. and the story barely got a blip from the MSM. This country is fucked.

5)Baylor- Do NOT send your kids to Baylor, especially if they are female, as there are countless rape allegations being bandied about that are even worse than what was thought. A new lawsuit has been filed against the college alleging that they helped cover up rapes by 31 members of the football team over four years involving 52 rapes. WTF? Why are kids so rapey nowadays? Maybe it just getting reported more but either way STOP RAPE! This scandal cost the coach and the chancellor their jobs, including that of Ken Starr of Clinton fame. Find a better college for your kid.
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4)Anti-abortion foes- I hate you people. You have every right to not get an abortion. However, that right does no extend to you telling me what to do. And I hate to break it to you, there is no scientific or religious reason for your hatred. No science says life begins at conception and it's months before you even resemble a fetus. As for the Bible, not only is abortion never mentioned anywhere, it says consistently that life begins at breath and the fetus is the woman's property. Look it up. I am right.

3)Will Martin- Another day, another idiot cop. A black woman and her 15 year old daughter were arrested for "interfering with a police officer," and the cell phone video taken set off a chain reaction. From the video, it looked like Martin, who had been called by the woman he was arresting for a neighbor choking her son after he littered in his yard. The cop took an instant dislike to the woman and started harassing her, asking her why her kid wasn't better behaved, a fair question just handled poorly and ignoring the assault that took place. Things got heated and she and her daughter were arrested. When body cam footage came out, footage that was attempted to be suppressed, the cop looked even worse, coming across as a racist asshole. All charges were dropped, and I would guess a lawsuit as well. The cop will be reassigned, that even veteran police officers were stunned by and asked why this dick wasn't fired.

2)Aetna- These assholes blamed Obamacare for them leaving the exchanges when in reality it was payback for the Obama administration not allowing a merger with Humana a federal judge ruled this week. It was things like this that led to the election of Trump so if you have insurance through this garbage company, find another. If they are willing to screw over the country, they will certainly do the same to you. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. Boycott Aetna until they disappear.
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1)Donald Trump- Holy fuck what happened?! This week he pissed off the Chinese and the Mexicans, threatening a trade war with both, a fact both countries appear to accept with near certainty. China is even preparing for war which can't be good. He even managed to tick off the Russians with some ill conceived actions in Syria. Then he went off about the crowd size which was around 500,000 not millions as he claimed. When that didn't go his way, he pressured the park service to lie. They refused. He clamped down a gag order on sharing all science findings from the government setting the stage for rouge scientists to do the opposite. He spent a portion of the week claiming that millions of illegals voted and he will launch a investigation into that. Wouldn't it be funny if he did find voter fraud but that it was all for the Republicans as exit polls suggested? He destabilized the world with his way too broad anti-immigration order, keeping out legal residents and green card holders, setting off even more protests. It's been less than a week and a half and he's already killing us. This country is headed for a fall people and don't forget, you asked for this. Congratulations Donald Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Next week I will get back into the depressing news that develops us now. Our president is a lunatic, the GOP is after everything that benefits poor people and the hapless Democrats are still stuck in identity politics land from which there is no escape. At least we had some good films last year to distract us from the nightmare that is getting worse by the day. If you can't see that Trump is horrific, you're blind AND stupid. If you think that Hillary would have been much better, you're equally delusional. I fear for us this year in which chances of either a war or massive terrorist attack are hugely possible, especially if they stage another false flag attack, this time with the establishment cracking down hard on civil liberties as a result. Stay vigilant America and trust little about what you hear. And when you can, hide in a dark movie theater and let reality disappear for a little while. Here are some movies to rent where you can do the same in your own home.
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10)Horror Movies- There was the usual brand of terrible horror films (Blair Witch I am looking at you) but there were also some truly scary flicks as well. The Witch was an excellent film filled with atmospheric dread and an original story line. Clown, about a guy who puts on a cursed clown outfit, was worth the rent. Two anthology horror movies, A Christmas Horror Story and Tales from Halloween, finally delivered one of my favorite types of films without terrible story lines. South Korea's Train to Busan was a fantastic zombies on a train scenario that worked due to the creepy way the zombies moved as if they were broken marionettes. But by and far the scariest film was Conjuring 2, which had the world's scariest nun, and that's saying something as I went to Catholic School. Watch any of these with the lights on.

9)Animated Films- There are always a lot of great animated films and this year is no different. The Secret Life of Pets was laugh out loud funny. Finding Dory was touching and spectacular which is what we all expect from Pixar.  Kung Fu Panda 3 defied expectations by actually being the best so far in this surprisingly watchable series. Zootopia deserved the Oscar nod for it's clever story line and eye popping animation. Sausage Party was easily one of the funniest moves all year and definitively NOT for kids. But hands down the best was a holdover from 2015 that I didn't see until this year and that was the brilliant Anomolisa. Done by the same guys who did the underrated Frankenhole, this was a sad, poignant tale of heartbreak and emotional cruelty. Not funny in any way, it was still a film I find myself thinking about months later.

8)Independent movies- No surprise here as the Oscars awarded most of their nods to small studios as the major ones have decided to only make big budget films from now and with middling results. The Coen Brothers prove to be a force again with the hysterical Hail Caesar. Melissa Raunch from Big Band Theory slips effortlessly into the part of a foul mouthed ex gymnast forced to train her replacement. The naked gymnastic sex scene (with body doubles of course) is one of the funniest things I have seen all year. The Lobster about a guy who has 45 days to find a new lover or turn into an animal was one of the most original films I saw all year. But the best of the best here was a film you probably have not heard of called Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a fanatstic movie about a young foster child who goes to live in the Outback with his new family when tragedy strikes and the the boy and his foster father go live in the woods for months on end. It is hysterical, sad and am truly disappointed this film didn't get any Oscar nods.

7)Keanu- I have seen this film five times and I still think it is laugh out loud funny. Key and Peele are a laugh riot but the real hero is the kitten who is the most adorable thing ever. The scene were Key accidentally smokes a strong hallucinogen and starts dancing badly to George Michael was one of the funniest things I saw all year. A strong supporting cast that included Will Forte, Luis Guzman and Anna Faris help this film become one of the best of the year especially if you like animals.

6)Magnificent 7- I hate remakes. I really hate remakes of films I love. Considering this is one of my all time favorite films, I was shocked by how much I liked this. The fact that Ethan Hawke was in it made that even more surprising as I don't care for him that much. Denzel Washington has been in some of the best movies every year for at least a decade now. I don't know how he picks his parts, but he is doing a bang up job. Someone should have a conversation with Will Smith.
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5)Hidden Figures- The only Oscar nominated film I have seen this year was a beautiful film about a subject I am stunned I never knew about. Three black women helped save the space program and astronauts lives? Why was this not common knowledge before now? Funny, touching and historical, this film should be shown in schools across the nation to get young black children to see that science is not their enemy. Maybe we should show it to the Republican party also while we are at it.

