Monday, March 20, 2017


Tomorrow marks the two month anniversary of the rapidly sinking USS Trump which will probably take the rest of us down with him. Today he is having his usual Twitter snit, this time going after Comey who just threw him under the bus something fierce, During hearings today, Comey said there was no evidence the Russians hacked the election (which they didn't but helped in other ways), no evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump and that an investigation into links between Trump and the Russians was going on, but so far no evidence had been uncovered. What hasn't been asked is how Comey fixed the election for Trump with that idiotic statement about reopening an investigation into Hillary eight days before the election and then dropping it a few days later.
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Trump's numbers according to almost every poll is below water, even Rasmussen which says loads. George W. Bush had the lowest rating ever at 25% and I have a feeling that if Trump continues to do what is doing, his numbers may get into single digits. If he is trying to run as a populist, he's missed that mark by a mile as his support is dying on the vine. If he is trying to rule as a dictator, there doesn't seem to be much support for any of his policies, even among his own party.

Let's look back at what Orange Hitler has done these past two months. He's put forth Trumpcare which gives a lot of money to rich people while cutting all services for the poor, His Medicaid plan, one in which he LIED about protecting (DICK!), is on the chopping block with the potential to kill hundreds of thousands. He just helped pass a law that will allow states to drug test for welfare and unemployment benefits, even though it is wholly unconstitutional and wastes money. States that have implemented this have cost taxpayers millions while catching a handful of people, almost all of which was for weed. His budget is a ultra-conservative nightmare which gives huge sums of money to defense while cutting everything else. These two bills also have no chance of becoming law in current form, thank God.

Anyone who supports these bills are traitors to this country, to God and to future generations. I sincerely hope anyone still supporting this orange faced shitgibbon gets raped by a spiked dildo with AIDS. Fuck you. Your putting the lives of myself and millions of others at risk and we are not going to sit by idly and die. Redneck morons seem to think all the guns belong to them. Just because a lot of us lean left, don't think some of us aren't armed to the teeth too. We just don't advertise as much.

The world is coming to an end people and you all allowed it. You didn't vote for Bernie because either you are a brainwashed SJW retard who believes identity politics is the only way to get ahead or a right wing lunatic who firmly believed that since Hillary was the devil, Trump had to be better. He's not and now we all screwed because many of you are way too dumb to think clearly. So many in Trump counties are pissed that their health care is about to go bye byes and then they complain about it, even though the Republican plan, if you can even call it that, has been readily available for years. It sucked. It continues to suck. And had any of you opened a fucking book once in a while would have realized that Trump was selling you snake oil.

Same goes for the budget. None of you realized that by putting in Republicans into total power they were poised to wreck the world again, just as they have twice before in 1929 and 2008. There is a pattern here but no one seems to recognize it because history is "boring." It's also the only way to predict the future, as I do so well. Everything I said would happen is happening and some of these predictions are from decades ago.
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We are on a collusion course with North Korea and Muslim nations. Which we attack first will depend on which idiot pulls the trigger first. But first chance Trump gets, he is going to nuke someone back to the Stone Age because you elected a petulant child and then we all die. NK has the same problem and two lunatics with a nuclear arsenal is not a good sign. Chances are near 100% that by the end of the year, some country will cease to exist because Trump had a fit about something. We are headed for the endgame people and you asked for it. Don't go crying that the world is ending because had you elected Hillary, we would have a whole other set of problems but none of them would have ended in a mushroom cloud.


  1. Are you confident this health care bill won't pass?

    I'm not.

    And if they gut Medicaid- let me tell you how the people in Pennsylvania will get fucked 71 ways from Sunday- worse that in all the other 49 states combined.

    PA has draconian Filial Responsibility laws. Why don't you google HCRA vs Pittas and you'll see what I'm talking about.

    The filial support laws hearken back to the English Poor laws from the 1600's. 28 states currently have these laws but only PA enforces them. In essence- if you have an indigent parent who must be placed in a nursing home, Medicaid usually picks up the tab. There is ZERO OVERSIGHT on what nursing homes can charge, and this law allows the nursing home to sue the adult children of patients for whatever Medicaid doesn't pay- even if those children are estranged from their parents.

    The Pittas case set a terrifying precedent. And when Mr. Pittas tried to appeal the PA Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal. The judiciary and legislature of PA have stonewalled ALL attempts at repealing this unfair law.

    I have a mother who is indigent, and will turn 88 this year. It's only a matter of time before she needs one of these facilities. Will Medicaid be there at all- or will my husband and I- now in our 60's- face bankruptcy and possibly homelessness because we will be on the hook for her bills?

    Talk about unfair- how would you like to be in MY place right now.
    Why don't you do a column on the fucked up filial support laws in this godforsaken shithole of a state because people DO NOT BELIVE ME when I tell them!

    Just sign me "Pissed in Pennsylvania".

    1. Great response for once. I will look into this. As for the health care bill, my sources say it most likely dead in the water as the changes needed to get support even through the House look dicey. This may be thrown on the back burner as they attack the budget next which is equally horrifying. This is one parade that is never going to end as the GOP pulls out one lousy bill after another, some of which may pass. As for your situation there is only one way out and that is to get involved. Call your politicians and let them know what you think.Go to town halls, if they have them that is. Most importantly, when these politicians are up for elections organize as many as you can to go and vote en masse against that person because that is the only way to change anything. I write this column which helps inform many about what is really going on. I have pledged to only write about the truth here and thank you for bringing this to my attention. I will do some research on this and write a column about in the future.