Tuesday, January 3, 2017


There are choppy waters ahead for the GOP. When the Democrats had all the power back in 2008 they bickered so much among themselves that nothing got accomplished. Republicans appear to be doing the same. Establishment Republicans are saying they have a "mandate" which is odd as they lost the popular vote for almost three million. This has caused them to go hog wild and appear to be trying to destroy every safety net this country has. However, Trump is going to govern as a populist whether they like or not and that means a bitter fight between the Congress and the Trump administration. He hasn't even taken office and he has already had a positive effect on the corrupt Congress.
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Yesterday, The House decided they were going to scrap the independent Ethics Committee and instead have the House self investigate which never works ever anywhere. They were all proud and patting themselves on the back as Democrats spit venom at them. Then, they got a most unlikely ally, Donald Trump, who publicly said he hated the idea as well as Paul Ryan who voted against it too. With so much opposition, the House quietly backed down today, a stunning reversal which already showed a Congress already guilty of massive, unpopular overreach. This is how they wanted to start the new session?

We have also heard how the GOP Congress want to gut entitlement programs, a sure fire third rail topic that will have their own constituents calling for their heads. Just last week, Mike Pence said once again that the Trump administration will have no part in doing anything that affects entitlements, which again will lead to a bitter fight between Trump and the rest of the Republicans. Trump will NOT be doing anything that unpopular, it's not in his DNA, so what are Republicans going to do when Trump sides with the Democrats and proceeds to veto bills like this. Plus, Trump has said time and time again he wants to fix the country with a huge infrastructure bill (an actual good idea) and building the wall, neither of which senior leaders seem to want to have anything to do with. This could lead to all sorts of problems with Trump butting heads non stop with people telling him no. Something tells me he isn't going to like that and if he has strong enough support, especially from his less stable supporters, dissent may be deadly, if not at least political suicide. Ryan is hardly that popular within Trump supporter ranks and if he fights too hard against his policies, he may pay in the next election. There is also the possibility that some may even take it to more lethal extremes.

The GOP is talking about vouchers for Medicare, block grants for Medicaid, utterly destroying the health care system, food stamp cuts/elimination (with some states probably passing laws what kind of food can be bought with food stamps), ending public education and a host of other things that Trump is not guaranteed to go along with, unlike say someone like Jeb Bush or Scott Walker who would have rubber stamped all of this. Scary as this sounds, we could be in even worse trouble if a different Republican other than Trump would have won.
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The problem with Trump isn't so much economic fears but international ones. His tweets, the latest being a slam against deranged midget Kim Jun Un, could start a war, especially if it's aimed at someone as unstable as Kim. Twitter roasted him mercilessly for being an idiot and that his tweets may kill us all. But at least we have some protection against a power mad GOP, hell bent on ending this world.

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