Monday, September 30, 2013


Never in all my years have I ever seen such a display of ignorance, delusion and such a stubborn lack of reason as the Republican party is doing right now. In what is being described as a childish temper tantrum by most, the GOP has single handedly done more damage to their brand than at any point since their inception. Considering they can't seem to stay away from sex administration in recent elections, that is saying something.

The other night I had a dream. In it, the Republican party had gone so far to the right, that the American people rose up and dethroned them. I was part of the revolution in it and was heading off to war. Nothing ever happened in it, no violence was seen, but the fact that it was eerily possible, made me even more nervous that this scenario was actually going to occur.

Today, it seems very likely that this dream may not be that far off. Polls not conducted by Fox or right right idiots who skewer data, all say that around 70% of the country say the GOP is acting like spoiled children, and no poll anywhere has the majority of blame going to Obama. Congressional Democrats, who barely register for blame at all in most polls, must be licking their chops at the fact that the Republicans are committing hari kari and they don't have to lift a finger to help it along. Any chance of the GOP reclaiming the Senate may go down with the rest of the country if the terrorists known as the Tea Party gets their way.

Yeah, I said it. The Tea Party is a terrorist group. They have infiltrated high levels of government to achieve rapid wealth loss from the middle class and poor, are establishing a fascist state based on religious nonsense, and are literally killing this country from there rampant stupidity. They have done more damage to this nation than all the other evil groups of the world combined. They define the word.

Don't believe me. The Tea Party is behind this whole STOP OBAMACARE garbage and, because of it, stock markets planet wide are nose diving today. Why you ask? Because as the markets are all connected, everyone is panicking over what may or may not happen. Speculation is killing the world economy, and the GOP doesn't care. They are committing dangerous acts of treason and we are all paying for it.

John Boehner actually tried to drag this whole fiasco for another week with a temporary plan for another week of debate which the Senate thankfully rejected. You do not negotiate with terrorists. And if we have to send this whole country into a tailspin to do just that, so be it. Yesterday, some House Republicans stood in front of the Capital building and dressed down the Democrats for daring to say NO. It was an embarrassing, empty platitude of worthlessness. And the polls all say these idiots are going to pay and pay dearly by 2014.

That is assuming we even get that far. Angry groups are already protesting outside some Republican organizations nationwide today, including right here in Boston. If these uber-idiots are dumb enough to drag this out, or worse, let the government default on loans, elections may the last thing they'll need to worry about. History shows when you push people to far, they will react violently, just like the revolutions of France or the US. The Republicans are straddling that edge dangerously at this point. If people go broke because of their stupidity, statistics state that a few of those people are going to get their many, many guns and explain how unhappy they are with them. I do not want that, no matter how much I hate them. But it will happen if they keep up this charade.

Give in Republicans on the budget and funding the government. You've lost. Deal with it. If it continues, considering just how angry the public is right now, if they laser focus that hostility on you, the elections of 2014 will be the least of your problems. You are facing extinction. Evolve or die goes the saying, but look who I'm talking to: the anti-science party. Good luck, guys. You're going to need it.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


While Republicans in general were king high douchebags this week, Ted Cruz gets the grand prize for the most quixotic speech ever given in the history of Congress. Way to go. Let's see those many, many runner ups.

1)Ryan Lochte- This man may be an excellent athlete, but he seems to have the IQ of a gravy ladle and the charisma of a burn victim. His terrible and inexplicable reality show on E!, What Would Ryan Lochte do, was mercifully killed this week, leaving the door open for something even worse as only E! and TLC seem capable of. I'm thinking for a reality show about actual hookers on the street or a real life Breaking Bad where we follow the exploits of real meth heads. We are rapidly approaching that kind of TV. Sad.