4)The Accountant- John Wick lite, this film about an autistic accountant/assassin was much better than I thought it would be. Ben Affleck nails the part which a lesser actor would have played way too over the top. Great action sequences, a great plot (that does have a few holes in it to be fair) and a famous supporting cast make this one a winner if you like action picks.

3)Hardcore Henry- No action film was better than this year. Shot with a Go Pro strapped to an actor's head, this non stop tour de force never lets up and contains some of the best, funniest kills I have ever seen. Shot in one long take (with cuts done Rope style), Henry butchers his way through an endless wave of killers that is just as much video game as movie. The only issue is that those who get motion sickness will not like the film at all. My fiance couldn't watch it which was too bad because she loves these kinds of movues.

2)Science Fiction- A great year for this. Arrival was brilliant from what I have heard and look forward to seeing it. Star Trek: From Beyond was genius, finally moving from saving Earth to exploring the cosmos, this script written by Simon Pegg was the best so far from this series. But we all know the best sci-fi film this year was obviously the fantastic Rouge One. Felicity Jones is a great actress and beautiful as well and the international cast shined with Donnie Yen proving once again to be one of the best Asian actors working today. This was going to make a lot of money regardless but it was nice to see that getting the series away from hack George Lucas was a smart move.
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1)Marvel films- No better had better films this year than Marvel. Shut out of Oscars again, this is getting tiresome as every pic every year is "important" and usually, depressing as hell. This year's Oscar's are going to be the lowest rated ever because 90% of the country didn't see a single film nominated for Best Picture this year, but that's a future column. The three Marvel movies that came out this year all should have received better recognition than they did. Captain America: Civil War was more of an Avengers sequel than I would have thought and I am not complaining. The airport fight sequence, introducing us to Giant Man and Spider Man, was the best fight scene in any movie this year. Dr. Strange turned another off the rack super hero and turned him into an important member of the MCU. Personally, I am big fan of the character and was thrilled that they hired Cumberbatch to play him as well as his foe Dormammu in one of my favorite sequences of any film involving a time loop and a pissed off demon God. The best of the best this year and cruelly snubbed for best actor/picture was Deadpool. I have watched this film dozens of times and I will never get tired of it. Funny, subversive and wholly original, no film filled me with joy more than this. The opening credits alone are worth the price of admission. Let's hope this year gives us as many great films and far less of the crappy ones. We are going to need some escapism from the horrors of everyday life.

Monday, January 23, 2017


There were some fantastic films this year, more than the last few. However, that didn't stop Hollywood from subjecting to us as well to some of the worst pictures I have seen in some time. There were so many, they will have to be grouped into classes just to show you how bad some of these choices were. 2017 has barely started and they already had one weekend that saw four films die a painful death akin to October 2015 when two films competed for lowest total release for a big film. Stop making bad movies. It's costing you guys a fortune.
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10)Remakes- I HATE remakes. 90% of the time they pale in comparison. While Ghostbusters wasn't bad enough to be on this list, it certainly wasn't anywhere near as good as the original and this one had comedy powerhouse Leslie Jones, who was still funny amidst a weak script. All that woman has to do is smile and I laugh. However, others were far worse. Tarzan died a painful death as that storyline is far difficult to do correctly anymore. Ben Hur proved that just because something was made decades ago, new technology isn't always the better idea. This film was chock full of bad CGI and editing so choppy I'd swear the guy from the new Apprentice was doing it. Plus, next time hire an actual star for the film and not some guy no one had ever heard of. Blair Witch which was as much a remake as a sequel and sucked either way. The film was basically a shot for shot remake of the original with slightly better production values. However, the actual footage at times appears to have been shot by a guy with Parkinson's while standing on a slippery rock. The worst of the bunch was the Afrocentric When the Bough Breaks, which was yet another variation on the crazy babysitter theme done years ago as The Hand That Rocks The Cradle and every other movie on Lifetime since. Why was this film even made?

9)Sequels- These aren't nearly as bad as remakes but can be and were this year. Matt Damon once said that his next Jason Bourne movie should be called the Bourne Redundancy. He wasn't wrong as this movie was pointless and surprisingly dull. Bridget Jones' Baby did even worse as nobody asked for either of these movies to get made. Independence Day tanked even though that film wasn't as bad as many have said. It also wasn't that great either. God is Dead 2 made God wish he had died after sitting through this train wreck. My Big Fat Wedding 2 should be headed for a divorce. The worst remake by and far was the disastrous Divergent sequel: Allegiant that did so poorly the last film may go to TV instead. The first film was so poor I stopped watching them. Apparently they didn't get any better.

8)Adam Sandler Movies- He had two that came out this year in Netflix, The Ridiculous 6 was one of the most laugh free movies I have seen in some time. His follow up, The Do-Over, was every bit as bad. I used to like his movies and now I struggle to get through the opening credits. Please do better, because between this and last year's Pixels, I am running out of patience.

7)Films that should have been better and weren't- Two directors of real talent came up with movies this year that sucked, I don't know what happened to either of them but their upcoming projects don't fill me with hope either. The first was Gods of Egypt, a CGI nightmare directed by Alex Proyas who was once a terrific new director having done The Crow and Dark City, only to put out mindless crap for the past 17 years. Pick better projects. Even more surprising is the fall of greatest director ever Stephen Speilberg who latest misfire, The BFG, tanked hard. I know kids who went to see this and were BORED silly by it as well as the parents. His next movie Ready Player One better be awesome. I am not optimistic.

6)Cell- I LOVE Stephen King and this book I absolutely loved, especially the beginning where chaos engulfs the Boston Commons. Add in Sam Jackson and John Cusack and what could go wrong? Everything as this film demonstrated with lackluster dialogue, directing, and effects. Read the book for a better time or even burn it and watch it turn to ash which will be far more entertaining than this piece of garbage.

5)The Boss- I am a huge fan of Melissa McCarthy. This year however was not her best. Ghostbusters was okay and proved something I have noticed. If Paul Fieg isn't involved, she isn't that funny. Especially when her and husband write it, which is always a disaster. Tammy sucked and this one is somehow worse. A thoroughly unlikable woman is reduced to poverty and we are supposed to feel bad for her? Please. Even worse, the slapstick was stupid. Miss this one by all means.

4)Angry Birds- This CGI film was so unfunny I stopped watching half way through. When I talked to my neice and nephew about this film, they did they same thing. That is a bad movie when even children go YUCK! The talent involved was so high I expected better. Between this and Norm of the North, kids films fell hard this year.

