Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The media bent over backwards to crow about how presidential Trump looked for once and how great his speech was. Maybe they were watching a different speech as the one I heard was the same boilerplate crap he has vomited all over the place before. Meanwhile, the MSM fawned over what a great speech it was. BARF!!! Then they wonder why they get called fake news all the time.
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The MSM was right about one thing though: what idiot dug up that fossil to give the rebuttal for the democrats? A truly shaky performance was given by Steve Beshear who was a) older than dirt and b) not well known outside of KY. I found it meandering and moderate, everything I DO NOT WANT right now. I want fire and brimstone and some acknowledgment the democrats see then problems in front of them. So far, they have whiffed at every possible instance. Keep this nonsense up and watch you go the way of the whig party.

The speech itself was riddled in false hoods, misdirection and blatant lies. If that's where the bar is, we are all in trouble. Let's take a look at some of what was said by Orange Hitler:

1) Obamacare premium have doubled or tripled nationwide.

Bullshit. As most people get the insurance through an employer, these haven't gone up much at all. I, on the other hand, do purchase my own and while they have gone up, they have not doubled unless you go back fifteen years. Premium rises were faster BEFORE Obamacare so without it, we would be far worse off.

2)Our borders are wide open and drugs are pouring in.

Bullshit. Illegal immigration has dropped significantly the past five years and a wall will not stop drugs coming across the border.

3)Since my election, businesses have announced investments of billions in the US and creating tens of thousands of jobs.

Bullshit. These were already planned before he took office.

4) By enforcing our immigration laws, we will raise wages, help the unemployed and save billions as our communities become safer.

Bullshit. There is no evidence for this and so far the only people I've seen deported were single moms.

5)US companies are the highest taxed in the world.

Bullshit. The rate doesn't include tax breaks and deductions which actually makes us one of the LEAST taxed countries on Earth.

6)If America spent the $6 trillion dollars on infrastructure instead of the Middle East we could have rebuilt out country twice over.

Bullshit. The wars of stupidity cost around $1.6 trillion and our infrastructure will cost $6 trillion. Learn to do math.

7)The murder rate in Chicago is the highest it's been in half a century.

Bullshit, Even in Chicago crime is down from where it was in the early 90's.
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And that is just a few of the whoppers told last night. Yet the MSM gushed over it like he was the second coming of Christ. What will it take for people to realize this clown is dangerous? The funny part is that his budget and Obamacare replacement are pretty much dead in the water as even the GOP can't decide what to do next. This is what caused the Democrats to crash and burn in 2009. The Republicans appear to be following that playbook to the letter. That bodes ill for 2018 and will only be saved by the democrats shooting themselves in both feet again.

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