2)Anthony Weiner- Who would have thought that even after the election there would be something further for everyone's favorite flasher. Weiner was spotted at Union City playground with his young son. Another child had an accident on a swing and as the father was going to get something to clean it up, Weiner approached the same swing and started screaming at the father things like "Thanks for leaving this thing soaking wet!" The other dad, not missing a beat, said "It's funny that you're the one talking to me about self control." KAPOW! Burn.

3)OJ Simpson- Yet another person that has me jumping up and down in glee that he has re-entered the news once again. This time, the Brentwood Butcher was caught stealing cookies from the dining area. Prison officials are denying that it ever happened, but the National Enquirer is standing by their story. Either way, I like looking at pictures of much greyer, fatter OJ, serving the time he deserved to get the first time.

4)The 2013 Emmy's- From it's unfunny beginning having NPH binge watching the entire season of TV (and if one looked closely, CBS shows were heavily promoted over other networks in the montages shown), to some questionable wins, to its utter maudlin tone by reminding us every other commercial break about some great performer who died this past year. Ugh. Note to producers: Make next year's funny. Please, I can't take another three and a half hour wake.

5)Barillo Pasta- Proving my point that just because you a smart enough to get to run a company, doesn't mean you're any good at it. Guido Barillo proved that this week when he stupidly said while he has no problem with gay marriage, he draws the lines at them  with children and will never have them in their ads. He might as well have said he'll never use black people in his ads since he disagrees with the 13th amendment. Outcry has been brutal, with competitors like Bertolli saying that they welcome all gay people to use their pasta and calls for a boycott from the LBGT community. I won't be buying it anymore either. Did he forget how bad Chick-Fil-A did after their CEO stuck both feet in his mouth with an anti-gay statement? I don't care how bad you hate someone, keep your mouth shut if you want to stay in business. Barillo has a lot of damage control and for starters, get rid of Guido. He's killing you.

6)Muslim Extremists- These guys are trying to die at this point. Kenya is ready to wipe them from the face of the Earth for the Mall attack and another on several police. Egypt outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, meaning they went from control of the country to fugitives on just a few months. That's is a BIG fall. If Muslims want peace, prove it. Blowing stuff up is going to get a lot of you dead.

7)Republicans- For anyone with a brain in their head I can't make this any clearer: THE GOP IS A CANCER AND YOU ARE HELPING IT SPREAD! My God people, can no one see that the right's only solution is to take massive amounts of money from the poor and middle class and giving it to rich people. They have all but guaranteed a shut down of government services this week by having the House add in the new bill a wish list of GOP fantasies such as building the Keystone Pipeline, tax breaks for huge corporations, and making things like contraception and abortion optional for any business owner nationwide in their insurance plans. No jobs plan. No environmental plan, which many still say does not exist No concept how to fix anything but to continue on as business as usual. The House is going to drive this country off the cliff and are no better at this point than the terrorists we are told we should fear more than these idiots. It's going to cost us a hundred million a day for every day the shutdown happens. It's going to affect the stock market. It's going to affect your 401K. Our economy is a lot more fragile than anyone knows and this latest brand of moronic behavior just might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I don't think they understand how dangerous this is. If the rule of law breaks down, these assholes will be target #1.

8)Ted Cruz- Possibly the dumbest person in the entire government, and he is the darling right now of the Tea Party, proving that their combined intellect couldn't power a light bulb. Cruz gave the single, stupidest speech I have ever witnessed. It wasn't a real filibuster as he had no power to stop Reid from reconvening the Senate, which is exactly what he did. Cruz spoke for 21 hours straight, only to be booted by the main act. He went off on Obamacare, as if the devil himself wrote it. He talked about his vacations. He read from Green Eggs and Ham, which as John Stewart said, is a book about someone who refuses to try something new because it looks icky, but once eaten, likes it. Sound familiar, Republicans? The irony in that is rich. This dick is the front runner right now for, but as we have seen so many times in the past, that means nothing at this stage of the race. Chances are, he'll fail bad on a national stage. He certainly didn't do himself any favors here. Yes he riled up the base, but the rest of us, a vast majority of us, thought he looked like a petulant child who needs a spanking. So congratulation Ted Cruz you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