3)Collateral Beauty- I thought the plot looked stupid from the moment I saw the previews. Then I read reviews for the film, found out that what I thought the film was about was wrong and realized what it was actually about was in reality so much worse. Instead of this being about a guy dealing with the loss of a child and actually conversing with entities like Death and Love, it turns out they are actually actors hired by his coworkers to help him get over things and get back to work. Yeah, that's heartwarming. What led this film to have several Oscar winners and Will Smith agree to this flop?

2)Suicide Squad- This movie should be subtitled Will Smith's career because he may have wisely passed on the IPD sequel but did the one above and this waste of film instead. A terrible superhero film in a year of great ones, just none in the DC universe. Slipknot is barely even noticed before he dies, the special effects are barely that and the script is a mess. Only Margo Robbie who steals every scene she is in as Harley Quinn are any good and Smith is particular bad in it. It isn't helped that crappy actors like Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney are in it or that the most recent incarnation of the Joker was completely superfluous to the movie and not as well done as previous actors. Batman sucked even if Ben Affleck wasn't responsible for that. Batman doesn't kill nor does he roll across ceilings. A total waste of time.

1)Batman V Superman- No film was worse than this giant misfire. The plot was terrible, the fight scenes loud and obnoxious and some of the performances weak at best. I am still not sold on Amy Adams as Lois Lane and somehow, someway, Jesse Eisenberg was the worst Lex Luthor of all times. When you beat Kevin Spacey for that title that's saying something because that Superman movie was terrible too. The movie made no sense, nor did Luthor's plan to do something bad, what exactly it was I don't remember and don't care. Giant plot holes riddled the film like one scene where Lois is going to retrieve a weapon she hid away with no explanation as to why she knew the weapon was needed. Is Lois psychic now? This film was such a waste. Why does Marvel nail every film they do, even letting sub studios do better, thus the rise of Deadpool, while DC flounders with bad movie after bad movie? Miss this turd and go see Dr Strange instead.

This year will hopefully have the same level of good films as last year and less bad ones because last year was chock full of ass.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


I had hoped for the best, but Orange Hitler was in office less than 24 hours before he started doing things will lead to our destruction. The end is coming people and you can bet on it because this has played out countless times in history but as the average American can't remember five minutes ago, let alone a century, they will be super surprised when this whole house of cards comes tumbling down. But there only a few scenarios as to how this will end and none of them are any good. Let's see those runner ups in what will be remembered as the last normal January of our lives.
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10)Denver- This is why I hate democrats almost as much as I hate the Republicans. Homeless people are being given one way tickets out of town instead of doing the humane things and giving them a place to live. Utah did and that program has worked wonders. Even weirder is that the homeless population has swelled in the Denver area because other cities, like Nashville, were shipping their homeless people there and then blaming the increase in pot legalization. Homeless people are NOT going to Denver for weed but because other states, mostly Republican controlled, played hot potato with people. Funny how this story didn't appear in our worthless media, who is a great deal responsible for the mess we are in now.

9)Richard Spencer- The leader of white nationalism was punched on live TV, a harbinger of things to come. While violence is usually not a great idea, I don;t have that same feelings here. You have a right to your opinion, but if your opinion also is going to have a deadly effect on someone's well being, being punched should be considered light punishment. When things start to turn sour, which will be within the next few months, expect bullets instead of fists next time. This country is getting ready to explode.

8)Symone Sanders- The former chair for Bernie Sanders put both feet in her mouth when she said exactly why Trump won the White House by pissing on white people. Sanders, who is black, said that she didn't think the Democratic party needed white people leading the party, which is odd as she backed two such candidates in the general election. This is why democrats lost because they have some sort of erroneous attitude that white people are superfluous and elections can be won with just minorities. That strategy led to the destruction of the Democratic party who now controls a handful of states, few governorship and nowhere in the federal government anymore. People like this bitch need to be shown the door. We are ALL in this together and democrats have a weird way of eliminating their base into smaller and smaller pieces while the GOP, with all their divisiveness, is still a more coherent force, What we do not need any more of is identity politics and corporate rule by the left. As that is unlikely to change, this country is doomed unless Bernie and Liz Warren start a new party that has a majority number and far more inclusive than either party is now.

7)Trump supporters- We get it, Your guy won. Now get ready to lose everything because it's coming. These idiots are going to destroy everything we have worked so hard for like decent pay, good working conditions, health insurance and entitlements. They are all on the chopping block which means most of you are going to be destitute overnight. You voted to kill yourself so die already. You will get no sympathy from me. The end is near. Bet on it while your celebrate. Hillary would have killed us all too, just at a far slower rate. This destruction will happen soon. Just remember, you asked for this.
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6)Sean Spicer- This ass has been in office all of one day and I already want his head on a spike. He called a rare press conference for Saturday to yell at the press for saying that the inauguration numbers were really small and in actuality, they were the biggest ever on the planet in recorded history. He literally said all of that. None of which was true. Crowd estimated were less than 200,000, which was far less than showed up to protest the next day. We know this because most people take the subway in DC and that provides a good estimate of the total as each ride is calculated. This is not up to debate. Yet, Trump is already crying foul with Kelly Anne Conway talking about "alternate facts," a term that does not exist in reality. Trump saw millions so that must be it. The Emperor has no clothes.

5)Monica Crowley- This bitch was about to become part of the Trump cabinet, but like almost all of his other picks, this one crashed and burned right away when plagiarism accusation started flying about her book, which proved true. As a professional writer, I never plagiarize. It's far easier to just footnote it. But no, why do that when you can take credit for something you didn't do. Sounds just like our president.
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4)Rick Perry- The man who once couldn't come up with the name of the department he wanted to eliminate, is now going to head it. Worse, when being questioned, he was shocked to learn that he would also be in control of the nation's nuclear arsenal. That makes me feel safe and secure. The last guy to run this was an actual scientist. Perry wears glasses to look smarter. We are all dead and this is hell.

