Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Let's be clear in that there were only losers in this race. No matter who won, the average American lost. If you are thrilled Trump won, I have a feeling that support may be short lived when he and worthless Republicans ruin us all. History suggests we are headed for a huge fall with a spin through fascism land. Don't forget, I am a noted expert in this field and see the same signs that happened before the rise of Hitler. Here's how it will begin possibly as soon as Friday.
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The inauguration could be a fiasco of epic proportions. In today's day and age though, protesters seem to be pussies who can't be bothered. They certainly didn't show up in any way to support Bernie over she-bitch Hillary, and as a result, we now have King Trump. However, this does feel different and one cannot rule out agents provocateurs sent by people like James O'Keefe or even Trump himself to rile up the crowd versus the idiot left. Chances are high there will be some disruptions, possibly even violent ones if biker gangs repeat the infamous Rolling Stones debacle of 1969 (ask your grandparents). No matter how you slice it, Friday is probably going to go poorly.

And for all of those assholes out there screaming about people protesting, shut the fuck up. We had to deal with eight long years of racist comments made against our president, even questioning his birth long after that horse died. Go back and see the protests that happened after Obama won in 2008. It's very similar. The big difference here is that Obama just continued the status quo which no one wanted. His hope and change was a lie. Thus the rise of Trump.

And unless Republicans screw up royally, which they are almost certainly going to do, Democrats are way out in the wilderness. By losing their base over the last eight years with idiotic policies and identity politics amidst white bashing, they are DOA. Everytime they have had a chance to redeem themselves, the shoot themselves in the foot. Booker and 12 other traitors shot down cheaper drug prices because of the money they are taking from Big Pharma. How well do you think that is going to look down the road?
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So the democratic party, for now, is dead. What happens when the GOP screws up too? Will people go back to a party in decline or decide bullets work better? There are ways for the Democrats to survive but it is unlikely they can ever truly change and thus the chances for collapse are all too readily seen,

The GOP is going to kill millions with their health care plan, unless they have some super secret plan that no one on Earth has thought of before, which is, let's face it, impossible. If you think your premiums are high now, they are going to double over the next few years. Health care will be for rich people only which is what the GOP wants. They couldn't care less about the little guy and sooner than later, that fact is going to send many to an early grave. Again, when this happens two things could occur. Democrats could band together and demand a single payer plan to fix everything, which it would, especially if we model it after France's which is one of the best on the planet. This could give them a wedge issue and catapult them back into power. Democrats lost the House in 2010 because of Health care. Republicans lost it in 2006 because of SS. If the Republicans destroy both, they may not make it to ballot box as millions may decide to revolt instead.
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Even if the masses don'r riot, a fact I think is of high probability, the chances are also good that the GOP could exploit their power to gain even more. If we start seeing a spat of terrorist attacks soon after the inauguration, or even at it, Trump will clamp down, declare martial law and then we are all screwed. Chances are good that Trump will start a war with someone before the year is up. Whether it's a trade war with China, an all out assault on ISIS (something that should have been done years ago), or a nuclear stand off with North Korea, things are coming to a head. Whenever a society starts falling into these patterns, civilizations change drastically and many times, end violently.

Because we have no adults in power anymore, this world is about to crash into itself. Do not kid yourself that Trump is going to be a great president. Chances are far greater he will be our last president.

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