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All societies are based on mutual trust. When that goes, so does the civilization. Because of religious, corporate and greedy individuals, trust in this nation is long gone. That spells disaster for us. Rome ended when trust was lost. So goes our eventual end thanks to the spineless Democrats, the moronic Republicans, and the pointless media. It is near impossible to know what is what anymore. Science, the media, and our politicians are all either liars or being portrayed as such. When nothing can be believed, our collapse becomes inevitable. Enjoy things while you can people, because this country, along with the planet, is about to experience something not seen in centuries: the end of everything. Let's see those runner ups that prove this Earth is on borrowed time.'
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10)Mariah Carey- I HATE this woman. She is a spoiled diva whose best days are long behind her. It recently came out that the reason for her engagement ending was she was spending ridiculous amounts of money every day and she was marrying a billionaire. When a guy with unlimited money thinks you are spending too much, you are spending WAY too much. She was spending 10 grand a day on makeup and hair everyday for God's sake. But New Year's slapped her around when she lost it on live TV and stood around as her vocal track continued behind her proving she is lip syncing. I won't deny she has a great voice. However, her songs suck for the most part and if she is using a side track, maybe's it's time to give it up. Something tells me she can't hit that high range anymore.

9)Conan O'Brian- It has not been a good decade for the red headed comic. I liked his late night show but found his Tonight Show stint unbearable. He was not a good fit for it and the studio agreed firing him four months later and replacing him with Leno again. He was then given a nightly show on TBS but ratings have flatlined there as well. Talk is they will reduce the number of shows to once a week like John Oliver or Sam Bee does. This is a far fall from a man once on the highest rated nightly show of all.

8)North Korea- Deranged midget Kim Jun Un says he will test fire an ICBM, which will surely have no earth ending possibilities, especially since Orange Hitler will be taking office soon. This is yet another huge failure by W. who was too busy attacking a country with no weapons of mass destruction to notice that a real country with WMD's was becoming an actual threat. Bush helped start the ball rolling on this planet's end. Trump will probably complete it.
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7)The MSM- We keep hearing about fake news and how it's ruining everything and then the MSM goes on to repeat stuff that is blatantly false. You can't scream about fake news stories when you are the one's propagating a lot of them. This week, we still hear the Russians hacked the election which, depending on what news you are listening to, it's either true or it isn't. Either way, the government in it's insane desire to end the planet, has decided that national security trumps telling people the facts of a case and hardcore investigative reporters that actually still report the news (even to MSM sources) say they can find zero actual evidence of said hacking beyond the troubling "Trust us. We're telling the truth." Right. WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU ANYMORE! 9/11 ended this country. We just didn't know it. And that happened because the media, the government and even the intelligence agencies all lied to get us in a war we never should have been. And then just to solidify this fact, the media has continued to lie for over a decade now. The inflation rate, the unemployment rate and other stats are made up of a whole cloth rather than real information and apparently they think we are too stupid to do the math ourselves, which isn't far from the truth as even the most respected reporter keeps toeing the party line and ignoring the truth.

6)Mitch McConnell- This fucking asshole is one huge piece of shit. If you voted for him, fuck you too. This dick had the balls this week to call out Democrats for even attempting to stall any Supreme Court nominee, which this ass did for almost a year. According to him, the public won't stand for it. Stand for it? I am demanding it! If the Democrats act like the pussies they have been, they are going to get run over. So if they do this, they are done as a political party and a new party will emerge from it's ashes. They are on borrowed time right now.
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5)Muslim Terrorists- In just the past 24 hours there have been a spate of attacks across the planet. Besides the usual explosions in Middle East nations where they can't even live peacefully among each other, there was an attack by a guy who was both a psycho AND an ISIS supporter at FT Lauderdale airport and an ISIS attack in Jerusalem that killed four. If we want to stop this we have to accept that maybe the religion is the problem and stomping it out may be our only hope to save the planet. I hate all religions for the most part but no one else is doing this level of harm to the planet. If this was a political movement, it would be banned everywhere. But because it masquerades as a religion, we are forced to accept it. I don't think so. I am not for banning anything but I am running out of ideas how to save the world from this scourge that one day may end us all.

