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We are through the looking glass people. Up is down, Right is wrong. Trump and the Republican party, along with their supporters are willing participants in the overthrow of this country by Russia. That is NOT FAKE NEWS as we keep hearing but reality. If you support Trump and his cronies, you are the worst Americans since the Tories. This cannot stand. And to be fair, the democrats this week were not much better as we rocket toward civil war and perhaps worse. As this unfolds, there were so many other douchebags that we had to dial it up to 11, Spinal Tap style. Let's see those runner ups.
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11)Pewdiepie- I have only had a vague understanding as to who this clown was. To be honest, I have found most internet stars annoying as hell and barely talented, so my ignorance here is understandable. This week, this moron crossed a line and subsequently has failed to figure out what he did that was wrong, which most of us were quite horrified by. Once making $15 million a year on sites like YouTube, this all came to a crashing halt amidst anti-Semitic views including holding a sign up that said "death to Jews." How is that funny? He has also in the past used Nazi imagery, talked positively about selling people into slavery and compared Leslie Jones to Harambe the Gorilla. NONE of that is funny or okay. It took his latest bullshit to go so far over the top he was banned from YouTube and Disney. a hit that will impact his bottom line. Like Republicans with Trump, some will continue to follow him, even though he is neither talented nor likable. Just like Trump.

10)Doug Adler and ESPN- Doug Adler was fired by ESPN this week because the Twitter mob took him out over a definite misunderstanding. When talking about Venus Williams he used the word "Guerrilla style," a term about tennis used since 1954. People took it out of context as "gorilla" and has a fit about it. Instead is explaining the error away. ESPN fired him instead. WTF? He is now suing for wrongful termination and damages to his reputation. He is also going to win big. This is America today, morons everywhere no matter who you are.

9)TISA- Just when you thought the TPP was dead, a new trade deal arrives. This one weakens banking regulations, internet protections and healthcare. Just what we were all asking for right? Trump may be a moron but even I don't think he'll go for this. What are the world elites thinking because if this keeps coming, it will be their heads the populations are going for.
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8)Yursa Khogali- Black Lives Matter is a terrorist group. You may not like to hear that but at this point it is starting to become the truth. Their organization structure sucks and their message is being watered down by racial attacks. I completely agree with what their are fighting against as black people are being shot down in huge numbers. But so are white people and Hispanics. It just doesn't make the news as much, and certainly not nationally. But this week, this BLM leader from Toronto went on a racial tirade that was as much KKK as anything. She called white people a scourge and a genetic defect and that black people were genetically superior to whites. FUCK NO!!! AT best we are equal, but that remains to be seen as these groups seem incapable of fixing any of their own problems. You don't see this kind of shit in poor Hispanic neighborhoods to the same degree as black inner city. We are stronger together than apart but black people keep shitting all over whites. ENOUGH! And idiots like this, even if she is from Toronto, are making white people love TRUMP!!. I can't stand racism and black people lately are really stoking those fires. Barack Obama didn't ruin race relations. BLM did.

7)Jeffrey Sandusky- Jerry Sandusky's son, Jeffrey, 41, was arrested this week for possession of child porn and making an underage girl perform a sex act. Apple didn't fall far from that tree. You do have to wonder that as Jerry had I think eight adopted children, how many did he molest? It would explain why Jeffrey did what he did. Still it doesn't excuse what he did and I hope he rots in jail.

6)Mike Flynn- He was fired this week, even though Trump is still defending him, for either lying to the VP or, more likely, conspiring with the Russians to loosen sanctions after Trump won, a violation of US law. So far we know Trump has Russian investments, even though he flatly denies it, in spite of pictures of Trump Towers Moscow being readily available to see and previous comments from him and his son about huge Russian ties. As we have no access to his taxes, we have no idea what leverage Russia may have. Yet, the Republicans are playing footsey with each other, ignoring the biggest scandal in US history. More on that later, but at least this idiot has been shown the door. Now if only we can get Trump to follow him.
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5)Steven Miller- This odious balding fuck, or mini-Goebbels as I like to call him, spat venom at the news this week, saying Trump was above the law and not to be questioned. Is he fucking high? Word is this dick has been just that his whole life, refusing to play with minority children when he was little, to making fun of Muslims and gay people in high school. Word is he was mighty unpopular. One teacher said he was the foulest human being he had ever had the misfortune to teach. Ouch! Now, he's whispering in the ear of an equally deranged human. What could possibly go wrong.

