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Let's face it. We all knew this week was going to be hellish. And it was. In spades. Now to be fair, I will say this, I didn't disagree with everything he did, such as stopping Syrian refugees from coming here. Look, I feel bad for the plight and I do sympathize with them, but we're broke and can't afford to help ourselves. When we get things fixed here, then we can worry about the rest of the planet. As for them being Muslim, that seems superficial to the economics of the matter. The same goes for foreigners coming here and taking jobs away from Americans because they will work for less money. I've seen it happen personally to myself and others so don't tell me it doesn't happen. STEM jobs are particularly vulnerable to this which is why white collar jobs have been decreasing in value for some time, resulting in more education just to stay even. He also killed the TPP which Hillary would have found a way to implement, thus ending the country. However, his self destructive manner this week, pissing off foes and allies alike, as well as not well thought out Executive Orders causing chaos. spell disaster ahead. Just remember, there was NO right choice here.
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10)Elizabeth Warren- I never thought she would make the list, but here we are, through the looking glass. I will be calling her tomorrow and I suggest the rest of you do as well and ask why in the bloody hell she voted for Ben Carson as HUD Secretary. As he was going to be confirmed regardless her vote was meaningless, yet for some inane reason, she chose to vote yes, along with 15 other democrats. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? What part about RESIST are you not getting. I swear the democrats are the biggest pussies on the planet. Vote yes one more time and I will be voting for your opponent come 2018. At least I know I'll be screwed honestly by the Republican.

9)Hillary Clinton- I am really beginning to despise women in politics. And no that isn't misogyny but observation. Look at people like Claire McCatskill, Diane Fienstein, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile and  then most of the Republican females, minus Susan Collins. They are all awful politicians and the fact they are all party leaders is not a ringing endorsement. Now comes word that Hillary is thinking about either a)running for mayor of New York, b)starting her own talk show and eventually c) running for President again. I will literally kill anyone voting, hell even showing an ounce of support for these damaged goods left at the airport. Please go the fuck away forever.

8)Voters- If you fuckwads don't start paying attention, this country is going to go tits up and us with it. No one should happy with Trump's first week. The damage he has done is incalculable and it's only been the first week. I hate when I see anyone who is a voter from either party that looks on to the president with rapturous adulation. These are not people to be admired but feared. Neither side has any idea how to help us and that is readily apparent. The democrats screwed the pooch by fighting among themselves when they had all the power and that is going to repeat itself here. But because you didn't vote in the primaries and then voted team based only, we have the same retards in office as last time and none of them at this point are worth a damn. We deserve this as we did it to ourselves.

7)GOP and Healthcare- Leaked audio from behind closed door proves what we all knew: the GOP has no idea how to fix healthcare and they are panicked about it. It's all well and good to scream NO at the top of your lungs. It's another to be in charge and realize that doesn't work anymore. Now they have to govern and they are worried. They know that when Obamacare was rolled out, Democrats got swept away before the thing even failed, which it of course did. The same thing will be hung around the neck of Trump and Congress if they screw it up, which they are going to do spectacularly and they know it. The only plan that will work is a single payer one and they have destroyed that option. Great plan guys, burn the one idea that will work and get stuck with what's left. Susan Collins had the best idea which was basically to do very little other than let states opt out if they want. That is probably the best idea so far. The rest will kill tens of thousands every year and that will not play out with any demographic.
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6)The MSM- The media keeps bitching about fake news but can't seem to get out of the way of it's own bullshit. Trump isn't wrong. The MSM IS lying to you and I know because I've worked in print, TV and film in my life and let me tell the most corruption I ever say was in the newsroom. Stories get buried all the time because of some conflict of interest between the owner and someone accused of wrongdoing. And this is on a local level. If it's happening at the low end of the scale, it obvious it's happening at the top too. I have talked with several reporters from large newspapers over the years who have told me that investigative journalism is all but dead because they inevitably run afoul of some aspect of the paper. When they do tell you something, it's shielded through a litany of lawyers. The truth is dying because too much power is in the hands of only six companies. It was disgraceful that a dozen reporters were arrested at some of the anti-Trump rallies, facing ten years in prison. and the story barely got a blip from the MSM. This country is fucked.

5)Baylor- Do NOT send your kids to Baylor, especially if they are female, as there are countless rape allegations being bandied about that are even worse than what was thought. A new lawsuit has been filed against the college alleging that they helped cover up rapes by 31 members of the football team over four years involving 52 rapes. WTF? Why are kids so rapey nowadays? Maybe it just getting reported more but either way STOP RAPE! This scandal cost the coach and the chancellor their jobs, including that of Ken Starr of Clinton fame. Find a better college for your kid.
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4)Anti-abortion foes- I hate you people. You have every right to not get an abortion. However, that right does no extend to you telling me what to do. And I hate to break it to you, there is no scientific or religious reason for your hatred. No science says life begins at conception and it's months before you even resemble a fetus. As for the Bible, not only is abortion never mentioned anywhere, it says consistently that life begins at breath and the fetus is the woman's property. Look it up. I am right.

3)Will Martin- Another day, another idiot cop. A black woman and her 15 year old daughter were arrested for "interfering with a police officer," and the cell phone video taken set off a chain reaction. From the video, it looked like Martin, who had been called by the woman he was arresting for a neighbor choking her son after he littered in his yard. The cop took an instant dislike to the woman and started harassing her, asking her why her kid wasn't better behaved, a fair question just handled poorly and ignoring the assault that took place. Things got heated and she and her daughter were arrested. When body cam footage came out, footage that was attempted to be suppressed, the cop looked even worse, coming across as a racist asshole. All charges were dropped, and I would guess a lawsuit as well. The cop will be reassigned, that even veteran police officers were stunned by and asked why this dick wasn't fired.

2)Aetna- These assholes blamed Obamacare for them leaving the exchanges when in reality it was payback for the Obama administration not allowing a merger with Humana a federal judge ruled this week. It was things like this that led to the election of Trump so if you have insurance through this garbage company, find another. If they are willing to screw over the country, they will certainly do the same to you. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. Boycott Aetna until they disappear.
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1)Donald Trump- Holy fuck what happened?! This week he pissed off the Chinese and the Mexicans, threatening a trade war with both, a fact both countries appear to accept with near certainty. China is even preparing for war which can't be good. He even managed to tick off the Russians with some ill conceived actions in Syria. Then he went off about the crowd size which was around 500,000 not millions as he claimed. When that didn't go his way, he pressured the park service to lie. They refused. He clamped down a gag order on sharing all science findings from the government setting the stage for rouge scientists to do the opposite. He spent a portion of the week claiming that millions of illegals voted and he will launch a investigation into that. Wouldn't it be funny if he did find voter fraud but that it was all for the Republicans as exit polls suggested? He destabilized the world with his way too broad anti-immigration order, keeping out legal residents and green card holders, setting off even more protests. It's been less than a week and a half and he's already killing us. This country is headed for a fall people and don't forget, you asked for this. Congratulations Donald Trump you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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