Monday, February 20, 2017


There has to be lead in all of our water supplies to explain the rampant levels of stupidity seen today. We have a President who cannot speak well, for if he did, he might actually be doing a better job at explaining himself. At his moronic rally filled to the rafters with simpletons totally unaware of reality, Trump misspoke about a terrorist attack in Sweden that never happened. However, what he meant to say was that Muslim migrants are raping their way across the country and in that sense he is right.
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Germany and Sweden seem to be bending over backwards to hide huge numbers of crimes committed by migrants, with some saying it could be as much as 4000% (an exaggeration as real numbers are between 13-20%). A Swedish policeman put a video contradicting his country's government excuse that migrant crime is nonexistent by reading a typical police report where almost everyone's name is something along the lines of Mohammed. I have personally talked with service members who all go to Germany for debriefing after a tour of duty and being sent home and they all tell me that the migrant crisis is far worse than is being reported. Almost all the citizens, regardless of age or sex, are not happy with what has been happening with a huge spike in crime that the government seems unwilling to acknowledge. It's why Merkel's numbers have been steadily declining and her winning re-election seems unlikely.

The main reason for this is that if the public realized how bad things are they would turn like savage beasts on any Muslim and rip them to pieces. It is a scenario that is becoming more and more likely with each passing day, leading us further into fascism and Emperor Trump. All it's going to take is one lone idiot, like Gavrilo Pincip who started WW1 singlehandedly, and this world is going to explode. If a big enough terrorist attack happens, people are going to turn on anyone who even looks like they are from a Muslim nation and then we have two choices. Either we separate them, hopefully more humanely than we did with the Japanese, or watch bodies pile up knee deep in the streets. People are panicky morons and Trump will be leading that charge, demanding and getting martial law, a huge uptick in surveillance for everyone, and "sacrifices"that will be made on the nation's poor.
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Aside from out coming destruction, I keep reading about idiots who write about something provably wrong. If I hear one more person tell me raising wages will raise prices exorbitantly must provide one example anywhere, where this has occurred. We have a huge minimum wage in this state of MA, and not only have prices NOT gone up, job creation is one of the best in the nation. We also have the smartest children, the best place to live according to several polls and statewide health care that will still be here when Obamacare crashes and burns and the Republicans replace it with a wet potato. Price increase and job loses have also not been felt in places like SF or Seattle that raised their wages two years ago. We all heard how business were going to go under and life would end as we know it there, but no we have actual evidence that none of what the naysayers were complaining about came to pass. The same for legalized pot in CO. The right's track record on just about everything has been close to zero.

Yet, Trump droolers buy into all of it. They scream at the press to give him chance, when even for those of us who did, cannot accept the fact he is anything but a train wreck. They say they didn't treat Obama like that, conveniently ignoring the stupid birth certificate nonsense. or thinking that Obama was a secret gay Muslim (that is actually what some believed). Get out of that bubble, schmucks.

The left meanwhile is still caught up in identity politics, defending Muslims when they shouldn't and worst of all, being all wishy washy in any attempt to take down Trump. Grow a fucking spine guys. And stop putting gender and race ahead of party. If you want to know why democrats keep losing a big problem is their insane desire to use woman and/or minority candidates, even if they are unqualified for the job. I've watched it happen here in MA where they forced Martha Coakley down our throats twice,and she lost both times badly. Same goes for recent winnable races in KY or PA, where woman candidates ran horrifically bad campaigns against beatable opponents. It's not an accident that on more than one occasion, a Democratic representative has been caught saying they don't want white men running the party. Yeah,that's not sexist at all. It's also a losing strategy. Had we run Bernie Sanders instead of Shillary Clinton the Democrats would have control of the Senate and the White House. But no, we had to run a woman and lose. Again.
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We need people to start running for local races that can start having a progressive slant without being fascist, racist or sexist. How about having the best candidate run instead of trying to become the first black gay woman running for Congress in the South or whatever will lose quickest? We need to have people who are going to listen to their constituents, not just their supporters as Trump is doing, and start making life better for all. Had Obama done any of that, we wouldn't be in the pickle we are in now. And if Republicans didn't fall for the biggest con job in history, Orange Hitler wouldn't be ready to kill us all.

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