4)Andrew Puzder- This vile fuck and CEO of Hardees and Carl Jr.s, where diarrhea is a way of life, got shafted as Labor Sec when his past came back to haunt him. Four GOP senators and perhaps even 12 more were going to vote against him for numerous reasons. The biggest were his hiring of illegal labor at his home, his support for more legal immigration for high tech jobs and worst of all, beating his wife some years back. His replacement Alex Acosta, is even more surprising because he actually seems like someone who might not suck at his job, unlike 90% of Trump appointees so far. If they had properly vetted Puzder,  omething democrats were screaming about, this wouldn't have happened. Morons.

3)MSM- For the all the cries about fake news against them and their hurried defense, the right is not entirely wrong about this. Yes, most of what you hear in the news is accurate. But that 10% that they keep falsely reporting is really, really bad. I've worked in the news business for years and I can tell you that they absolutely cover up stories that look bad for themselves or their friends. They cannot report the actual unemployment number (which I might add, Trump hasn't fixed at all since he got in office like he promised), or worse, the inflation rate, which according to actual numbers is now over 6%, even though SS recipients were told the opposite and reflected in their dollar a month raise. Had we been using actual facts, that raise would have been an average of $20 a month. And this lie has shortchanged people thousand of dollars a year over time.That's is unacceptable to let our old and disabled starve because the government is lying to us. The media which should be correcting this remains somehow quiet. WTF? They failed this week to talk about Trump's Russian holding when he said they were non-existent, expose how much Trump is costing taxpayers for his frequent trips, securtity and even his sons going on business excursions on our dime. Where are any of that? They missed the riots in Paris completely as well. It's hard to defend a group doing their job so poorly.

2)Democrats- These assholes are going to keep losing until they wake up to the carnage around them. Here in MA, Democrats just gave themselves a big raise, now making some of them the highest paid in the country. Meanwhile, the rest of us struggle and now we hear they are going to raise taxes for a budget shortfall which they helped create. Fuck them! Both parties suck and until we realize that voting ALL of these assholes out of office is the only way to save the nation. In the Senate, people like Manchin, McCatskill and Heitkamp have all voted for people they never should have and their constituents are furious with them. Manchin and Heitkamp had the audacity to vote for Pruitt, the odious head of the EPA and should be punished for it. Anyone voting for these douchebags in the primaries should have their toes cut off and thrown into a piranha pool. We need real leaders, not corporate stooges. It's our turn for a Tea Party. Start organizing and run for whatever office you can, The democrats need real people not the slaves they have become. We can take it back or destroy them in the process. If we don't see a sea of blue come 2018, there is little chance of a peaceful transition of power when the Republicans start dismantling everything they can. And when that happens, bullets are going to start flying.
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1)Republicans- Had Hillary Clinton even done one tenth of what is going right now, she would have been executed by now. But because it is Trump, everyone seems to be looking the other way. America should come first but these assholes are leading us right to the Kremlin. Jason Chaffetz is in real trouble as his supporters seem to be disappearing as he makes questionable actions along with a few good ones. His desire to rid the country of the park service fell like a thud as everyone hated the idea. Who would have thought that conservatives who love to hunt and fish would have a problem with that? His town hall meeting have gone poorly due to the inevitable moment when the GOP kills health care for us and people, as history demonstrates, usually revert to violent tactics when their lives are on the line. He also has been dragging his feet investigating any of the Trump accusations, even though nation security is at risk. The one good thing he has done is trying to pass a bill saying all future candidates release their full medical records. That and their taxes would be a good start as chances are the two front runners wouldn't have made it past day one and President Sanders right now would be making the world a better place. Kevin Brady and 17 other Republicans didn't think looking at Trump's taxes was a good idea and killed that measure. So fuckwads like Brady and Ernst and everyone else who voted for this must be labeled traitors to this country as they are actively working toward Russian interests. A decade ago, this would have been political suicide. Now it's the norm. Fuck them and anyone who thinks this is a good idea! Trump is going to get us all killed and may be working for the Russians. The Republicans are trying to kill entitlements, poison us all, let the banks do whatever they want, and cut taxes for everyone, meaning economic collapse is coming. History again says whenever the Republicans do this, 1929 and 2008, the world goes with it. If you support the Republican party, you are a traitor to this country. We should be demanding the resignation of half of them, including our idiot president, not applauding to his nonsensical press conference or his idiotic rally. Fuck you Republicans, you all suck hard and are indeed douchebag of the week.

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