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If you can't see that something truly dangerous is occurring, your either delusional, stupid or both. We are rocketing toward a fascist state, something my regular readers know that I talk quite a bit about, yet half this country seems to think everything is just fine. The man behind the throne, Steve Bannon, is being played as Death on SNL. Trust me when I say that is not far from the truth. His world view is one that will spell the death of literally billions of people, this country included. So tack that on with the man baby that is our President and you can bet money a lot of us won't live to see Christmas. This isn't some liberal bullshit. This is repeatable history. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)The Atlanta Falcons- That was the biggest collapse of a a football team I have ever seen, let alone a Super Bowl. Up by 25, with 8 minutes left to go in the third quarter, this appeared over. I know someone who left the bar he was at to head back to the cruise he was on because he thought why watch a blowout. Boy was he pissed when he found out what he missed. 31 unanswered points show why Brady is the greatest QB ever and Bill Belichick the greatest coach. The Pats sucked in the first half, but like always, they readjusted and with less than 25 minutes left to play, they turned the tide and destroyed the Falcons. My favorite part was when the Falcons got a sack and then a holding call to put them out of field goal range, which had they made, would have won them the game. There also a spectacular catch with a little over two minutes left that made up for the helmet catch by the Giants that cost the team a perfect season and the Super Bowl some years back. What a game.

9)Roger Goodell- This win was a big middle finger to the bullshit Deflategate nonsense that had ZERO scientific evidence as many a person noticed, myself included. The balls were never out of site for longer than 90 seconds which was impossible to deflate that many balls and get back outside in time. The gauges used to test the footballs were notoriously unreliable and the cold weather will naturally deflate balls as they do with tires. This was a witch hunt and one in which not only did the witch survive, he became Super Bowl champ as well. Eat it Goodell.

8)Sony- The studio lost a mind boggling $930 million last quarter.  Notice that is not year but quarter. The earlier part of the year wasn't much better. A billion dollars loss can only mean one thing: your movies suck bad. Way too many mistakes this year such as the underwhelming Ghostbusters, the ill advised Passengers and the should have made more money Magnificent Seven. Add that to these movies that failed: Inferno, Money Matters, Angry Birds, The Shallows, the Fifth Wave, The Brothers Grimsby, Risen, When the Bough Breaks, Storks, Independence Day 2. That is a lot of bad movies. I am available as a screenwriter guys. Trust me that my films are way better than these crappy ones.
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7)Harley Branham- This loser helped drive a teen to suicide with her constant bullying. Worse, she was his boss at Dairy Queen. Ken Suttner was a boy easily bullied in school and even changed districts because of it when teachers did nothing. I know a lot about that when I was in junior high, I used to get bullied and beat up a lot. Worse, the teachers knew what was going on and sometimes even encouraged it. Then I grew a foot and started studying martial arts and by high school that bullying came to a quick end. But not for this poor guy. A grand jury found the district negligent and Harley criminally responsible. I feel so bad for Suttner and his family. It's too bad he didn't get a chance to realize it does get better. I hope this bitch fries.

6)KellyAnne Conway- This ditzy bitch decided to make up a terrorist attack on TV and somehow didn't expect anyone to check up in it. She talked about the "Bowling Green Massacre" that got no press from the worthless media and proof that the news was all fake all the time. Turns out, there never was such an incident as anyone with a computer found out in seconds. Talk about fake news. Her stand up career was quite poor and this is was we got instead? Please. God help us all.

5)Rev Darrell Scott- Speaking of making things up, this guy from Chicago told Trump during a televised conference that a lot of gang members have come up to him and told him they would support Trump and lower the body count if they got some better social programs. Trump loved that of course, but none of it was true. The story later changed to a few gang members, then it was a few former gang members and finally we found out it was just one guy with no power to affect anything. This guy needs a heaping case of the STFU serum.
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4)Neil Gorsuch- The Democrats need to do everything they can to stop this nomination. Let alone the fact that McConnell delayed the vote until after the election when they could steal it away from Hillary (exit polls show a strong lean toward GOP voters in 18 states beyond the range of chance), this ass is a corporate, religious stooge who will send this country into a tailspin. The fact that he once was part of a group called "Fascism Forever," should be a big sign saying no fucking way. If you support this guy, regardless of which side of the aisle you on, you are frog marching us right into a genocide, mostly against us. For the love of God people, wake up. This country is going down like the Titanic and half of this country is fine with it.

3)Republicans- These guys are all for doing all sorts of stuff that if implemented will at best result in a rout in 2018 and at worst pitchforks, torches and a fuckload of guns. They have decided to get rid of rules doing things like protecting our drinking water because Flint, Michigan wasn't enough apparently. Considering the people who will be drinking said tainted water live in places like Kentucky, congratulations, you've just poisoned yourself. They also are doing everything they can to revert the banking rules back to pre-2008, because as we all know and remember nothing bad ever happens when you deregulate banks. Yup, it's high living for us all. Just a matter of time. They are also sharpening their knives for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, although those are third rail topics that in the past has obliterated anyone who tried. The House was lost in an off election year in 2006 almost solely because of privatization calls for entitlement programs. They already had to back down on selling off millions of acres of parkland when even conservatives cried foul. These guys are going to self destruct. The only problem is they will probably take us with them.

2)Donald Trump- Another week, another period closer to hell. After his giant fuckup during the immigration order was stopped by a Federal Judge, Orange Hitler had a fit and went after the judge. Nothing Hitler-esque about that right? He also managed to pick a fight with Mexico and Australia, for no apparent reason, went after China, Iran and North Korea and appears to be, with every passing day, the most dangerous man in America. He's going to start a war. Worse, he may actually WANT to start said war.
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1)Steve Bannon- This is the guy as to why we may see half the planet die before the year is out. Bannon has an apocalyptic vision for the world, one in which he helps destroy it, only to rebuild it back up as a white, Christian national one. Just what a lot of us want, a dangerous theocracy like Iran. Bannon is a big fan of book that claims every eighty years, this country goes to war, with each one bigger than the last. And while the theory is compelling, it lacks scientific rigor as the sample size is way too small. But that matters little if this guy actually believes it, which he does. This means, the guy advising our moron in chief, is actively looking for a reason to reign hot death on Muslim nations. If you are Muslim and voted for Trump, way to go, you're all going to die when they start to round you up which they will after the next great terrorist attack which I am positive is in the works. Worse, this one could be a false flag, used like the Reichstag Fire or possibly 9/11 and used as an excuse to round up ALL Muslims and eventually, people like me who will not stop writing about it. What Bannon doesn't see is that ISIS won't be the villains here. We will be. Chances are over 75% that a massive attack will take place in this country soon, one in which tens of thousands, if not millions, die in some sort of attack, probably in one of these cities, Boston, Philadelphia, SF or LA. I would put money on California just because Trump seems to be getting into all sorts of issues with them and he is one vindictive bastard. Trump and Bannon are going to kill a lot of people. That much is certain. It's what happens next that I worry about, So congratulations Steve Bannon, you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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