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Donald Trump is rocketing toward an impeachment, something I predicted would happen if he won. It's not like we all don't have huge skeletons in our closet, but few seem to wave them around with such wild abandon as he does. His business empire is dangerous close to violating of the Constitution, Article 1, section 9, which prevents presidents from accepting foreign money or business interests. As he moronically has yet to divest from his holdings to a true blind trust, he is going to face issues with that sooner than later. Tack on to that what appears to be treasonous actions with the Russians and you can see that this will not end well for him. If he keeps this up, he may be wearing a colored jumpsuit that matches his face. Wouldn't that be a huge fall from grace, billionaire to convict.
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The one area where a majority of the public agree with him on, protests aside, is that few want Muslims coming to this country. While I personally do not agree with this philosophy as I know many from Muslim countries and they are no better or worse than anyone else, I get why they don't want them here. Devout Muslims I could do with out, but that also applies to every other religion on the planet so that is hardly racist. But these groups of devotees are single handedly marching themselves to a genocide the likes of which we have never seen. If you thought Japanese interment camps were bad, these are gong to be far worse and, most likley, more deadly. The worst part is these radical few and going to cause the extermination of any entire race. Don't believe me? Read on.

In Paris right now, riots have broken out as Muslim thugs have moved into the suburbs and gone on a destruction spree. Everyday, there is some new terrorist attack somewhere, where just hours ago, over 50 people died and more injured in a bomb attack in Baghdad. Later, it will be somewhere else and so on. This is unsustainable for any people to reasonably live with. Even the Israelis have taken steps to prevent these, and while unpopular for humanitarian reasons, you can't argue that they also aren't working. And truth be told, a nation's people matter more than lowlifes making your life miserable.

And there is the problem for Muslims. You are expendable. And coming soon, that may be a reality. There may not be room on this planet for all of us and when people decide that day is coming, your going to be the first to go. Again, I do not agree with this, but history also shows we are headed that way. Every new act of destruction turns that world further and further from you. At this moment, we are only one huge terrorist attack away from genocide. If one of these idiots decides to do something truly horrific, or even a false flag that blames them, societies will have to choose to either let Muslims die in mass numbers due to angry mobs, or put them elsewhere, ie internment camps, for their own safety. But that will matter little when a pissed off world, one in which US, EU, Russian and Chinese interests all align and it's game over for the Muslim world. The worst part is they are accelerating this timetable with their nonsense of killing indiscriminately.
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Because of this, the far right looks to gain power in several nations. The riots in Paris are turning people in droves away from Muslims, not helped by their insane desire to rape and steal in larger numbers than is actually being reported. It is this lack of civilized behavior that is driving all of this, which makes me wonder why NO Muslims majority country took these people in, until you see exactly WHY they didn't. This is one of the main reasons Rome fell when they took Barbarian hordes in, they failed to adapt to Roman life, and huge problems ensued. This is an exact duplicate of that.

As of right now, Marine La Pen and Geert Wilders are poised to take control of France and Holland. The reason for this is that the public has turned against Muslims who see only violence as a way to get what they want. If they control these countries, the EU is in real trouble as they, like Trump, are isolationists, which is never a good position to be in. We are all connected, no matter how different we are. Only by working together can we succeed. If we go down this path, we are all going to pay a huge price.

There is only way to stop this and it requires the efforts of every Muslim on the planet and they are probably not going to like it. Unless the Muslim world stands up to the devout and say ENOUGH, to such an extent that they listen, nothing will change. This means civil war in many places. Moderate Muslims are going to have kill to get what they want and end the scourge of Muslim extremism. Start burning down mosques in your nation (not Western ones, this is for Muslim controlled nations only) that preach hate. Gun down anyone dressed as a devout Muslim. Stand up and say you want to enter the 21 century. Hell, I"ll take the 19th. This has to come from you because otherwise, it will be seen as white men attacking a religion.

Here at home, we need to GET OFF OF OIL! There is plenty of alternate sources of energy out there that could be converted to in less than five years with little destruction. And once that happens, Saudi Arabia, a country responsible for more terrorists than any other, will shrivel away and with it, terrorism.
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Unless these two things happen, and let's face facts they aren't, genocide is coming for the Muslim world. The clock is ticking people so choose wisely. End extremism in your countries by any means possible or face the fact that chances are good, there won't be ANY Muslims left anywhere by the end of the century.

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