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This week Trump and the Republicans told poor people to get busy dying because they are not wanted in this new America they are forging ahead with. The only problem with this attitude is a majority of us don't want it. You know what happens when a minority party overreaches? A bloodbath in the next election. That's assuming they live long enough to get there because when people start dying in the tens of thousands, sooner or later, someone on the right is going to get shot by those same lunatics they court with lax gun laws. Talk about irony when that occurs. Let's see those runner ups in an increasingly bleak world.
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10)NY Teachers- If you live in this state and have children, leave now because liberal bullshit has gotten so bad there it's affecting everything. Ultra-liberalism is just as dangerous as the far right, not that they see it that way but here is a prime example. Hispanic and black applicants were failing the state's literacy tests for getting a teaching certificate. Instead of accurately figuring that these two races are in a duel to the death to see who can outstupid the other, it must be the test that's racist. Yeah, that's the reason.Check out the publication of the controversial book, The Bell Curve, in which the authors attempted to prove that black and Hispanic people are genetically inferior to whites and Asians. While they did prove that on test scores whites and Asians do score better than minorities on average no matter the economic status of the person tested, they failed to prove a genetic link. However, there has been a couple of recent studies that postulate just that, with better proof, although it is still too early to say they are correct. What this all means is that there may be genetic reasons why black people and Hispanics are intellectually inferior and, if that turns out to be true, we are going to have to deal with it instead of screaming RACIST every time someone brings it up, Truth is truth. I still think there is an environmental reason for this in the virulent anti-white, anti-education bullshit that has been part of the black community for decades now, but every indication of lax rules to help people has been sorely tested. This will be no different and NY is sure to get people who SHOULD NOT be teachers, teaching badly solely because of their race. How is that not racist to better qualified white and Asians?

9)Matrix sequel/reboot- For the love of all that is holy stop MAKING THESE CRAPPY MOVIES! The first Matrix was great.The sequels however sucked moose balls. And now you want to make another one, this time starring Michael B. Jordan? He's a fine actor but he's not Keanu and that's who I want to see here. And why does every reboot have to have a black guy in it now? There is a reason why the 24 reboot is dying. They do know that black people (other than Will Smith and Denzel) as leads do poorly overseas, particularly China? I thought making movies was a business not a charity.

8)Geert Wilders- The Holland Donald Trump got shellacked at the polls this week, one in which he was expected to do far better than he did. The funny part is that the election of Trump and Brexit have energized other democracies to actually show up and vote, thus killing these far right lunatics. Polls showed that the Dutch looked on with horror at our dog and pony show and said "No Fucking Way." Trump may actually save civilization elsewhere while we at home slowly starve to death.
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7)Kelly Conway- Propaganda Barbie strikes again, this time suggesting that microwave ovens were being used to spy on Trump at his home. Someone get this woman a tin foil hat please. If this is level of intelligence at the White House right not, we are all in deep trouble, Needless to say, she was mercilessly mocked all week by pretty much everyone.

6)Donna Brazile- This cunt should be ridden of town on a rail. She got caught cheating when she gave answers to the debate early to Clinton and NOT Sanders, strenuously denied it, calling it a "hit on her character," only to come clean and say recently it was all true. FUCK HER! Bitches like this fuck is why we have Orange Hitler and I can only sincerely hope she dies of rectal cancer soon. A cabal of powerful, extremely stupid women (see also Debbie Schultz and Nancy "having a stroke" Pelosi) to name just a few, rigged the election so Hillary could win and then ultimately lose because they could not have physically picked a worse candidate. Fuck her and anyone who defends this whore. Please join Hillary in the woods where you both belong.

5)Hillary Clinton- Word is she is seriously considering a run as mayor of NY. As long as she NEVER runs for president again because I swear to God if I see any minivan with a Hillary 2020 bumper sticker on it, I will snap and kill everyone inside. I have enough issues with any idiot still supporting the GOP this week, but I will lose it is this bitch decides to ruin this country once again.
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4)Rex Tillerson- The former Exxon CEO turned State Department head honcho has proven to be every bit as good as I though he would be; he sucks. Dumbass is talking about expanding nukes to Japan and South Korea, an idea thoroughly ridiculed when Trump brought it up as dangerous beyond words. He is also threatening North Korea with an "imminent" strike is they don't stop their nuke program. Something tells me threats is not the way to get peace here. Contrary to what Trump and his followers think, antagonizing people is not the way to win friends here. This could go nuclear quick.

3)Rachel Maddow- WTF Rachel? You spent all day hyping up the score on Trump's tax returns, only to find out you had a whole lot of nothing. Two whole pages huh? Ratings were through the roof but you damaged your credibility in the process. You then went on Fallon and crowed about what a win it was when it helped Trump you idiot. I am positive Trump leaked those himself because they were far too helpful and stamped CLIENT COPY, meaning it came from him or someone close to him, like his wife. Here's a show for you or anyone else in the MSM: GRANDMA IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF TRUMP! WHAT YOU CAN DO TO STOP IT! That should be headline everyday for the next week.

2)Trump supporters- I have never questioned people who support the president because no matter how bad he was, there was always a reason for it. No longer apparently because no one of any sort should be supporting the president regardless. If you do, you are a giant asshole and determined to kill this country. We have a word for that: traitors. So if you support Trump and the GOP who are currently trying to kill millions of poor people, you are no better. If this budget or healthcare bill pass (highly unlikely in their current state), many of you who voted for this man will die. I told you so and you didn't listen. Start digging that grave people because your rank stupidity literally will now kill you. Fuck you for being a moron.
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1)Trump and the GOP- These guys are trying to start a civil war it seem. Paul Ryan says he has a hard on to kill poor people since college (not kidding, he really said that) while Rand Paul wants poor people to die in mass numbers to allow the free market to decide who lives and dies. Their budget is a giant redistribution of money upward, tanking poor people issues for giant tax breaks. It destroys things like the EPA, Education, and oddly, the state department because why have an organization that help stop problems before they happen. Bitch-whore Betsy Devos just ended a program that helped people pay off loans in financial need. It's a good thing our student loan issue is all fixed now. Oh wait, it's about to go belly up and this will make things worse, Wonderful. Meanwhile, our military gets even more money even the Pentagon says they don't need. The only good news is that the budget is DOA and the healthcare bill appears headed the same direction. It might squeak by the House but looks doomed in the Senate as only three Republicans need to defect and a dozen right now look ready to do just that. If they do get these things passed somehow, tens of thousands will die over the next few years. When that happens, the fabric of society will end as furious citizens start shooting politicians and, most likely, each other. This polarization cannot continue like this forever and not have serious consequences. So congratulations Republicans you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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