According to the government and the media, everything is fine, the recovery is right around the corner and we'll all be singing with wine and roses and minute now. Bull. The house of cards that represents our financial system if starting to sway again and no one is seeming to notice. Almost all the houses being bought right now represent corporate interests and almost no individual buyers. That means when the corporations feel that process and mortgage rates have risen too far to make money off of it, they will stop. And so will the market as they are the only ones keeping it afloat. Same goes for the stock market which is only being kept alive by the FED and the Plunge Protection Team. Trade numbers have been really weak except for sell orders which are building up faster than the buy ins and the high speed trades that distort the market as well.

Our banks are bigger than ever and our financial system has only rewarded the wealthy while the rest of us starve. The GOP's plan is to throw 4 million off the roles of SNAP because there is nothing better to start a revolution than hungry people. The Republicans are true to their word in that they are doing everything they can to end the government. What they don't understand is they will be going right down with them. It's kind of hard to wield power to a group of people who want you dead. Which is why if the right ever gets into power, they'll never let it go again. So vote Republican all you want, but don't be surprised when they go all fascist and start telling EVERYONE what to do. How happy will you be then?

The Supreme Court is on the verge of doing just that: ending democracy once and for all. On October 8th, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in favor of ending limits of contributions to individual candidates. The limit right now is $2,500 per election to federal candidates, $5,000 per calendar year to any non-party political committee, and $30,800 per calendar year to a national party committee. Conservatives want it raised to 4 million. As there are more wealthy donors on the right than the left, this would skew funding for any election to the right wing candidates. It would also be the end of this country as the gullible will fall for the negative ad campaigns such money would allow, swamping the left from any realistic parity for advertising. Our democracy has already been damaged, perhaps fatality, from the Citizens' United ruling, the single worst decision in the history of the country. If they decide to allow this, it's game over.

And then there is Global Warming. I keep reading from "experts" how it's all bull, it's natural variation and other nonsense. At no point in all of Earth's history have we seen such variation of temperature extremes for such an elongated period of time. The Earth is getting warmer. That is not in debate, even though some still think it is. And according  to the best scientists on the planet, they say there is 95% chance that humans are causing it. That is as close to scientific certainty as you will ever see. But some are saying unless it's 100%, then it's just a guess. What people do not understand is nothing is 100% certain. NOTHING! No matter what example you use, the sun rising, gravity holding you to the ground, whatever, there is always a chance, however small, that those things may not occur tomorrow. Read Wittgenstein's book On Certainty for more on that. It's a great read. Nothing is absolute and most people just don't get that. It does appear that the deep oceans are absorbing the extra heat, perhaps as a safety valve of sorts. But eventually, even the oceans won't be able to absorb anymore and then we could be facing a runaway greenhouse effect. Wouldn't it better to err on the side of caution and start moving off fossil fuels, which we could have easily done decades ago?

Lastly, Obamacare has been all over the news and debated to death. Here's some real info from someone who is a literal expert on the subject. Yes prices are going up, mostly to offset bad policies that a lot of people had that were dirt cheap, but had high deductibles and would have bankrupted the person had they actually gotten really sick. Subsidies will help cut the costs, but these people will have better health care than they have had in the past, a worthy trade off. Plus, it should help cut down on the number of medical bankruptcies as the cut rate planes will be phased out. Approximately 90% of the country will qualify for subsidies, and for some, health care costs will actually decrease in the long run, especially the poor, who need the biggest hand out. Ted Cruz wasted everyone's time, demonizing this plan, which, while far from perfect, is better than what we once had. Now if people would actually STOP believing every article they see on the Internet, especially about Obamacare, maybe we could get some actual work done and get rid of the loonies in Congress perpetually pissed we have a black President.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I loathe the Tea Party. The reason for this is that they seem to believe every wrongheaded lie that spews from Fox News and the like. I have witnessed Congressmen spread bullshit about Obamacare since it's inception. I have read articles against every lefty idea that contain zero facts, just hateful venom. If anyone wonders why I despise the Republican Party so much it is because of this crap. The minute they absorbed this group into their ranks, it was the beginning of the end for them. And right now, both history and polling seems to be proving me right.

