Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Let's be clear. Anyone supporting Trump and his cabinet at this point are becoming dangerously close to be labeled traitors. Russian influence is getting harder and harder to ignore and sycophants like Jason Chaffetz, who spent the day investigating a fucking cartoon character from PBS instead of the growing scandal here, and Kevin Brady who shot down a proposal to see Trump's taxes, are both now officially traitors to the United States and should be removed form office. If your state has a recall option it and slam them and their supporters as Russian loving commies, which is not that far from the truth. This stops here and now. If you want to behave like a dick, it's your right just as it is my right to expose these people for the back stabbing douchebags they are. Russia is invading our country and may be blackmailing our president. Yet these two people who allegedly have this country's best interests are behaving as if they are double agents.
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The rest of Trump's staff is also going down in flames. The Ethics Committee strongly recommended today that Kelly Anne Conway be reprimanded for her ill advised Ivanka Trump ad. Spicer appears to be on his way out as replacement are being bandied about. Reince Preibus is hanging on by his thumbs with many saying he is WAY out of his league, seeing shadows where they are none. Paranoid much Preibus. The new spokesperson, Steven Miller, who looks like Monty Burns in his youth, has come across as unhinged and deranged. The funny part is that back in high school, he was quite unpopular due to his racist, misogynistic, and anti-gay views. What a winner.

And then there is Trump himself. What. A. LOSER. He has proven he has no idea what he is doing, is costing taxpayers a fortune every month so he can hang out at his resort and has daily crisises that no other politician has ever had. Investigative reporters have discovered that much of what was released in the Russian dossier, you know the one the WH denies exists, is factual. As we don't have his taxes, and assholes like traitor Kevin Brady are running blocker, we have no idea is our president is compromised. If this was any other democrat, there would be hearings until doomsday. But because this is Republican, you ignore it. Your loyalty is to COUNTRY first not party. And if that's too much to comprehend, anyone NOT following this should either step down or be forced out of office.

If you live in Utah or Texas and aren't demanding these two's immediate resignation, you are also a traitor to this country and are secretly communists. You get to say nothing ever again about any scandal from anyone because apparently you are too stupid to know better. Get the hammer and sickle flag and fly it proudly above your home. We are American first, and party much further down than that. If you can't figure that our, feel free to move elsewhere.
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Trump is screwed here because of this. It's not so much the crime here but the cover-up, aka Watergate. Did Trump know about these conversations with Flynn and the Russians? Did he put him up to it? What leverage does Russia have over Trump? Is the Russian dossier correct? Anyone out there really telling me that if this was a democrat you wouldn't be rightfully screaming bloody murder? Of course you would. But now all I hear is deafening silence. Will the GOP grow a backbone and start looking into this? Graham and McCain at least think so, so a few on the right aren't totally bought and paid for and should be commended for this. Anyone else should be tarred and feathered at this point.

Call you politician today and demand a investigation into this serious matter. If wrong doing is discovered, then we start talking impeachment. As even the Russians are growing concerned about the Frankenstein monster they helped unleash, that might just be the best thing for all of humanity.

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  1. Damned straight. You tell it like it is. We need more people like you with the balls to call these criminals out!