Monday, March 6, 2017


I cannot say this clearly enough. If you support Donald Trump you are either a)mentally challenged or b)stupid. There is no other option here. I don't care what political party you follow, what ideology you adhere to, if you cannot see that Donald Trump is dangerously unhinged then this country isn't long for this world. He has pushed out an immigration ban that isn't going to do anything but recruit terrorism against us. He has tweeted out completely unverifiable accusations like massive voter fraud by illegals which was the wrong fraud dude as GOP exit polls in the election were way off to the same extent the democratic primaries were. His latest nutbag theory is that Obama personally wiretapped Trump offices which everyone and their brother has denied, except for crack pots with no credibility. I cannot stress to you how badly foreign powers are looking at us right now.
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This is all going to blow up in our faces regardless of party as well. Trump is eventually going to do something so mindboggling stupid that the world may very well end. My sources within the government say Trump has been acting like a rage monster lately, his hatchet heading toward Reince Priebus who he has become less than enamored with, blaming him for not handling the constant scandals that are coming out of the White House better. He better get used to this because I have uncovered unverified, yet explosive, information about those wiretaps on the Russians. Word is that there are tapes that implicate Trump in collusion with the Russians in which high level Russian operatives talk about their deal with the President. If true, this will lead to his impeachment and almost certainly a small, yet lethal, part of of our country who will see this as a coup by the deep state, columns of which are already appearing on line.

Should that occur, get ready for civil war because these yahoos will believe anything. Some still think Obama was born in Kenya and was a Muslim. There is zero evidence of either of those things. Some say that Obama authorized a wiretap on Trump which is actually not possible. The only way to get a wiretap is to go through a judge with evidence of probably cause. As I said above, there may be evidence of collusion with Trump and the Russians and that would be enough to start checking up on him if true. Which is more likely: that Obama tapped his phones and got NO information to use against him during the election or that is there are indeed taps on his phone (which we still do not know either way although for now looks doubtful) that were put there because people think he may be in bed with the Russians. Considering five of his past staff all had serious Russian involvement, you have to wonder if those taps are indeed real.

James Comey sure didn't think so, demanding the justice department tell the public there are no wiretaps on Trump. The same for former NSA head, James Clapper, who like Sessions, also committed perjury in front of Congress with no repercussions, said he saw no evidence of wiretaps. The only proof we have so far are right wing blow hards with little justification for believing anything they say.
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We have to be very worried, like Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski, who told her audience through tears that she was afraid like most of us are. When the media starts to cry you know it's bad. Word is Trump has drawn up battle plans for Iran and North Korea, neither of which we should be thinking about unless as a last resort. North Korea test fired four more missiles yesterday, causing Japan to go to their highest defense level. We should have attacked North Korea way back in 2003 when they could have been better contained but we were too busy fighting irrelevant wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now we have Orange Hitler spoiling for a fight. Chances for a massive war, one with nukes even, are getting higher and higher by the day and having a four year old as president is not helping. And some of you are cheering this on. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?

Trump is beyond dangerous and the sooner we get him out of office, the better off we all be. If you are too dumb to see that, get ready for the dirt nap as this ass is going to kill us all and you could wear your freaking red "make America great hat," right into you grave.

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