Ted Cruz spoke for 21 hours in some sort of attempted filibuster against Obamacare, which it wasn't, and was cut off at noon when Harry Reid called Congress back into session. What a waste of everyone's time. Anyone who is even thinking of voting for Cruz for president should really just shoot themselves because those people are beyond stupid. He would destroy the world if he ever got into power.

First off, almost everything the GOP has said about Obamacare is a lie. We have seen health care costs go down for the average person, once subsidies are added in. Yes, your plan may cost more. But if you make less than $36,000, or 90% of the country, you can get help which will offset the costs and in the long run, you will pay less. You know who'll pay more? Rich people. You know who I don't care about? Rich people. Don't buy into this crap that your premiums will skyrocket upward because it is simply not true.

The GOP doesn't want this because President Blacky is for it. Cruz literally said the reason the GOP is fighting against it is that once people get Obamacare, they'll like it so much they won't want to go back. That's called progress moron, something I know the Tea Party seems to be so against. Obamacare is not perfect. It needs work, not dismissal. Social Security was altered five times after it's passage. Same with Medicare. The Republicans answer to everything is to take an axe to it, regardless of whether it needs it or not.

Speaking of Social Security, many are fighting against the program saying it is broke and unworkable. Neither is true. My favorite was an article by some idiot who said that since the average person gets around $40,000 in SS benefits each year, the program will be broke by the end of the decade. The average SS benefit, according to the government and independent studies, is around $12,000 a year, proving once again that anyone belonging to the Tea Party has no idea what numbers actually mean. For the really stupid, $12,000 is LESS than $40,000. Just thought I'd clarify. And the article also fails to mention that if we lifted the salary cap on rich people and, since corporations are people should also be taxed accordingly, would fund the program for decades. Do both of those and SS will never be broke again. As for the fact that they stole $2.7 trillion from a so called lockbox, they owe us that money regardless. If they try to take that away from us, I have a feeling old people will be knocking off congresspeople with alarming frequency and not necessarily at the voting booth.

As if all that wasn't bad enough, another poll said a majority of people in the US would like ala cart cable pricing, not realizing that if such a policy went through, many cable channels would fold and prices would soar. CBS was trying to get $3 per person from Time/Warner to carry their channel. Ala cart would allow every channel to do just that and get it. Your cable bill would be higher than your rent at that point.

People in this country don't think anymore. They gravitate to whatever the scandal of the day is, and forget about it two seconds later. ADD must be rampant because no one follows up on anything. And as bad as the democrats are, the GOP and Tea Party make it impossible to have any reasonable discussion about anything. The Tea Party must be eliminated from the GOP and right now, that's exactly what is happening. The two sides are not as compatible as they thought, with the Teatards dragging everyone down. There is a very public fight between the old guard like John McCain and Mitch McConnell and the new guys like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. When McCain and McConnell become the voice of reason, you have stepped far into the Twilight Zone.

If the government shuts down, the GOP will pay, especially in November 2014. Polls show a majority of people are going to blame them when everything comes to a halt. Estimates say it will cost the US $100 million per day or money we don't have to lose. The Republicans can stop predicting how Obamacare will pan out. They don't know and recent figures dispute their claims. Let your Republican Congresspeople know that if they fight against this law, you'll be sending them packing next election. That is the only thing that will get their attention.