4)Republicans- They had a banner week. On the first day of the new Congress, instead of focusing on anything that matters, the House decided to get rid of the independent ethics committee. This pissed off just about everyone, including the Speaker and the President-elect. After the House was inundated with phone calls by people against this from both sides of the aisle, the plan died quick. It is this reason I am truly thankful that Trump is president and not a Bush or the like. Likewise with Social Security which the Republicans are all set to destroy . When they tried this in 2005, even with the President's backing, they were forced down by colleagues and constituents that hated the idea. It was this that lost them the House in 2006. This could be deja vu all over again as the President is unlikely to go along with it as well as Congress people who want to keep their jobs. If their plan does go through, like their awful health care plan, this country will end and voting for the next set of losers will be the last of our problems.

3)Donald Trump and his Cabinet Picks- His picks so far, let's face it, suck. They are everything he promised not to do. So much for draining the swamp. He's stocking it instead. Worse, none of them have given the Ethics Board anything yet and hearings start next week. This is a HUGE problems and could lead to the removal of several of his picks if conflicts of interests come up later which is why they need to be vetted first. This is unheard of. If Trump doesn't get impeached in his first year, I'll be impressed. He's already on thin ice according to several lawyer, especially with his blind trust that he has yet to set up. His presidency is doomed to fail at this rate.

2)The Hateful Chicago Four- Four black thugs beat up a mentally challenged white guy this week, filmed it all and streamed it live on Facebook, not even hiding heir faces. These people should be executed on live TV and see how they like it. The fact that not only was this an attack on a weaker person, he was white and they went off about his race. So much for black people not being racist as this video destroyed that argument. It also further proves that BLM is making people into terrorists by setting forth an agenda of white resentment that is found in ALL black society. I hate to break to them but black resentment was not present in all white societies. After this video however, I am not so sure. Race relations are at an all time low and black people are responsible here. White people aren't behind your problems. It's either black people making your own life hard or society rules which you refuse to even try to change or accept. Stop killing each other. Study how the Japanese overcame bias to become accepted members of society. Mirror it exactly and watch your problems disappear.
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1)The Truth- The Truth is an outdated notion apparently. It doesn't seem to matter to the press, to the government, to science or to anyone for that matter. It is impossible to know what is what anymore. Climate change sure seems real but people cannot even decide on the thickness of Arctic ice which should be a definable thing. Math is not subjective. Did the Russians hack us? I have no clue. Every time I think I can say with some degree of certainty, some other factor comes in that makes me question every thing I thought I knew. This is killing us. When facts are in question, society ends. Nobody trusts anyone or anything anymore and not without good reason. Everyone is out for themselves, everyone is a crook and nothing is to be believed at face value. I have worked for many a company where the pay you think you are getting isn't even close to what you will actually make. Trying to fix a problem some company made can be frustrating to say the least, not to mention time consuming and expensive. The press, which should be the one thing that always says the truth, has been severely lacking for decades now, since corporations took over all of the media and drove it down to six. This country has let monopolies flourish for decades and it has been every bit the disaster we were always warned it would be. The reason we don't have better broadband with sky high rates is because we have no competition, and whenever some comes up, the courts crush it. as happened recently with a service that would have cut cable costs by half was destroyed by the Supreme Court. The government doesn't try to hide their lies as their numbers for unemployment and inflation are provably wrong, while the press mirrors everything they say as gospel. The truth is no longer around. And because of that, we have years at best, months more likely before this whole house of cards comes falling down. With Republicans at the helm, this is certain to get worse quicker. So live life while you can because, the end is coming. And we all are to blame. Congratulations truth, you are over and indeed we are all douchebag of the week.

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