Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Trump's new immigration order is going about as well as his first 10 days in office. With no warning to anyone, Trump wrecked the immigration system, failing to even tell his own departments what was going on before hand leading them scramble afterward. Few saw this as a good idea, especially as it prevented the kind of refugees I want here.
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One Iraqi who was working for the US government as a translator, was all set to come here. He quit his job, sold his house and was hours away from leading a new life when the rug got pulled out from under him. What does a guy like that do, especially one not popular with terrorist factions that see him as a traitor? This is the kind of person who comes here, works hard, most likely employing others (creating jobs), loves the country and pays his taxes. What is wrong with this guy? Oh that's right, he's Muslim. And how many terrorists have come from Iraq to the US?  0. Of the seven countries banned, they compromise only 7% of the world's terrorists and only three individuals (one from Iran and the other two from Somalia) have attacked American interests here. No one died in any of the three attacks. White Christian males have done far worse.

As a matter of fact, the country we should be shutting the fuck down is our biggest ally, Saudi Arabia. Over two thousands terrorist have come out of the kingdom, specifically because the religion they practice is one that should be wiped from the planet. It is NOT Islam but some bastardization of it, like the Westboro Baptists. The only difference is that the Westboro assholes just protest, which is their right and I stand by them on that front, while the Wahhabi have a much more militant view of the world, one that makes way too many into killers. Until this form of Islam is annihilated, there will be no peace. The other three countries near the top, Pakistan, Egypt and Afghanistan, are also NOT on the list even though these four countries make up 93% of the world's terrorists. So why are they not included. It has nothing to do with Trump's business interests right? Too bad we don't have his tax returns to know.

The only thing I kind of agree with is the resettlement of Syrian refugees. Bringing in even more low skilled labor at a time when that is almost certainly not needed is self destructive. Add on to that the costs of rehousing these people and it's too much money that we desperately need for ourselves. When we get our own affairs in order, I have no problem helping out. Until then though, the country is closed. If they really want to come here, fine, your family gets a good set up and all males over 18 get drafted to go back and fight in our armies. Betray us and know we will drop your relatives right back into the middle of a war zone. You now have an army to go fight in Syria, one that you control as the lives on their families depend on it. This could turn the tide against ISIS once and for all.
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I am hoping Trump will take the gloves and start fighting wars the rest of the world does, you know, by actually killing people. If ISIS has control of a city, bomb the city and be done with it. If the people there didn't do anything by now they are complicit. When there is no one left to fight, the war will end and ISIS will be a memory. It painfully clear that what we have been doing for decades is a dismal failure.

The one thing he won't do is get off of oil which he could do if he  wanted to. Oil is the number one terrorist monetary system there is. Break that, and the idiotic drug war, and these guys won't have enough money to bomb a cardboard box. But that doesn't sell weapons so expect the above to actually happen, which considering Trump's track record so far, will be an epic failure. He will accidentally bomb Jordan instead or the like.

We are headed for a cliff and a lot of you are hitting the accelerator. How come every time Obama signed anything, the right screamed bloody murder, but here's Trump doing the same thing and what do we hear: crickets. And, how many posts did you read blasting Obama for another round of golf or a vacation that cost millions due to security? Now it comes out that Trump after barely two weeks is going on vacation next weekend? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? And where are all the Obama haters? Quiet again. Fuck all of you.
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Chances are good this country won't make it to 2018. Chaos is coming. Prepare.

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