Monday, September 23, 2013


I don't know how much clearer I can make this to all Muslim people but you should be aware that there is a group of your fellow worshippers who are doing everything possible to kill the entire lot of you. I know their goal is to try to establish an Islamic one world government, which would be quite the feat as they don't seem to do so well in actual real world politics and makes me think of the ill advised leftist attacks of the 1970's that wanted communism everywhere. That didn't turn out so well either for anyone involved.

 Violence should only be used as a last result but the Muslim extremists seem to go to the same well everytime. If they get even slightly miffed, stuff gets blown up and people die. Someone drew a cartoon you don't like? Death. A terrible video that no one would have ever seen mocking your religion gets released? Kaboom! You don't see that behavior anywhere else on Earth. And the rest of us are getting pissed about it.

Buddhist monks are attacking Muslim areas in regions where suicide attacks and other forms of violence against the majority people have made them see red. Do you know how hard it is to piss off a Buddhist monk? Trust me, it ain't easy. If they have driven the most non-violent religions to kill, it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world joins in.

This is has been a bad week for moderate Muslims. They have had to watch as their idiot brethren attacked a mall in Kenya, blew up several funeral processions in Iraq and attacked a Catholic Church in Pakistan, killing many. This is how Holy Wars start. And I would like to remind the Muslim people that they haven't won one of those is more than a thousand years.

This is already spilling over onto people who aren't even Muslim. Once again, some idiots mistook a Sikh for a Muslim in NYC and beat the hell out of him. This has happened in the past, most recently at the Sikh temple shooting last year. Some people are just morons. If your going to be racist, at least be consistent.

The rise in Muslim violence is one big bang away from genocide at this point, which is what ALWAYS happens in history when someone overreaches spectacularly and becomes the focal point for illogical rage. If some idiot starts a plague or detonates a dirty bomb somewhere, every single Muslim on Earth will be at risk because when people panic, lives are expendable. The Masses will demand blood and if they don't get it, they will take matters into their own hands. If the body count is high enough, it won't matter either way as anyone even suspected of being Muslim will hang from the nearest tree as lynch mobs roam the streets, burning down mosques and homes. If you don't think that could happen again, you do not understand the human condition.

Muslims everywhere have to take great steps at this point to condemn any violence taken in the name of Allah, and if overseas, actively trying to stop any terrorism before it happens as, if someone goes too far, and someone always does, the Muslim world may be lit up like a Christmas tree. I do not want to see WW3. I do not want to see genocide. I' d also like a billion dollars while I am wishing. But that isn't going to solve the problem. Muslims need to take their religion back, much like the current Pope seems to be attempting. Peace is the only way foreword. Don't go the other way. Please.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Going for the second week in a row, the GOP takes the grand prize hands done for doing everything possible to destroy the economy all in the hopes of dinging President Blacky. It really is starting to look VERY racist at this point and becoming quite sad, especially for any idiot still voting for these uber-morons. Let's see those runner ups.

1)The Tax Lien Industry- These fuckwads are stealing people's home due to a complete lack of regulation (you know the same crap the GOP whines about constantly against) for as little as as a $44 tax owed. Companies are legally buying up debt owned by people, mostly the elderly, tacking on huge fines and penalties, and eventually using that minuscule debt to foreclose on people's home. Houses worth as much as $300,000 are being seized for small amounts of money owed and the occupants are thrown out into the street. I abhor violence but in this case defending your home from people stealing them has to be stopped by any means possible. When someone shows up to take what is rightfully yours, defend it at all costs. That's what a 107 year old man did which cost him his life, what little was left of it. We need more like him.

2)Cops- This week was not a good week for police involved in shootings. In North Carolina, Officer Randal Kendrick shot an unarmed black man ten times for having the audacity to run towards him at night after being involved in a car accident. No freeze warning. NO taser. Just ten bullets into an innocent man. Swell. Needless to say, even the cops couldn't ignore this and as a result, Kendrick has been charged with voluntary manslaughter. It wasn't helped by a panicky woman who called 911 to report a black man breaking into her house, when in reality he was looking for someone to call 911 to help him after an accident. She said a man was banging on her door, and thinking it was her husband, opened the door. Finding a black man there instead, she went into full on black hysteria mode, not helped by the media or the fact that black people are killing white people in large numbers lately, and never listened to anything he was saying like "help me," or "call 911," which is what all burglars do of course. Not all black people are trying to kill you lady and had you listened rather than panicked, Johnathan Ferrel might still be alive.

