Wednesday, March 22, 2017


I am seriously wondering how much of a retard Trump is. He is governing so much worse than even I thought was possible. A true deal maker would have had a health care bill that both democrats and Republicans could get behind and not this shit one that is being paraded around. No one likes it and if it somehow passes, will be the death knell for the GOP, even if that is highly unlikely at this point.
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A smart man would have gone single payer and fixed health care and then taken ALL the credit for it. He could have proudly called it Trumpcare and everyone, myself included, would have been thrilled. The ones that weren't fuck them and who cares. When it worked they would have eaten crow and slunked away. But no, we get right wing fantasy bullshit about how to kill health care by not having any sick people on it. That'll work. As of right now, it does not have the votes in the House to pass and word is it is going to be pulled from a vote rather than watched it sink. Whether they get back to it or push on is another matter. If they delve too long on it, the rest of the agenda is going to tank along with it. They have to admit they don't have a workable plan and, even though they had seven long years to come up with one, are still failing. This is what happens when you elect people who are great at putting their foot down but incapable if extending a hand as well.

Even if by some miracle it passes the House, it will never pass the Senate with at least ten senators leaning or solid nos at this point and only three are needed to end this. So what happens if it passes the Senate in current form? Devastation for all involved. The current health care plan has a 30% approval rating. Obamacare ended at 40% and we all remember what happened in 2010. Numbers like this with rising premiums again right before the 2018 election will send shockwaves through the decimation of the GOP in all houses and races. History shows that every time someone tinkers with health care (Clinton 1992 and Obama 2008), the off elections are a bloodbath. When people actually start dying in mass numbers, and they will, that bloodbath may be real. This country is filled with unstable, heavily armed people and sooner or later someone is going to bet shot for supporting this actual death panel.
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To continue, for some inane reason Rex Tillerson is skipping his first NATO meeting to go shmooze with Putin. Nothing suspicious there right? Considering the President of the United States is actually being investigated for treason should be making people nuts but to Trump's America it all "fake news." It isn't. He's dirty. Rumors have started to surface about connection between Ivanka Trump and an alleged Putin mistress. Could be this how communication is flowing between the two?

Trump's budget is deader than his health care plan with even Mitch McConnell calling it a non starter. When you call to kill the State Department budget you might run into a wee bit of trouble. It will be curious to see what they salvage from that train wreck.

One quick side note on the alleged terrorist attack on Britain. If it is a Muslim moron who did this, look out if you happen to be dark skinned here and abroad because lunatics lately don't see to know the difference between an Indian and a Muslim, sometimes even when it is obvious. There are four dead and an unknown amount wounded and unfortunately, from early indication, this is almost certainly a terrorist attack. It is the one year anniversary of the attack in Brussels. The man drove over a bunch of people before stabbing a cop. This will not help anyone or anything especially the Muslims of the world who I think are moments away from being genocided off the planet, something I do NOT think is a good idea. Bad things are coming and Orange Hitler is going to make it worse.

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