Thursday, March 2, 2017


Much has been made of Jeff Sessions meeting with Russian ambassador Kislyak. The WH and the traitors in Congress (cough, hack, Paul Ryan, wheeze!) have all defended him saying that it was in his official capacity as a Senator on the Armed Forces Committee. The problem with that explanation is that still doesn't excuse him from committing perjury in front of Congress when he testified UNDER OATH, he had never had ANY dealings with Russians, which was a lie. Trump had five whole minutes of good will from some before this and that stupid raid in Yemen blew up in his face.
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Trump and his lackeys keep telling us that the raid on Yemeni rebels that killed one SEAL was a "rousing success!" Hardly. They knew you were coming, you lost a $75 million plane, dozens of civilians were killed, including children, you lost of of our own, the guy you were after escaped and you received, contrary to what you keep bleating on about, no good info. This was a dismal failure. Using the dead SEAL's idiot mother as a prop during the speech was truly tasteless. When will people wake up and see you for the dangerous psycho you are? This week it was noted that you are drawing up attack plans on places like Iran and North Korea, which if implemented, could end the world. You suck at this, sir.

Then we have the latest dust up, once again involving Russia. How much evidence do we need that this election was suspect before we do something about it? The Democrats have gotten a little energy over this, especially with good Senators like Warren and Franken screaming bloody murder about this. Even some Republicans like Chaffetz, Graham and McCain have also started to notice and complain. At this point, this looks bad for Sessions who may wind up next to Flynn on the dust heap of time.

And some are going to correctly say Clapper lied and got away with it when he testfied before Congress about spying on Americans and they would be right. He should have been fired. But this is far worse at it entails outside influence on our country, an attack that years back would have been a political death sentence but as Trump followers are becoming more and more brownshirtish that line has yet to be crossed and doubtfully every will.
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Sooner or later this will all come to a head and most likley Trump is rocketing toward impeachment. It is only a matter of time before he does something that crosses the line to such an extent that even the most devout follower in Congress will abandon him stat. This is looking more and more like Watergate with each passing day. If evidence is found that collaborates what most of us already know, Trump is toast. Hopefully that occurs before Orange Hitler decides to nuke France because they called him tiny hands.

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