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House Republicans came out of a closed door meeting all sweetness and life about their "new" upcoming health care bill that they have almost nailed down and which will, according to those that spoke to the media afterward, fly through both houses of Congress with flying colors. Others familiar with what went on inside said nothing has changed with hard core conservatives and moderates on opposite sides of the spectrum. Almost everyone not delusional said there was no way any health care bill was going to pass any time soon.
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The Republicans have painted themselves into a dark, cramped corner. They have been screaming about Obamacare for seven years, demanding repeal and replace without once ever showing their hand and which for many, knew they were bluffing. Their last bill did everything wrong by cutting coverage for tens of millions, raising prices for those that could least afford it and gave billions to rich people. Needless to say, having a 17% approval rating on the day the bill died is telling. Who wants to hang their neck into a noose you know is going to kill you? Had this passed it may not have been just at the ballot box that Republicans saw a bloodbath.

Contrary to what House Republicans, particularly the Freedom Caucus says, their attempt at health care is woefully inadequate to what a majority of the country wants. One douchebag introduced his attempt at health care in a one line bill that basically goes back to pre-Obamacare days when industries could charge whatever they wanted, deny whoever they wanted and still saw premiums jump year to year. Even Mitch McConnell has told his counterparts to move on as the Senate won't even look at a health care bill any time soon as they want to be re-elected. Representatives can make dumb bills because their seats are more or less protected. Senators don't have that luxury as they have to appeases the whole state and not just a narrow band of mouthbreathers. This last bill would have been a death star to many a Republican in the Senate and they knew it.
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So now that heath care is unlikely to revive anytime soon what else do they have? Racism apparently as pundits and staff treat black people poorly on TV. Bill O'Reilly went off on Maxine Waters' hair, saying her hair looked like a wig that resembled the one that James Brown wore. First off, James Brown did NOT wear a wig as his mug shot proved. And second, why are you making fun of a black woman's hair you racist dick? Like you're anything to write home about perv. We still haven't forgotten your x-rated messages left to female staff. And then there was Sean Spicer going after April Ryan, a black reporter, for daring to ask about Russian ties that he played off as nothing more than Washington spin. Morons abound in the Trump era.

Yesterday, Trump decided he had had enough of an inhabitable planet and wrote off a bunch of environmental policies that will keep us from burning to a cinder. He keeps telling us his new anti-regulation stance will bring back jobs, particularly coal, which he crowed about for years now. He is also 100% wrong as even the head of Murray Energy. Robert Murray, is telling Trump to shut the hell up as these jobs are NOT coming back as automation has eliminated tens of thousands of them along with competition from renewable energy and natural gas. These miners are going to be pissed when these mythical jobs never return. Why Hillary didn't make a bigger deal of this is beyond me but she was probably at some fancy dinner schmoozing for money that would ultimately make little difference. Hillary was a textbook example of how NOT to run a campaign.

We are also seeing major problems with North Korea. Rumors of a nuke test have arisen and tensions between us are growing. John McCain pissed off Kim Jong Un by calling him a "little fat kid," which is not all that far off from reality. Truth be told we have two toddlers, both with nukes and a short temper. What could possibly go wrong? Japan is talking about authorizing a first strike against them, something they haven't even discussed since WW2. This area is spiraling out of control, as it was always going to by not addressing the problem in 2006 when Captain George W. "Dumbass" Bush was too busy playing footsie with Iraq and Afghanistan, neither of which was necessary or legal actually. But even these players are horrified by what is going now with Dick Cheney accurately calling what Russia election hacking "an act of war." Why Republicans are not madder about this is beyond me.

Next month may be the beginning of the end. The debt ceiling has to be raised and many in the GOP are saying they will not vote for a bill that doesn't defund Planned Parenthood. Without their support, or democratic help, this bill dies in committee. If it does get voted in, it can't pass the Senate because there is no way it gets 60 votes. So then what? Chaos and lots of it. Republicans will get the blame as they are in control and a majority of this country wants PP. Markets will crash, money for things like food stamps and unemployment will stop and hundreds of thousands will be getting unpaid leave. Last time this happened, it went on for three weeks and cost businesses billions in lost revenue. This one could stretch much longer. And if it goes on too long, Social Security could be affected and then all hell will break loose.
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Trump is bringing the change he promised. It's just the kind of change that will kill a lot of us. Don't blame me. Go back and read what I have written these last few years. I was right about almost everything. Start getting involved people. If we make it to 2018, vote against the Republican party in droves or face extinction. If you can't see how dangerous these people are, you're dumber than dirt and deserve what you get.

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  1. I have have heard exactly ONE person say they are sorry they voted to Trump- my 87 year old mother.

    I can't believe that many of my friends cannot see, or admit- that he is gleefully screwing us and our planet blind.

    HOW in God's name can allegedly intelligent people be SO FUCKING BLIND???

    Trump is truly evil. He is taking delight in taking away from the most vulnerable people in our society while giving more to the rich. He is chortling over gutting consumer protections and environmental protections.

    The money saved by all these cuts, that will go to billionaires in the form of yet MORE tax breaks is CHUMP CHANGE for them. WHY?

    He is not only a narcissist, he is a sadist. I doubt any of us will survive 2 years of this, let alone 4 years. :-/

    And you rich people out there- fuck you you sons of bitches because you are truly the greedy, soul-sucking scum of the earth. I hope you all spend your tax breaks on cancer treatments.