And then there is this story out of NYC where police AGAIN missed a target standing less than six feet away and instead shot two innocent people, one in the butt and the other shattering a woman's femur (ouch). How do you miss at six feet? If you are a NYC police officer, stats over the last decade show they only hit their targets from that range at around 40% of the time. That is terrible. I know blind people who can shoot better than that. And the higher the range gets, the less likely they are to hit you. So for any criminal reading this in the NYC area, know that most police officers can't hit the broad side of a barn. And for any citizen reading this, if you see a cop go for his gun, duck quick because they WILL hit you instead of what they are aiming at.

3)Aaron Alexis- Yet another douchebag who instead of seeking help, decided firing wildly into a crowd of people was a much better idea. At least people are finally picking up on the fact that the problem isn't guns but mental health as Alexis was another in a long line of psycho's killing people. A recent poll by Gallop said that mental health issues was a bigger problem than gun control, with the latter issue dripping almost ten points from earlier this year after Newtown, CT. These people need to be monitored, some with drugs, some with therapy, some with being locked into a little rubber room, but enough with nutbags walking the streets already.

4)The media- As always, the media did a terrible job reporting facts in the shooting. The multiple shooters that never existed I can accept as eyewitness testimony is lousy at best but inventing guns that never existed is going too far. First, the story was, he had an AR-15. Then, it changed to he found the gun on a security guard. Then, according to CNN (gag), the weapon became the non-existent AR-15 shotgun. And lastly, we discover there never was an AR-15 at all. Where the shooter was, how he got in, and pretty much every other fact got mangled in the media's desire to out-scoop the other, destroying their credibility. My site reported facts and specifically said what was conjecture and what was true. The media became yet another game of Telephone which, as always, ended badly. Never believe anything these guys say.

5)Diana Feinstein- This cunt is becoming a regular on this site and is without a doubt, the most loathed democrat in office. Not letting facts get in the way of any tragedy, immediately after the shooting, Senator Busybody got in everyone's face over the evils of the AR-15 and guns like it and how the world would be a safer place if we got rid of them. Not only was there never an AR-15 to begin with, now officially the bogeyman of semi-automatic weapons, but the fact that this happened in yet another "gun free" zone should make even the most stringent anti-gun crusader look at this and wonder of they should rethink their position. Gun free zones are exactly what psychos and terrorists look for: soft targets. Can we please let law abiding citizens carry guns where ever they want, and if they are used for illegal practices, use the full force of the law upon their heads? Problem solved.

6)Muslim Extremists- Determined to face the wrath of a world getting really tired of their antics, these fucknuts have taken hostages in a mall in Kenya, an issue still going on as of this writing. Look, I don't care what religion you follow or what you believe. But when you start forcing your idiotic beliefs on me, much like the American Taliban is trying here to do to gay rights and abortion, I get pissed quick. You are free to believe what you want. You do not have the right to force me into your insanity. The entire Muslim people is one big terrorist attack away from the world laser focusing on everyone and then it's genocide. I certainly DO NOT want to see that as billions of innocents will die. But my God people, if Muslims want to see the next decade, start fighting against this crap because your lives are definitely at risk. When Buddhists want you dead, you have gone way too far.

