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I had hoped for the best, but Orange Hitler was in office less than 24 hours before he started doing things will lead to our destruction. The end is coming people and you can bet on it because this has played out countless times in history but as the average American can't remember five minutes ago, let alone a century, they will be super surprised when this whole house of cards comes tumbling down. But there only a few scenarios as to how this will end and none of them are any good. Let's see those runner ups in what will be remembered as the last normal January of our lives.
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10)Denver- This is why I hate democrats almost as much as I hate the Republicans. Homeless people are being given one way tickets out of town instead of doing the humane things and giving them a place to live. Utah did and that program has worked wonders. Even weirder is that the homeless population has swelled in the Denver area because other cities, like Nashville, were shipping their homeless people there and then blaming the increase in pot legalization. Homeless people are NOT going to Denver for weed but because other states, mostly Republican controlled, played hot potato with people. Funny how this story didn't appear in our worthless media, who is a great deal responsible for the mess we are in now.

9)Richard Spencer- The leader of white nationalism was punched on live TV, a harbinger of things to come. While violence is usually not a great idea, I don;t have that same feelings here. You have a right to your opinion, but if your opinion also is going to have a deadly effect on someone's well being, being punched should be considered light punishment. When things start to turn sour, which will be within the next few months, expect bullets instead of fists next time. This country is getting ready to explode.

8)Symone Sanders- The former chair for Bernie Sanders put both feet in her mouth when she said exactly why Trump won the White House by pissing on white people. Sanders, who is black, said that she didn't think the Democratic party needed white people leading the party, which is odd as she backed two such candidates in the general election. This is why democrats lost because they have some sort of erroneous attitude that white people are superfluous and elections can be won with just minorities. That strategy led to the destruction of the Democratic party who now controls a handful of states, few governorship and nowhere in the federal government anymore. People like this bitch need to be shown the door. We are ALL in this together and democrats have a weird way of eliminating their base into smaller and smaller pieces while the GOP, with all their divisiveness, is still a more coherent force, What we do not need any more of is identity politics and corporate rule by the left. As that is unlikely to change, this country is doomed unless Bernie and Liz Warren start a new party that has a majority number and far more inclusive than either party is now.

7)Trump supporters- We get it, Your guy won. Now get ready to lose everything because it's coming. These idiots are going to destroy everything we have worked so hard for like decent pay, good working conditions, health insurance and entitlements. They are all on the chopping block which means most of you are going to be destitute overnight. You voted to kill yourself so die already. You will get no sympathy from me. The end is near. Bet on it while your celebrate. Hillary would have killed us all too, just at a far slower rate. This destruction will happen soon. Just remember, you asked for this.
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6)Sean Spicer- This ass has been in office all of one day and I already want his head on a spike. He called a rare press conference for Saturday to yell at the press for saying that the inauguration numbers were really small and in actuality, they were the biggest ever on the planet in recorded history. He literally said all of that. None of which was true. Crowd estimated were less than 200,000, which was far less than showed up to protest the next day. We know this because most people take the subway in DC and that provides a good estimate of the total as each ride is calculated. This is not up to debate. Yet, Trump is already crying foul with Kelly Anne Conway talking about "alternate facts," a term that does not exist in reality. Trump saw millions so that must be it. The Emperor has no clothes.

5)Monica Crowley- This bitch was about to become part of the Trump cabinet, but like almost all of his other picks, this one crashed and burned right away when plagiarism accusation started flying about her book, which proved true. As a professional writer, I never plagiarize. It's far easier to just footnote it. But no, why do that when you can take credit for something you didn't do. Sounds just like our president.
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4)Rick Perry- The man who once couldn't come up with the name of the department he wanted to eliminate, is now going to head it. Worse, when being questioned, he was shocked to learn that he would also be in control of the nation's nuclear arsenal. That makes me feel safe and secure. The last guy to run this was an actual scientist. Perry wears glasses to look smarter. We are all dead and this is hell.

3)Betsy DeVos- If you thought that pick was bad, here's another doozy. This bitch couldn't name half the stuff her department is supposed to be in charge of, not knowing anything under grilling by Al Franken. It was embarrassing. This is the same idiot who wants to get rid of public schools and make everyone learn about God instead. Now to be fair, I went to a Catholic private schools and got a far better education than most. But that is not always the case and she is pushing for for profit schools, many of which fail, due to lack of oversight. This is one person wholly unqualified for the job, just like almost everyone else Trump has nominated including himself,

2)Tom Price- This guy's health plan will NOT work. As a matter of fact, if they do it, health care will collapse within a year. Then what? I expect dead Republicans knee deep is a distinct possibility. The number one reason civil war may be on the horizon is this subject. When people start dying, and they will, a lot of people are going to get a gun and shoot someone in revenge. We also found out that this greedy douchebag used insider trading info to scam millions for himself. Normally, that would put you in jail but not in today's American where the rich do as they please and the rest of us suffer.
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1)Trump- This dick hasn't been in office a day and he already has done real damage. One of his first executive orders will push 40,000 people out of their homes. I also expect half of those same idiots voted for him just like the Jews who voted for Hitler. Then he started the process to rip up health care by setting the stage to eliminate the mandate and subsidies. What this means is prices are going to skyrocket and no help to pay for them at all for any of us. How happy is America going to be when their already too high premiums double or triple over the next few years? Expect bullets. He has slapped the media around, hinting he will only allow some to cover him, which isn't fascist at all (eye roll here). His picks for every cabinet is a person who is hell bent on getting rid them. The Republicans are sharpening their knives and are going after everything they can. Here's the problem for Trump: a lot of these programs are popular and people are going to be screaming bloody murder about them. What happens when he disagrees with Congress over what to do? I have a feeling they will impeach him first chance they get once they wring everything they can out of him and install Pence as our president, hardly a better choice. What will his supporters think of that though? Again, bullets. Almost every scenario I can see, ends in bloodshed and we have no one but ourselves to blame. Anyone who didn't vote for Sanders, ended the country. He was the only one that could have set us off in the right direction because we are spinning off into space right now. So congratulations Trump, you have probably killed us all and are indeed douchebag of the week.

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