Monday, February 27, 2017


I have to admit at least this week was close as Democrats shot themselves in the foot again and proving to be tone deaf to the extreme when they picked Perez, another Clinton crony, to head the DNC. They do know they need voters to win right because this pick sucked? And of course the rest of the Republican Party also seems hell bent on seeing which one of them gets shot first when they fuck up health care and people literally start dying. When you relax gun laws and put a target on your chest, brains seem to be optional. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)The Oscars- Well didn't that suck hard. It was bad enough to sit through an award show for movies that weren't half as good as those not nominated (not to mention depressing as hell), but then they also had not one, but two major screw-ups. First, during the In Memorium sequence, they accidentally inserted someone who was still alive. Then, they gave out the wrong envelope and pulled a Steve Harvey when the wrong winner was announced. At least Jimmy Kimmel proved to be a pretty good host. Can we please nominate movies next year that a)don't make me want to kill myself afterward and b)some of us actually have seen. One movie nominated for animation literally made zero dollars at the BO. Was Finding Dory was too controversial to nominate? Please!

9) Wikileaks- WTF has happened to this site? Once upon a time it actually released information that was solid and needed. Now, everything that comes out seems fishy at best, all aimed at just the Democrats, which is wrong, and is almost certainly of Russian influence. I remember when they said big news about banks was coming. And then it never did. Since then, most of what they put out was lousy and not nearly as worthwhile as it used to be. Take anything coming from them with a grain of salt.

8)MSM- We have gotten a lot of hoopla about fake news, which no channel is 100% guilty of, not even Fox. 80% of what you hear is real. What is troubling is that 20% of the time, the news is actively lying to you. Fox is closer to 50%. This is why no one knows what real is anymore. Fox is barely a news channel. CNN borders on incompetence and even MSNBC seems to omit facts that alter their narrative, such as a low inflation rate and unemployment rate, both of which are highly suspect. Side note, notice Trump has done jack to fix the numbers which he called fake throughout the campaign and now they seem fine. Idiot. Meanwhile, the media calls out Trump for talking about a non-existent terrorist attack in Sweden then fails to notice a riot that broke out there the next day. You do know we can look things up right? Get better at your jobs guys because the world is about to go belly up and you guys are accelerating the matter.
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7)Nancy Pelosi- This woman represents everything I hate about the democratic party. She is old, corrupt and useless. Instead of going after Bush when they took control of the House, she immediately took impeachment off the table. So the ass who committed war crimes goes free and democrats look like pussies.? Got it. Shitty game plan. Now she is peddling the same crap that free trade is great and white men like myself look at a choice between the fascist party and one that hates white men. And then they wonder why we have Orange Hitler? Even worse, I don't know is she drinks or is having a stroke but she gave several incomprehensible speeches lately, mixing up words and even forgetting who the president is, calling Trump, Bush. And she is the leader if the party. We are so screwed.

6)Jeff Sessions- This guy has been AG for all of two weeks and he is already pissing me off. There is talk assmunch here is going to go after legal weed in states that have approved it. So much for state's rights huh? If this goes through, it will cost states billions in lost revenue, increase opiod addiction and thousands of good jobs. How does that make America great again? This is the kind of thing that really pisses people off and will lead to even lower poll numbers. How low will it get before the GOP decides to jump ship and call for impeachment hearings. Some are getting there already.

5)Sam Brownback- If anyone wants a good look at how GOP ideas play out should go to Kansas and see the US lowest rated governor. How you beat Malloy in CT is anyone's guess but this dick has done it by using huge tax cuts that decimated revenues so that the whole state is falling apart. It got so bad, state senators overrode his irresponsible veto of a plan to raise taxes and save the state from bankruptcy. Dickless here wanted to continue a failed experiment no matter how many people got hurt or killed. This is coming for us all and some of you out there are cheering it on.
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4)Voters- A recent poll said that 44% of you approve of the job Trump is doing. This means it is safe to say that at least 44% of this country has to be declared functionally retarded for the rest of their lives, meaning those that are actually mentally challenged get preferences above these morons. How bad does it have to get before you see the writing on the wall and the fascist state coming? They are outlawing protesting in many states, are setting the stage for worse schools, dirtier air and water and a complete disregard for actual science. He is deporting a ton of people, so eventually our food system is going to collapse and then we all starve but to the racists out there, at least there won't be any wetbacks right? Morons.

3)The Republican party- We have heard for eight long years that they have the solution to our health care problems if only those danged democrats would let anyone hear them. Now they have all the power and we still have no idea what they want to do. What little we do know will be a dismal failure that will make health care worse, and cost tens of thousands of people their lives. That will not play out well with an angry, well armed, not very stable public. Chances are high someone gets shot the first week this plays out and someone dies. Even the most right wing lunatic realizes that single payer is the only option at this point. Roll out something like that and take the win. The rest of us will be far happier and you guys will be far less bullet ridden. Trust me, if people start dying form preventable problems, lunatic America is going to be lethally pissed and Congress will be in their crosshairs.

2)Democrats- Do you guys even care anymore? In yet ANOTHER thumb in the eye for progressives, the democrats picked Tom Perez for party chair, even though he was one of the assholes who cheated to get Hillary elected. Plus they left in the parts about taking corporate money and championing things like free trade and I wonder who to vote for anymore, The GOP is insane and these guys are greedy douchebags. What a choice? I may just stop voting at this point because both parties will kill us at this point. Third party anyone? ANYONE?
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1)Trump- I can't stand looking at his pompous, tangerine face without wanting to stick my foot through the TV lately. I am tired of hearing about fake news. It isn't. There is a real issue about the Russians and this election and the fact this isn't a bigger deal says lots about the GOP and none of it good. He is moving us closer and closer to fascism and, as regular readers know, I am an expert on this subject. He's a dick, we all are going to die and there is nothing we can do about it. But at least Spring is coming and with it a debt ceiling fight that could get bloody. A government shutdown may be coming with it. And that's just in the next few weeks. What else will happen? War with China? War with France? War with the Moon? Who knows. Anyway you look at it, this ass is definitely douchebag of the week.

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