3)Betsy DeVos- If you thought that pick was bad, here's another doozy. This bitch couldn't name half the stuff her department is supposed to be in charge of, not knowing anything under grilling by Al Franken. It was embarrassing. This is the same idiot who wants to get rid of public schools and make everyone learn about God instead. Now to be fair, I went to a Catholic private schools and got a far better education than most. But that is not always the case and she is pushing for for profit schools, many of which fail, due to lack of oversight. This is one person wholly unqualified for the job, just like almost everyone else Trump has nominated including himself,

2)Tom Price- This guy's health plan will NOT work. As a matter of fact, if they do it, health care will collapse within a year. Then what? I expect dead Republicans knee deep is a distinct possibility. The number one reason civil war may be on the horizon is this subject. When people start dying, and they will, a lot of people are going to get a gun and shoot someone in revenge. We also found out that this greedy douchebag used insider trading info to scam millions for himself. Normally, that would put you in jail but not in today's American where the rich do as they please and the rest of us suffer.
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1)Trump- This dick hasn't been in office a day and he already has done real damage. One of his first executive orders will push 40,000 people out of their homes. I also expect half of those same idiots voted for him just like the Jews who voted for Hitler. Then he started the process to rip up health care by setting the stage to eliminate the mandate and subsidies. What this means is prices are going to skyrocket and no help to pay for them at all for any of us. How happy is America going to be when their already too high premiums double or triple over the next few years? Expect bullets. He has slapped the media around, hinting he will only allow some to cover him, which isn't fascist at all (eye roll here). His picks for every cabinet is a person who is hell bent on getting rid them. The Republicans are sharpening their knives and are going after everything they can. Here's the problem for Trump: a lot of these programs are popular and people are going to be screaming bloody murder about them. What happens when he disagrees with Congress over what to do? I have a feeling they will impeach him first chance they get once they wring everything they can out of him and install Pence as our president, hardly a better choice. What will his supporters think of that though? Again, bullets. Almost every scenario I can see, ends in bloodshed and we have no one but ourselves to blame. Anyone who didn't vote for Sanders, ended the country. He was the only one that could have set us off in the right direction because we are spinning off into space right now. So congratulations Trump, you have probably killed us all and are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Let's be clear in that there were only losers in this race. No matter who won, the average American lost. If you are thrilled Trump won, I have a feeling that support may be short lived when he and worthless Republicans ruin us all. History suggests we are headed for a huge fall with a spin through fascism land. Don't forget, I am a noted expert in this field and see the same signs that happened before the rise of Hitler. Here's how it will begin possibly as soon as Friday.
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The inauguration could be a fiasco of epic proportions. In today's day and age though, protesters seem to be pussies who can't be bothered. They certainly didn't show up in any way to support Bernie over she-bitch Hillary, and as a result, we now have King Trump. However, this does feel different and one cannot rule out agents provocateurs sent by people like James O'Keefe or even Trump himself to rile up the crowd versus the idiot left. Chances are high there will be some disruptions, possibly even violent ones if biker gangs repeat the infamous Rolling Stones debacle of 1969 (ask your grandparents). No matter how you slice it, Friday is probably going to go poorly.

And for all of those assholes out there screaming about people protesting, shut the fuck up. We had to deal with eight long years of racist comments made against our president, even questioning his birth long after that horse died. Go back and see the protests that happened after Obama won in 2008. It's very similar. The big difference here is that Obama just continued the status quo which no one wanted. His hope and change was a lie. Thus the rise of Trump.

And unless Republicans screw up royally, which they are almost certainly going to do, Democrats are way out in the wilderness. By losing their base over the last eight years with idiotic policies and identity politics amidst white bashing, they are DOA. Everytime they have had a chance to redeem themselves, the shoot themselves in the foot. Booker and 12 other traitors shot down cheaper drug prices because of the money they are taking from Big Pharma. How well do you think that is going to look down the road?
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So the democratic party, for now, is dead. What happens when the GOP screws up too? Will people go back to a party in decline or decide bullets work better? There are ways for the Democrats to survive but it is unlikely they can ever truly change and thus the chances for collapse are all too readily seen,

The GOP is going to kill millions with their health care plan, unless they have some super secret plan that no one on Earth has thought of before, which is, let's face it, impossible. If you think your premiums are high now, they are going to double over the next few years. Health care will be for rich people only which is what the GOP wants. They couldn't care less about the little guy and sooner than later, that fact is going to send many to an early grave. Again, when this happens two things could occur. Democrats could band together and demand a single payer plan to fix everything, which it would, especially if we model it after France's which is one of the best on the planet. This could give them a wedge issue and catapult them back into power. Democrats lost the House in 2010 because of Health care. Republicans lost it in 2006 because of SS. If the Republicans destroy both, they may not make it to ballot box as millions may decide to revolt instead.
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Even if the masses don'r riot, a fact I think is of high probability, the chances are also good that the GOP could exploit their power to gain even more. If we start seeing a spat of terrorist attacks soon after the inauguration, or even at it, Trump will clamp down, declare martial law and then we are all screwed. Chances are good that Trump will start a war with someone before the year is up. Whether it's a trade war with China, an all out assault on ISIS (something that should have been done years ago), or a nuclear stand off with North Korea, things are coming to a head. Whenever a society starts falling into these patterns, civilizations change drastically and many times, end violently.

Because we have no adults in power anymore, this world is about to crash into itself. Do not kid yourself that Trump is going to be a great president. Chances are far greater he will be our last president.

Monday, January 16, 2017


Unlike many, I want Trump to work out. Why you ask? Because I like heat and a roof over my head. At this point though, that seems to be a pipe dream as Trump appears to be headed for tyranny and the GOP is full steam ahead with ideas that will end this country. There has been a lot of stuff that has happened over the last week and most of it was covered by a spastic three year old posing as our media system. These guys really suck lately at seeing the forest for the trees.
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Let's start with the report that Russia has blackmail material over Trump. Is that really so hard to believe? The story which the MSM focused on was Trump and his penchant for watersports and for some reason not the fact that the dossier alleged treason on the part of Trump. You'd think that would be the their focus but no it was hardly mentioned. And then there is this: this story is unverified NOT discredited as some outlets have claimed. There is no reason to doubt the story any more than there is to believe it, even if we really want to either way. I really wish we had a media that knew how to do their fucking job anymore. I am tired of being the waterbearer there.

The group, Orbis, that complied the dossier is an intelligence gathering apparatus, hardly a reliable group to spread misinformation but in the day of Trump anything is possible I guess. The author is in hiding and that is hardly surprising there as there a lot of people who will want this guy dead. When Trump assumes the presidency, it may mean the same for people like me. I will never stop what I do. Come for me at your own peril.

People who knew the author, Christopher Steele, say he is afraid for his life and is not one to post false rumors. As an intelligence gathering group would be obliterated if it was caught peddling fake news, this seems an unlikely scenario. So if that axiom holds true, Trump is guilty of everything being said and means this country is headed for disaster.
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Then Trump picked a fight with John Lewis. Civil rights icon. On MLK weekend. Brilliant. By the way, Lewis' district is NOT a hellhole and a man who literally fought for his rights and cannot be said to be all talk and no action. This bodes badly for his interactions with world leaders as he tweets could start a war.

Trump has also said he wants to change venues for the press room to a larger place outside the White House. His last press conference was a shambles where he packed the room with sycophants to laugh and jeer at his command while ignoring news outlets like CNN which he considered "fake news." Now he says he wants to bring in bloggers and alt news, so instead of CNN we get Alex Jones and replacing MSNBC will by Dan from his mom's basement but loves Trump on his blog. Yeah, that won't suck worse than now. Let the tyranny begin.

