Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Last night was just sad. Rachel Maddow spent all day hyping the news that she and MSNBC had received Trump's tax returns from 2005. The world waited in breathless anticipation, sure that she would unveil this new bombshell right away. Nope, typical of dragging out the news for suspense and ratings, she spent half the show hyping it up. And when it was finally time to announce what they had found, it turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Trump paid his taxes. Nothing about the Russians. End of story. Sigh.
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First off, they must have read these papers before airing and known they had garbage. Instead of spinning it that way, they hyped it up like they stole plans for the death star. There was literally nothing in them and to be fair, only comprised two pages of material, which should have been a clue that they were nothing. But no, they made it sound like they had the information that Trump was certain to be impeached for. Stupid.

I am almost certain Trump leaked those returns himself. There was nothing incriminating in them and showed that some were wrong when they accused him of not paying any taxes at all for the last fifteen years. What this leak did was made him like good and took focus off of Russia and the imploding health care bill (TRUMPCARE!). He can bitch and moan all he wants, I know he did this.

Meanwhile, the MSM is falling over themselves reporting all of this, instead of the fact that the Republican party is trying to kill thousands of their own supporters before the end of next year, should they pass Trumpcare and start poisoning our air, water and food. How this won't affect them as well is beyond me.

The one thing that hasn't been discussed is the fact that $150 million a year isn't that much money if you are allegedly a billionaire. Minus the $30 million means, in 2005, Trump pulls in 122 million dollars. We know he lost a billion dollars in real estate loses, which he was using to lower his taxes. The Alternative Minimum tax, something he wants to get rid of, changed his tax rate from 4% to 25%. Why is that bad?

The point here is that if you are only making $122 million a year, how are you are billionaire? To put this in perspective, if you are making this on average per year, minus expenses for someone who lives large, then I can find no way one can save, steal or cheat people enough to become a billionaire. He can't be making more than $50 million profit for 2005 which is a far cry from being a billionaire. So is he as rich as he says he is.
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Imagine making a million dollars a year. Minus expenses and taxes, you pull in a quarter of million a year profit. But, your net worth is also in the range of a hundred million dollars. That is simply not possible. The only explanation is that he inherited a fortune from his father, and through that and that alone, has he amassed enough money to be a billionaire. So much for good business sense as I could have throw darts a dart board and done better than Trump in a lot instances. There is also the possibility that Trump isn't as rich as he says he is. Considering he can't go five seconds without lying, can you really put it past him?

The media better start doing a better job because we have a lunatic in the white house while a bunch of conservatives retards running with scissors are destroying everything we hold dear. The fact that Trump voters will be harmed more by all of this is delicious irony. I told you he would kill his supporters and no one listened. Now, they are the ones going first.

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