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And the hits keep on coming. Donald Trump is proving to be wholly unqualified for president. If Shillary Clinton hadn't been the nominee, I believe any other democrat would have won and we'd be in far safer territory. Worse, I am beginning to think there is something wrong with him, mentally. Besides being a malignant narcissist, I am also starting to see signs of deviant personality disorders and the possible onset of Alzheimer's, like his father. Congratulations America, you voted a madman into office. Sure hope those Republican ideals comfort you as you sit in the ruins of what was once this great nation. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Dear White People on Netflix- Is the left becoming so totally tone deaf that they can't see what a horrible idea this is? Let me make a show called Dear Black People where I, as a white man, try to tell black people how to live their lives. After they rightfully call me a racist that is. Black people have no idea what it is like to be white so don't lecture me please. It's not all fun and games for us either. If you are black you have advantages white people don't, like full scholarships to the best schools and if you are a woman as well, a plethora of jobs to go after. Employers get to hire a double minority then which gives them a huge leg up. Stop telling other races how to act and clean up your own act instead. Crap like this is why we have Orange Hitler.

9)Mariah Carey- Her meltdown in New Year's Eve was bad, but the fact she was caught lip synching may have been the kiss of death. Before this even happened, her previous tour was panned as she didn't sing her early hits, a clear sign her voice isn't what it used to be. During the Times Square debacle, the backtrack clearly showed the high notes were the loudest tracks. Even worse, people said her attempts at singing along to the track in previous tours looked like a "bad Japanese monster movie." Ouch. Her latest tour is tanking as an opening act for Lionel Richie. Time to hang it up, diva.

8)Marc Mezvinsky- Chelsea Clinton's husband's hedge fund officially shut down this week, after losing 90% of it's value last year. Considering this guy's father was a crook who stole 10 million in a Ponzi scheme says lots. Dumbass stayed in the Greek markets when everyone else fled. He lost nearly everything as a result. Emails show he used his wife's influence to get money from Clinton Foundation supporters. Bet they wished they went to the track with that money because it all went bye byes. Another case of just because your seem educated, doesn't make you smart.
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7)MA Premium Assistance- I have doing business write ups for newspapers, investors and freelance for over fifteen years now. I have worked in a dozen different industries in my life. I know a lot of people who run their own businesses. I can safely say that without a doubt, this is one of the worst run companies I have ever seen. Their staff is poorly trained, their system antiquated, their phone system barely works and there is no way to get anything done short of screaming until you are blue in the face. Government at work huh? As they have lost my paperwork many, many times, shut off my access to subsidies four times in eight years, I can only assume they treat everyone this way. Someone is going to die because of their incompetence and they are going to be accountable for that.

6)Fukushima- This damaged plant is still pumping out radiation which some scientists say will take longer than Chernobyl to fix. Worries about the Pacific Ocean are also abound as stories of mutated or missing wildlife appears every now and then. Is this a problem? Probably. I don't know how extreme it is but initial radiation may have killed thousands worldwide, mostly infants and the infirm if the studies shown are accurate, and may indeed be as the science behind them was sound. This is why nobody trusts the news because of ignoring stories just like this.

5)Michael Flynn- This guy had a bad week, like most of Trump's cabinet. First, evidence has surfaced that he did indeed talk about sanctions with the Russians before Trump won, which is illegal. Then came word that one of his top aides had been denied a security clearance, eliminating him from the team. Few in his cabinet did well. See below for more.
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4)Betsy Davos- She also a rough week as her appointment was met with derision from Republican constituents who felt she was unqualified for the job, and told them at angry town halls nationwide. Her Twitter account showed she has no idea what she is doing joking about finding the pencils and not realizing she has to buy them herself, as all teachers do, which is wrong on so many levels. Then she got blocked from entering a DC school by protesters, a funny photo op gone horribly wrong. But wait there's more.

3)Sean Spicer- Melissa McCarthy's impression of him is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. This week, Vanilla Ice Cream did his usual version of angry at the press, defending people like Davos, Flynn, Conway and others, and not all that well. Worse, when commenting about the so called terrorist attacks the media hasn't covered (is he kidding me? He does know about replaying tape right?), he talked about the famous Atlanta attack, which some thought was a reference to the 1996 Olympics bombing. Turns out, he meant Orlando and was pissed that the media didn't know that. I mean really, Atlanta and Orlando both start with vowels, are in the South, who wouldn't know? This guy is terrible at his job.

2)Kelly Conway- ANOTHER Trump elite in trouble. This one was a doozy. Propaganda Barbie actually told people to go out and buy Ivanka products while on Fox and Friends. And that is so mucho illegal even the most hardcore Republican came down on her like a ton of bricks. Jason Chaffetz who is having a really bad time already as his plan to eliminate the park service was met with righteous anger from all sides and his town halls have been filled with people almost ready to lynch him, even he had to side with the law and said what she did was illegal. Nothing will most likley come of this as Trump has the final say, but that's a lot of problems in just seven days.
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1)Donald Trump- This guy is dangerous. Al Franken says a lot of Republicans are increasingly nervous about his mental state. Leaks from the WH say the same as does Keith Obermann currently doing must watch videos for GQ online. He lies constantly. He was tweeting about Nordstrom's either during a security briefing or immediately afterward. His cabinet picks have been a disaster. He went after judges which turned out badly when the bench slapped him down. His chances with the Supreme Court are zero if he goes that route. Instead, he will sign a new EO tomorrow and we are back at square one if it is written as badly as the last one was. He claimed thousands of illegals were bused from MA to NH in the last election, but offers no proof of anything, which the NH election official demanded proof or to shut up. Ouch. Trump's brand is suffering as Ivanka products are being tossed left and right from various stores, due to low sales, not political reasons. But that hasn't stopped Trump, a freaking business man, from bitching about the free market. 51% of his supporters say he should be able to overturn judges rulings. That's called being a king not a president so dried up farts like Pat Buchanan can preach about overthrowing the judicial branch like an idiot. If anyone sees Pat, please give him a copy of the Constitution and a kick in the ass. He deserves it. Trump appears to be mentally unfit for the presidency and the Congress better get Article 25 up and ready because sooner than later, we might have President Pence or even President Ryan. Not much better but neither of these two are insane. So congratulations Trump, you nutty Cheetos you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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