Wednesday, February 8, 2017


These assholes are going to get someone killed. After these morons lost my paperwork sent in over a month and a half ago, they just informed me that it will be 30-45 days to get it rectified. Well that's all well and good if you have the money to cover said insurance but what happens when you don't. I am lucky and have people I can hit up for money to save my butt. Not everyone is that fortunate. As a result of the utter incompetence of what can only be described as fucking lunatics running the show over there, a lot of people are almost certainly having the same issues. This means, hundreds, perhaps even thousands of people could lose their insurance due to bureaucratic red tape and then, even die because of it.

If anyone else is having similar problems please contact me and maybe we can band together to stop this. I have already contacted several investigative reporters, the AG and soon, both senators from the state and my state representative.

This is why Trump is president.

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