However, there are also several reasons why Trump may not survive four years figuratively or literally. His business deals which he has refused to divest fully from may lead to impeachment hearings especially if they become so obvious even the Republicans cannot ignore them. His recent deal to expand his golf course in Scotland is just one example that the Constitution explicitly forbids.

And there is also this: Ryan and his cronies are talking about privatizing SS, Medicare and Medicaid as they also work on destroying the health care system. If any one of these things goes belly up, the blowback will be intense and possibly deadly. Trump has said he wants health care for all. Here, here and I pray he is honest on this. If the GOP does as bad a job as I think they will, health care will end for all of us. When that happens, and thousands start dying, expect bullets to start flying their way when a furious public decides enough is enough.

Historically, the Republicans have destroyed the country everytime they achieved this much power. 1929 and 2007 should be stark reminders that these assholes are really bad at what they do and chances are high that the world is about to end in spectacular fashion. Just remember America, you voted for this.
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Ryan talked about his plan to privatize social security today, a carbon copy repeat of 2005 when they tried the exact same thing to disastrous results. The main reason why democrats gained the House back in 2006 was this talk that was almost 100% unpopular across the board. Whatever your age, race, sex, religion or whatnot was, this idea was anathema to almost everyone. Has anything changed these last 12 years you ask? Nope. Comments sections about this story was 99% negative. If the GOP even attempts to bring this up they stand to lose a landslide election in 2018 regardless. Few are that dumb to vote to make themselves or their children, penniless.

We stand at an abyss, and sorry to piss on the liberals, but Hillary would have been barely better. It was be a different story but the same end of the world scenarios would be playing out. The fact the democrats, 13 of them, turned against the American people because of drug money they get from Big Pharma shows how out of touch they are and why I will NEVER vote for another democrats as long as I live who isn't named Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders or the like. Corporate democrats can fuck off. You can ruin the world on your own dime.
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The world is coming to an end people. If you don't believe me, feel free to open a history book and watch what happens when a society starts to approach it's demise. It's a blueprint for what is about to occur here. I hope I am wrong and Trump becomes the greatest president in history. But the chances for that are slim at best and chances are good a year from now, most of us won't be alive anyway.

Sunday, January 15, 2017


These assholes are going to kill us all. Trump wants a health care plan now. The GOP on the other hand, has nothing, because their plan was stolen by Obama and worked about as well as it was ever going to. When the Heritage Foundation is where the idea originated, you know it's a dog long term. So they continue to squabble among themselves, conjuring up images of Nero fiddling as the country burns. This is not going to end well for anyone. Let's see those runner ups in another week rocketing toward the Apocalypse.
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10)James O'Keefe- The king of fake news got punked this week when undercover agents caught him on camera trying to hire agent provocateurs to disrupt the Trump rally and then blame liberals for their actions. This is a tactic done for centuries and we're on to you, O'Keefe. His videos have been horrific for the country, destroying ACORN and convincing millions of people of his altered reality. His abortion videos were selectively edited, contrary to what some have claimed and he was the only one arrested for voter fraud when he tried to vote under someone else's name. Nice going schmuck. Drop dead already.

9)Trump's cabinet picks-  Most of Trump's cabinet seem woefully inadequate for the job. A plethora of billionaires running the show does not inspire confidence in me. We saw Ben Carson wither under questioning by Liz Warren (think how great things would be if it was her going into the White House), Tillman cozy up to Russia and several say very troubling things about China. His pick for Education Secretary has no experience in that field and is a huge proponent of getting rid of public schools for for profit ones instead. Stats show that just like private prisons, they are run pretty poorly with our youth suffering because of it. Even people who voted for him and some high profile pundits are sounding the alarm about this and many think we are on the verge of everything collapsing. Choices matter people. Considering that Trump said today that the One China policy was on the block, we should be very afraid of either a trade war or a real one will happen before the end of the year.

8)Ringling Brothers- I used to love going to the circus as a kid and even went a few years back to Big Apple Circus with my sister and her kids and had a blast. But then elephants were phased out, which I understand, and that led to the end of this 146 year institution. If you get a chance, go see one of the last tours of this spectacle. With today's kids having the attention span of a drunken gorilla, sitting for over two hours was too much. Hell, parents aren't any better.
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7)Celebrity Apprentice- Holy God does this show suck without Trump. I don't know what moron is overseeing this train wreck but he/she is either way our of their league or really bad at their job. The jobs the "celebrities" (really who are half these people?) have to do are nothing more than product placement with NO money raising stunts yet which are some of the best ones to watch. The icing on the cake for the this abomination of a TV show is the fucking editing. I have done editing in the past and know that you shouldn't cut away until at least seven or eight seconds have passed for a normal shot. While showing the videos they had prepared for one task, they kept cutting to reaction shots every other second, creating a strobe light effect and making understanding what was going on in the videos impossible. Please cancel this show already, fire the editor and send Arnold back to making shitty movies.

6)Weekend Films- Speaking of shitty movies, this weekend was chock full of disasters. January is always the dumping ground because this is when prestige movies open wide after their Christmas Day release for awards seasons purposes. Not since the disastrous Oct 23-25 weekend of last year have so many films died a painful death. The previous weekend saw Gem and the Holograms and Rock The Casbah compete for lowest grossing picture opening on 200 screens. Gem won that title. Also going under was Witch Hunter and another god awful Paranormal Activity film. This weekend was somehow worse. The only film that did okay was Patriot's Day which I cannot wait to see. Four others did not do as well. Silence and Live By Night did very poorly but let's be honest, both were pet projects by talented directors that never had a chance at a big reception. The subject matter wasn't going to resonate with a mass audience. The other two, Sleepless and the insipid Monster Trucks were dumped here to goose money out of a gullible audience. The one new film that opened big was the Bye Bye Man which is exactly what is going to happen to that film over the next two weeks. It opened big, but word is the film sucks and audiences have punished it with a C score. Next week, this will fall off the map as word of mouth kill it. If you go to the movies, see Hidden Figures playing now or Rouge One. They both rocked. Other than Patriot's Day, ignore the rest.
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5)Homeless in Hawaii- Politicians are having a fit that homeless people are using war memorials as places to shit. Here's an easy solution: give the homeless people a home. Studies have shown that giving someone without a home an actual place to live cuts down costs of hospital visits, drug use and a host of other issues this country has roundly ignored for decades. Utah gave all their homeless a place to live and the results have been astounding. Let's do this nation wide and we no longer have to worry about poo bombs at Pearl Harbor.

