Wednesday, February 1, 2017


There is some bleak news out there folks and both parties are to blame. Had the Democrats done anything of relevance way back in 2009 when they assumed total power, we would not be in the mess we are in. And they in turn, inherited that disaster from the Bush administration that is making the current one look positively wise in comparison. What the hell happened?
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First off, our bought and paid for media continues to turn a blind eye to any story of relevance and then wonder why people are ignoring them. When you lie constantly, it catches up to you. There is serious evidence that Trump is being blackmailed by the Russians, with the arrest of four top level FSB agents for treason as well as the death of the Russian man identified as the one who leaked the dossier to the now in hiding intelligence operative who outed the alleged Pee Pee Scandal. That's a lot of people being accused for something that supposedly doesn't exist. And where was that on the news? Nowhere. Tack on to that, the constant drum beat as to how great the current pick for the Supreme Court is (he isn't) and how democrats will have a hard time denying him the bench is beyond stupid as the Democrats are going to fight tooth and nail or face a drubbing in the primaries in 2018. The base is beyond angry and if they go all pussy again, they might as well build a coffin and get in it because their voters will punish them and not without good reason.

As I said above, the Democrats caused a lot of the problems today and are singlehandedly responsible for the rise of Trump. Hell, they aided in it, due to faulty reason that he would be easiest to beat. Had they not conspired to coronate Hillary, Bernie would be president and we would be headed to a far sunnier future. But they didn't and now we are stuck with Orange Hitler.

To be fair, the Bush administration may be ultimately responsible for the financial ruin coming almost all due to the ill fated bank bailout of 2008. However, the Democrats, with a veto proof majority, continued this action along with a stimulus package in 2009 that was watered down nonsense that appeared to achieved little beyond a temporary stay from the end of civilization, That can that has been continuously kicked down the road for the past few decades has finally hit the wall. Between both parties, instead of taking responsible steps to fix things, they tried to repair the status quo, that even a three year old can see is not working, Thus the hand grenade that is Trump over boring Hillary in the last election.
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Because NO bankers were arrested and no meaningful changes were implemented when they could, the Tea Party came out in force and took over the country. I thought they were dead and gone until they won the White House. Republicans, again playing the status quo card, got defeated in the run for president but somehow still stayed in power in Congress due to a simpleton public who couldn't see how bad things were. I have seen countless stories of morons who voted for Trump and were shocked when he went through on the things we said he was going to do. One Syrian family who voted for Trump were horrified when members of their family got deported right in front of them. If you are a Muslim and voted for Trump you are special kind of stupid. Think Jews voting for Hitler and you would hit the nail on the head, A lot of people are going to die who voted for this guy and a Republican Congress because they are going to fuck up health care good and tens of thousands are going to die. I am willing to bet over half are Trump voters. I told you what would happen and you didn't listen. Now, some of you are going to be taking a dirt nap by the end of next year. I couldn't be happier as that means thousands of less stupid people on the planet, not to mention a serious erosion of Republican supporters.

Because we did nothing to fix anything by either party, the end is coming. How do I know? I can read unlike most out there who fail to pick up a book once in their life. I read a dozen a month. Rich people are fleeing the stock market. Housing, especially McMansions, are plummeting in price as they have become too expensive to buy even for the super rich. The elites are spending millions building bunkers or plots of land in New Zealand. Add to that a stock market way overvalued and a world on the brink and you have the recipe for the end of everything.

As if all that wasn't enough, war with China, something I have long thought would happen, appears to be on the horizon. The Chinese government has publicly said they think war with the US is inevitable, especially if Hurricane Trump starts a trade war with them, which there is a 100% chance of. Tack on the issues of China taking over international territory in the South China Sea and Trump's insistence that the One China policy be reviewed and you can see that Doomsday clock hitting midnight very soon.

You voted for this America. It wasn't to make America great again. It was to end the status quo and with it, most of us because, unlike what Sanders might have done, this will have the finesse of a wrecking ball. Both sides are too blame. The democrats for not fighting tooth and nail to not elect Hillary and for the Republicans for putting up 17 of the least qualified people to ever run, with the winner being one of the worst.
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If true fascism comes, and it will, people like me will disappear into some black site never to be seen again, I don't plan on going quietly. But until that happens I will write about what is really going on, unlike the media, the politicians or Trump. Stay tuned for more in what will probably be out last year on Earth.


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