Monday, March 13, 2017


So far, I am batting a thousand when it comes to what happens next in this clown car that none of us can escape from. With close to 400 million crammed in here, it's getting claustrophobic. It certainly didn't make us any smarter.
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I told you that the health care plan that Trump was telling how great it was going to be for the last year and a half would suck and it does. Millions of people WILL die under this and premiums will skyrocket upward as the mandate that every idiot hates is how we get affordable insurance but why let facts get in the way of ditching Obamacare. If we get rid of the mandate, we lose our health insurance for everyone, PERIOD! So if you are one of the blithering idiots out there bitching to high heaven about that mandate you are also committing suicide and murdering the rest of us. Assholes!

Ryan's plan, like everything Howdy Doody come to life has put forward. Again, if you voted for this ass in any election, I hope your balls or pussy falls out and you have to find put what shitty health care looks like. The funny part is that reading about WHO voted for people like Trump and Ryan were overwhelmingly people who need assistance for health care. Preliminary stats say that in some counties, a 60 year old man living in PA for example will have to pay 8000 dollars more out of pocket every year for insurance. Considering the average guy there only makes $40,000 a year, that makes insurance unaffordable but really how many 60 year old need constant health care? Hold on, I am being told all of them. All of them need constant health insurance. So not only will this bill drop millions from Medicaid it is also going to throw millions from the middle class off it as well. Premiums will triple as less healthy people get insurance and wait until they are sick and pay the 30% penalty. If I was healthy enough, I'd do that too. And that's what most of this country is going to do. And when that happens, it's the end of affordable insurance for all of us because all there will be are sick people. You voted for this America.

So what happens when insurance dies? Hospitals are going to be overwhelmed and flirt with bankruptcy as no one will have the money to pay for services. Those that do will face extraordinary charges, bankrupting them as well. The whole system will collapse and because you found Hillary too corrupt, we are stuck with Orange Hitler and Trumpcare guaranteed to kill us all. Smart.

This may all be for nothing as war with North Korea is looking more and more likely with each passing day. As they have been estimated to have as many as 20 nukes, this could get world ending fast. China, already not on the best of terms with the US right now, is the wild card. Do they get involved in the fighting is it goes nuclear or do they wisely stay out of it? Unknown at this time.
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The Navy today tested war games on an attack on North Korea and war games with the South Koreans are approaching. Special forces, such are Seal Team Six, are joining the exercises for the first time. The significance of that should not be lost on us.

The fact we have two idiots on either side make this a delicate situation with two bulls in a china shop. One wrong move and it's goodbye South Pacific. Japan is worried, South Korea is in the midst of a removal of their president for corruption. And China looks at us like we are special, which we kind of are now as our president is a cranky toddler with a self control of a drunken hillbilly. I miss Bush so that should tell you everything.

So we get to face a health care system on life support, an area of the world where one wrong step and it's goodbye Tokyo and Pyongyang, and an economic death slide that appears to be coming (the GOP will accelerate this timeline). Smoke em if you got them people. Bad things are ahead.

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