4)The Police- The cops are asking for MORE militarization under Trump and I am inclined to think he will go through with it. If you think living in the inner city is bad now, wait until shock troops are on very corner and black and Hispanic people get harassed daily. So much for Posse Comitatus. If you are black and voted for Trump, congratulations you voted to get rid of your health care and your freedom. Enjoy prison.
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3)The FBI- These assholes were in fine form this week. We found out first that for some inane reason the FBI gave the gun back to a guy who would eventually kill 5 and wound dozens more in Ft Lauderdale airport. So let me get this straight. A lunatic comes into your offices claiming the CIA is forcing him to watch ISIS videos and voices in his head are telling him to kill people. He gets committed, let out a few days later and then, wait for it, GIVEN HIS FUCKING GUN BACK! What more do you need to see this guy was a real threat. Then, after a closed door meeting with James Comey and Congress, people left PISSED. They couldn't talk about what they had seen but it was clear they were no happy. Comey is a traitor who should have been fired two seconds after that letter came out derailing Clinton at the last minute. But outgoing President Pussy didn't do that. We are so screwed.

2)Corey Bookey and the Traitorous 13- The democrats cannot seem to realize that their party is in freefall. Every time they try to do anything positive, some greedy corrupt politicians step in the way. This week, they had all the votes they needed to bring down drug prices. But then 13 democrats jumped ship and the bill died. Why did they vote against it? According to their spokespeople, they were worried that defective drugs were come across the border which begs the question where are all the dead Canadians killed by their awful drugs? Oh that's right, they don't exist because drugs coming out of Canada are every bit as safe as the ones here. The fact that Booker gets tons of money from Big Pharma of course had nothing to do with his decision. Here are the rest: Bennet (CO), Booker (NJ), Cantwell (WA), Carper (DE), Casey (PA), Coons (DE), Heinrich (NM), Heitkamp (ND), Menendez (NJ), Murray (WA), Tester (MT) and Warner (VA). This means that those living in NJ, DE or WA have no representation beyond big business. Vote these assholes out of office when they come up and let's get some true progressives in there.The current democratic party is useless. Until we get new blood in there, nothing is going to change.
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1)Republicans and health care- Health care destroyed the democratic party. Instead of focusing on jobs, they went right into a death spiral and never recovered. It led to their loss in 2010 and beyond. Unfortunately for the GOP, as they control everything, they have to actually come up with a plan which they 100 % have no idea on what to do. It already causing problems in the ranks as some want a replacement plan now and others foolishly want to kick the can down the road. That is not possible as if they wait too long, companies will pull out of the insurance markets and if they go back to the way things were, prices will soon skyrocket out of control. The media is already showing sick people pleading to live. It will be worse when we start seeing coffins and lots of them. What they want to do is not feasible as keeping costs low while eliminating the mandate is physically impossible. They are the dog that caught the car. Saying no is easy. Doing something that actually works is far, far harder. The best route would be a single payer plan which the GOP has no interest in. So whatever they do cobble together is almost certain to fail and with it, this country. If people start dying in huge numbers, the GOP will fall to infighting and most likely, assassination attempts. When you start playing with people lives and that of their loved ones. getting shot at is inevitable. We are rapidly reaching the end game people where the idiots on both sides of the aisle we have put into office kill us once and for all and we have no one to blame but ourselves. So congratulation GOP you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


If you are thrilled Trump and the GOP took over the country, I have a feeling that support will be short lived when they destroy the planet once and for all. It is abundantly clear that way too many people who rely on Obamacare voted for Trump, somehow unaware that they were also voting to put themselves into an early grave. Some true morons thought Obamacare and the ACA were two separate entities and were shocked when they found out otherwise. On Meet The Press this week, Chuck Todd showed three counties where Trump won by mid double digits while anywhere from one quarter to half the population of said town used Obamacare. What do you think will happen when the Republicans fail to live up to their promises about fixing the health care plan, even though they have come up with nothing for eight years? Chaos. Repeal is easy. What comes next however isn't.
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Recent polls show that the population hates the soaring prices which have come to be an expensive burden upon the middle class. Tack that along with ballooning deductibles and skyrocketing CEO pay and there is a real sense as to why people hate Obamacare, although to be fair, prices would have gone almost as much without it because price controls were never a part of the act. But here's the rub, that same poll showed that the thing the public hates most next is the mandate. How dare they tell me to buy something, Idiot America screams, unaware that we require insurance for a car, why not a person? Plus, without said mandate, health insurance rates will skyrocket as only sick people will be on it. It's like asking for a glass of water that isn't wet.

With the only things so far being talked about are HSA's and selling across state lines, neither of which will do much to cut costs which is the number one thing for the Republicans to enact. Considering who is in office, that seems unlikely.  So when they start fiddling with the system, it looks clear they will break it once and for all, only this time they will be 100% responsible for it. The democrats should have enacted a single payer plan but because of assholes like Joe Lieberman, that did not happen. But since they control the whole shebang, they are the ones who have to figure out how not to wreck it once and for all.

Republicans are talking about delaying the inevitable for several years, some even have it past 2020, but Trump in his infinite wisdom wants something now. And here he is not wrong. If the GOP stretches uncertainty out, insurance companies will most likley balk and pull out of all of the exchanges. This will end the system if it occurs as no one will be able to afford insurance at all at that point. And if the Republicans break health care, as the do with everything else they have ever touched, how soon before the pitchforks and torches come out?

The Media will parade dying or families of dead people the GOP literally killed. How well do you think that will play out? Recent polls show that Trump is the driving force in the GOP, not rank and file Republicans. If things go south, voters are more likely going to blame people like Ryan and McCain and not the President. That means they are so screwed when their health care plan goes far worse than Obamacare did. We need a single payer plan and cost controls on drugs. Without either, this system cannot survive.
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Rumors have already surfaced that the Russians have Trump with blackmail material, with one salacious rumor being that Trump went all R Kelly on some hookers and there is film of it. That would make for interesting news cast. We now go to this breaking news of our president urinating on several women. Other highlights from today's press conference, which I have yet to watch, also has Trump going off on CNN as "fake news" and saying his sons will take over the business, which is not a blind trust and could lead to eventual impeachment charges. This is what we get to look forward to for the next four years. Fun. You voted for this America. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017


All societies are based on mutual trust. When that goes, so does the civilization. Because of religious, corporate and greedy individuals, trust in this nation is long gone. That spells disaster for us. Rome ended when trust was lost. So goes our eventual end thanks to the spineless Democrats, the moronic Republicans, and the pointless media. It is near impossible to know what is what anymore. Science, the media, and our politicians are all either liars or being portrayed as such. When nothing can be believed, our collapse becomes inevitable. Enjoy things while you can people, because this country, along with the planet, is about to experience something not seen in centuries: the end of everything. Let's see those runner ups that prove this Earth is on borrowed time.'
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10)Mariah Carey- I HATE this woman. She is a spoiled diva whose best days are long behind her. It recently came out that the reason for her engagement ending was she was spending ridiculous amounts of money every day and she was marrying a billionaire. When a guy with unlimited money thinks you are spending too much, you are spending WAY too much. She was spending 10 grand a day on makeup and hair everyday for God's sake. But New Year's slapped her around when she lost it on live TV and stood around as her vocal track continued behind her proving she is lip syncing. I won't deny she has a great voice. However, her songs suck for the most part and if she is using a side track, maybe's it's time to give it up. Something tells me she can't hit that high range anymore.

