Thursday, January 5, 2017


Brexit confirmed that idiocy has gone global. Leaving the EU was beyond stupid with what will eventually destroy the country of England when they realize that separating yourself from a global economy is foolish and self defeating. Are there parts of the EU Charter that suck? Yes. But rather than fix the parts that blow, they went the usual route which is to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We are about to do the same thing here with health care.
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First off, to 99% of those reading this out there, I can safely say you know jack shit as to how insurance works. I do, having being licensed to sell health insurance in several states as well as coming from a family whose many relatives all work in the field, including my father who was a high level executive as such companies as Aetna, Liberty Mutal and ACE. On top of that, my health is quite poor so I have had the misfortune of having to use the health care system and all the problems that it entails. My experience has been that in selling insurance, almost everyone I ever talked with had no concept as to HOW insurance works. Likewise, with my knowledge of the health care system, I can testify as to how it doesn't work.

Many of you hate the mandate. If you are one of said individuals, congratulations, you're a card carrying idiot. Without that mandate, which ALL insurance world wide needs to survive, there would be NO health care. Healthy individuals even out the costs for the sick. If there are no healthy people in the system and only sick people get insurance, premiums will be thousands a month. With no subsidies, as the GOP is going to kill that by months end, no one will be able to afford insurance who isn't super rich. The GOP is discovering quickly that since they have no plan other than some truly terrible ideas that will not work, they are up a creek without a paddle.
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So far, this is the GOP plan. Don't get sick. And if you do, die early. They have championed HSA's which are poor at best and require someone to have disposable income to even use. They also want to sell insurance across state lines,which will do little to fix costs. Other than possibility of extending high risk pools at the state level, which will be hampered by previous tries which have all been woefully underfunded, they have nothing that will fix what American's want which is less red tape and cheaper plans. The GOP plan so far will not only not accomplish this, it may send premiums skyrocketing far greater than the failure that Obamacare has been. The main reason for skyrocketing plans has less to do with Obamacare and everything to do with CEO pay which has doubled in ten years. Tell me that isn't a reason for premiums going up!

This is why Obamacare may not be going anywhere fast. Until they come up with a replacement plan, Obamacare is here to stay. If they are truly suicidal, the Republicans will go back to the old way of things, while keeping things like staying on your parents insurance until the age of 26 and preventing companies from denying insurance to those with pre-existing conditions. This will drive up costs beyond words and no one will have affordable insurance anymore. When 30 million people lose their health insurance and people start dying because of it, get ready for riots, political assassinations and chaos. When parents start losing their children because the Republicans are dickwads, expect bullets to start flying their way.

For those on the message boards stop talking about how conservatives are all assholes for voting for Trump and how 'libtards" are morons. Neither side is right about anything anymore and calling each other names is pointless. Is Obamacare great? Hell no. But it was a step in the right direction and now the backward leaning Republicans are trying to kill all health care and with it, this country. If Republicans don't take costs into control, the public is going to kill them and so far, they have ignored that part completely. If they start going too far, CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVE! Just this week, the House had to back down killing their ethics probes because, as Trump accurately said, we have bigger fish to fry. This happened because the Congress was inundated with calls telling them this was too far and they backed down. I have a feeling this is going to happen more and more, when Trump starts going up against his own party.

I said it in a previous column but here it is again: Thank God Trump is president and not some other Republican because they would be raping this country blind and there would be nothing to do to stop it. The American people voted for this by putting back into office all the people in Congress who caused this mess. There were other choices you know and most of you went right back to the morons who never should have been re-elected. This is why we need some sort of civics test so that idiots who do not know how government works to not be able to vote anymore. I have a feeling that more Democrats than Republicans would fail, but if that happened, so be it, Read a fucking book once in a while America that doesn't have pictures in it.
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Health care is failing and it is doing so because morons refuse to learn how it is handled. The same can be said for our justice system, the war on drugs, and a million other things that no longer work as they are supposed to. The Republicans are right that drastic changes are needed. I just fear that the changes they are making will kill us all.

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