9)Conan O'Brian- It has not been a good decade for the red headed comic. I liked his late night show but found his Tonight Show stint unbearable. He was not a good fit for it and the studio agreed firing him four months later and replacing him with Leno again. He was then given a nightly show on TBS but ratings have flatlined there as well. Talk is they will reduce the number of shows to once a week like John Oliver or Sam Bee does. This is a far fall from a man once on the highest rated nightly show of all.

8)North Korea- Deranged midget Kim Jun Un says he will test fire an ICBM, which will surely have no earth ending possibilities, especially since Orange Hitler will be taking office soon. This is yet another huge failure by W. who was too busy attacking a country with no weapons of mass destruction to notice that a real country with WMD's was becoming an actual threat. Bush helped start the ball rolling on this planet's end. Trump will probably complete it.
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7)The MSM- We keep hearing about fake news and how it's ruining everything and then the MSM goes on to repeat stuff that is blatantly false. You can't scream about fake news stories when you are the one's propagating a lot of them. This week, we still hear the Russians hacked the election which, depending on what news you are listening to, it's either true or it isn't. Either way, the government in it's insane desire to end the planet, has decided that national security trumps telling people the facts of a case and hardcore investigative reporters that actually still report the news (even to MSM sources) say they can find zero actual evidence of said hacking beyond the troubling "Trust us. We're telling the truth." Right. WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU ANYMORE! 9/11 ended this country. We just didn't know it. And that happened because the media, the government and even the intelligence agencies all lied to get us in a war we never should have been. And then just to solidify this fact, the media has continued to lie for over a decade now. The inflation rate, the unemployment rate and other stats are made up of a whole cloth rather than real information and apparently they think we are too stupid to do the math ourselves, which isn't far from the truth as even the most respected reporter keeps toeing the party line and ignoring the truth.

6)Mitch McConnell- This fucking asshole is one huge piece of shit. If you voted for him, fuck you too. This dick had the balls this week to call out Democrats for even attempting to stall any Supreme Court nominee, which this ass did for almost a year. According to him, the public won't stand for it. Stand for it? I am demanding it! If the Democrats act like the pussies they have been, they are going to get run over. So if they do this, they are done as a political party and a new party will emerge from it's ashes. They are on borrowed time right now.
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5)Muslim Terrorists- In just the past 24 hours there have been a spate of attacks across the planet. Besides the usual explosions in Middle East nations where they can't even live peacefully among each other, there was an attack by a guy who was both a psycho AND an ISIS supporter at FT Lauderdale airport and an ISIS attack in Jerusalem that killed four. If we want to stop this we have to accept that maybe the religion is the problem and stomping it out may be our only hope to save the planet. I hate all religions for the most part but no one else is doing this level of harm to the planet. If this was a political movement, it would be banned everywhere. But because it masquerades as a religion, we are forced to accept it. I don't think so. I am not for banning anything but I am running out of ideas how to save the world from this scourge that one day may end us all.

4)Republicans- They had a banner week. On the first day of the new Congress, instead of focusing on anything that matters, the House decided to get rid of the independent ethics committee. This pissed off just about everyone, including the Speaker and the President-elect. After the House was inundated with phone calls by people against this from both sides of the aisle, the plan died quick. It is this reason I am truly thankful that Trump is president and not a Bush or the like. Likewise with Social Security which the Republicans are all set to destroy . When they tried this in 2005, even with the President's backing, they were forced down by colleagues and constituents that hated the idea. It was this that lost them the House in 2006. This could be deja vu all over again as the President is unlikely to go along with it as well as Congress people who want to keep their jobs. If their plan does go through, like their awful health care plan, this country will end and voting for the next set of losers will be the last of our problems.

3)Donald Trump and his Cabinet Picks- His picks so far, let's face it, suck. They are everything he promised not to do. So much for draining the swamp. He's stocking it instead. Worse, none of them have given the Ethics Board anything yet and hearings start next week. This is a HUGE problems and could lead to the removal of several of his picks if conflicts of interests come up later which is why they need to be vetted first. This is unheard of. If Trump doesn't get impeached in his first year, I'll be impressed. He's already on thin ice according to several lawyer, especially with his blind trust that he has yet to set up. His presidency is doomed to fail at this rate.

2)The Hateful Chicago Four- Four black thugs beat up a mentally challenged white guy this week, filmed it all and streamed it live on Facebook, not even hiding heir faces. These people should be executed on live TV and see how they like it. The fact that not only was this an attack on a weaker person, he was white and they went off about his race. So much for black people not being racist as this video destroyed that argument. It also further proves that BLM is making people into terrorists by setting forth an agenda of white resentment that is found in ALL black society. I hate to break to them but black resentment was not present in all white societies. After this video however, I am not so sure. Race relations are at an all time low and black people are responsible here. White people aren't behind your problems. It's either black people making your own life hard or society rules which you refuse to even try to change or accept. Stop killing each other. Study how the Japanese overcame bias to become accepted members of society. Mirror it exactly and watch your problems disappear.
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1)The Truth- The Truth is an outdated notion apparently. It doesn't seem to matter to the press, to the government, to science or to anyone for that matter. It is impossible to know what is what anymore. Climate change sure seems real but people cannot even decide on the thickness of Arctic ice which should be a definable thing. Math is not subjective. Did the Russians hack us? I have no clue. Every time I think I can say with some degree of certainty, some other factor comes in that makes me question every thing I thought I knew. This is killing us. When facts are in question, society ends. Nobody trusts anyone or anything anymore and not without good reason. Everyone is out for themselves, everyone is a crook and nothing is to be believed at face value. I have worked for many a company where the pay you think you are getting isn't even close to what you will actually make. Trying to fix a problem some company made can be frustrating to say the least, not to mention time consuming and expensive. The press, which should be the one thing that always says the truth, has been severely lacking for decades now, since corporations took over all of the media and drove it down to six. This country has let monopolies flourish for decades and it has been every bit the disaster we were always warned it would be. The reason we don't have better broadband with sky high rates is because we have no competition, and whenever some comes up, the courts crush it. as happened recently with a service that would have cut cable costs by half was destroyed by the Supreme Court. The government doesn't try to hide their lies as their numbers for unemployment and inflation are provably wrong, while the press mirrors everything they say as gospel. The truth is no longer around. And because of that, we have years at best, months more likely before this whole house of cards comes falling down. With Republicans at the helm, this is certain to get worse quicker. So live life while you can because, the end is coming. And we all are to blame. Congratulations truth, you are over and indeed we are all douchebag of the week.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Brexit confirmed that idiocy has gone global. Leaving the EU was beyond stupid with what will eventually destroy the country of England when they realize that separating yourself from a global economy is foolish and self defeating. Are there parts of the EU Charter that suck? Yes. But rather than fix the parts that blow, they went the usual route which is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We are about to do the same thing here with health care.
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First off, to 99% of those reading this out there, I can safely say you know jack shit as to how insurance works. I do, having being licensed to sell health insurance in several states as well as coming from a family whose many relatives all work in the field, including my father who was a high level executive as such companies as Aetna, Liberty Mutal and ACE. On top of that, my health is quite poor so I have had the misfortune of having to use the health care system and all the problems that it entails. My experience has been that in selling insurance, almost everyone I ever talked with had no concept as to HOW insurance works. Likewise, with my knowledge of the health care system, I can testify as to how it doesn't work.

Many of you hate the mandate. If you are one of said individuals, congratulations, you're a card carrying idiot. Without that mandate, which ALL insurance world wide needs to survive, there would be NO health care. Healthy individuals even out the costs for the sick. If there are no healthy people in the system and only sick people get insurance, premiums will be thousands a month. With no subsidies, as the GOP is going to kill that by months end, no one will be able to afford insurance who isn't super rich. The GOP is discovering quickly that since they have no plan other than some truly terrible ideas that will not work, they are up a creek without a paddle.
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So far, this is the GOP plan. Don't get sick. And if you do, die early. They have championed HSA's which are poor at best and require someone to have disposable income to even use. They also want to sell insurance across state lines,which will do little to fix costs. Other than possibility of extending high risk pools at the state level, which will be hampered by previous tries which have all been woefully underfunded, they have nothing that will fix what American's want which is less red tape and cheaper plans. The GOP plan so far will not only not accomplish this, it may send premiums skyrocketing far greater than the failure that Obamacare has been. The main reason for skyrocketing plans has less to do with Obamacare and everything to do with CEO pay which has doubled in ten years. Tell me that isn't a reason for premiums going up!

This is why Obamacare may not be going anywhere fast. Until they come up with a replacement plan, Obamacare is here to stay. If they are truly suicidal, the Republicans will go back to the old way of things, while keeping things like staying on your parents insurance until the age of 26 and preventing companies from denying insurance to those with pre-existing conditions. This will drive up costs beyond words and no one will have affordable insurance anymore. When 30 million people lose their health insurance and people start dying because of it, get ready for riots, political assassinations and chaos. When parents start losing their children because the Republicans are dickwads, expect bullets to start flying their way.

For those on the message boards stop talking about how conservatives are all assholes for voting for Trump and how 'libtards" are morons. Neither side is right about anything anymore and calling each other names is pointless. Is Obamacare great? Hell no. But it was a step in the right direction and now the backward leaning Republicans are trying to kill all health care and with it, this country. If Republicans don't take costs into control, the public is going to kill them and so far, they have ignored that part completely. If they start going too far, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE! Just this week, the House had to back down killing their ethics probes because, as Trump accurately said, we have bigger fish to fry. This happened because the Congress was inundated with calls telling them this was too far and they backed down. I have a feeling this is going to happen more and more, when Trump starts going up against his own party.

I said it in a previous column but here it is again: Thank God Trump is president and not some other Republican because they would be raping this country blind and there would be nothing to do to stop it. The American people voted for this by putting back into office all the people in Congress who caused this mess. There were other choices you know and most of you went right back to the morons who never should have been re-elected. This is why we need some sort of civics test so that idiots who do not know how government works to not be able to vote anymore. I have a feeling that more Democrats than Republicans would fail, but if that happened, so be it, Read a fucking book once in a while America that doesn't have pictures in it.
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Health care is failing and it is doing so because morons refuse to learn how it is handled. The same can be said for our justice system, the war on drugs, and a million other things that no longer work as they are supposed to. The Republicans are right that drastic changes are needed. I just fear that the changes they are making will kill us all.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


There are choppy waters ahead for the GOP. When the Democrats had all the power back in 2008 they bickered so much among themselves that nothing got accomplished. Republicans appear to be doing the same. Establishment Republicans are saying they have a "mandate" which is odd as they lost the popular vote for almost three million. This has caused them to go hog wild and appear to be trying to destroy every safety net this country has. However, Trump is going to govern as a populist whether they like or not and that means a bitter fight between the Congress and the Trump administration. He hasn't even taken office and he has already had a positive effect on the corrupt Congress.
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Yesterday, The House decided they were going to scrap the independent Ethics Committee and instead have the House self investigate which never works ever anywhere. They were all proud and patting themselves on the back as Democrats spit venom at them. Then, they got a most unlikely ally, Donald Trump, who publicly said he hated the idea as well as Paul Ryan who voted against it too. With so much opposition, the House quietly backed down today, a stunning reversal which already showed a Congress already guilty of massive, unpopular overreach. This is how they wanted to start the new session?

We have also heard how the GOP Congress want to gut entitlement programs, a sure fire third rail topic that will have their own constituents calling for their heads. Just last week, Mike Pence said once again that the Trump administration will have no part in doing anything that affects entitlements, which again will lead to a bitter fight between Trump and the rest of the Republicans. Trump will NOT be doing anything that unpopular, it's not in his DNA, so what are Republicans going to do when Trump sides with the Democrats and proceeds to veto bills like this. Plus, Trump has said time and time again he wants to fix the country with a huge infrastructure bill (an actual good idea) and building the wall, neither of which senior leaders seem to want to have anything to do with. This could lead to all sorts of problems with Trump butting heads non stop with people telling him no. Something tells me he isn't going to like that and if he has strong enough support, especially from his less stable supporters, dissent may be deadly, if not at least political suicide. Ryan is hardly that popular within Trump supporter ranks and if he fights too hard against his policies, he may pay in the next election. There is also the possibility that some may even take it to more lethal extremes.

The GOP is talking about vouchers for Medicare, block grants for Medicaid, utterly destroying the health care system, food stamp cuts/elimination (with some states probably passing laws what kind of food can be bought with food stamps), ending public education and a host of other things that Trump is not guaranteed to go along with, unlike say someone like Jeb Bush or Scott Walker who would have rubber stamped all of this. Scary as this sounds, we could be in even worse trouble if a different Republican other than Trump would have won.
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The problem with Trump isn't so much economic fears but international ones. His tweets, the latest being a slam against deranged midget Kim Jun Un, could start a war, especially if it's aimed at someone as unstable as Kim. Twitter roasted him mercilessly for being an idiot and that his tweets may kill us all. But at least we have some protection against a power mad GOP, hell bent on ending this world.