7)Republicans- If anyone is still voting for these morons, God help us all. This week these devious bastards decided to strip food stamps from millions of people by re-instating the three months only rule for people without dependents. That's right people, if you are on food stamps and can't find a job in three months, food stamps will end if the GOP gets their way. This will create a huge amount of starvation in this country and the Republicans do not care. Luckily, it has no chance of passing. Then, for the 42nd time, the House passed a budget while getting rid of Obamacare. Again, this has no hope of passage in the democrat controlled Senate. We can thank God for that, because otherwise, our health care system would be even worse than it is now. The GOP put out their ideas for healthcare reform this week that would set up health care exchanges, limit malpractice suits and allow insurance companies to sell across state lines. No protection for those with pre-existing problems or health insurance for those who can't afford it. And while all three ideas are not horrible from the right, they are not nearly enough to fix a situation rapidly running off the rails. The worst thing they have done is tie this Obamacare defunding to running the government which may lead to a government shutdown which worked really badly against them 1996. Democrats would love to see it again as the polls show most would blame the right for the shutdown, and as the military would NOT be getting paid, would present a huge backlash against supporting the troops and huge victory for the left in 2014. With the debt ceiling also approaching, the GOP could really wreck the economy as stock market jitters are directly related to this bickering, just like the last few times they tried it. If the GOP sticks to their guns, the country may just go down for the count, permanently this time. So for anyone voting for these assholes, just stop already. You are killing us. So congrats to the Republican party and anyone stupid enough to keep supporting them for you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Before I rip apart or praise some of the networks new shows, I would like to comment on a trend in television that makes me want to throw my set out the window. I recently watched the finale of two genre/serial shows and was horrified how they both ended. Siberia was a fascinating show that had one of the single worst endings in the history of television. Nothing was explained or even wrapped up. If you thought the end of Lost sucked, you'd have a coronary with this one. There is still some debate whether a 12th episode exists, as IMBD suggests, but would explain a lot as to why the show just seemed to end with no conclusion. Likewise with the end of Under the Dome, whose ending was almost as bad. The only saving grace was at least that show is definitely coming back so at least I'll get some closure on it.

Writers have to understand that if you have cliff hanger of an ending, first, make sure you're going to be picked up for the next season. I can't tell you how many shows I've watched over the years, where the last episode is some unresolved cliffhanger that we'll never know how it actually ends. Way to screw over your viewer. Second, if you have a cliffhanger, it CANNOT be connected with the main story line over the past x number of episodes. Here's an example. A show like NCIS may have the team hunting a serial killer over the season. The last episode will have the killer caught and wrap up that storyline. Then, perhaps Ziva is kidnapped in the final frame by some unknown person and we have to tune in next season to find out how that is resolved. An ending is not some lame cut off where it almost appears as if your DVR cut off the last few minutes. Learn to write douchebags because I've had it with this kind of crap. NBC is losing me a viewer quick with them constantly doing this with almost all of their serialized shows, save Revolution. STOP IT!

Now let's see what fizzled and what popped for this upcoming fall season filled with a lot of yawn inducing plots.


5)Dads- That's right. For all the hoopla over how bad this sitcom was it was light years ahead of almost everyone other new sitcom arriving which all seem to be pale shades of Modern Family. Nine sitcoms, NINE, are about, parents moving in with their kids or similarly themed family sitcoms. Most of them can be described in two words: shrill and unfunny. Now is Dads the best sitcom ever? Not even close. But the pilot was amusing, even though it definitely needs work and has some very funny people in it like Seth Green and Martin Mull. Compared to the awful We Are Men, this sitcom is Shakespeare. If you like Seth McFarlane check it out.

4)Brooklyn Nine Nine- One of only three new sitcoms not about family, this Barney Miller-esque comedy about funny cops was easily the best new one of the bunch. Andy Sandberg is great in the role of wiseass cop and the surrounding cast of Andre Braugher, the new gay police chief, and Melissa Fumero as Sandberg's uptight partner, really make the whole thing fly. Unfortunately, both Dads and this are going to be against powerhouse NCIS and guaranteed hit, SHIELD, so neither may be long for this world.

3)The Blacklist- James Spader returns to TV for this interesting plot of a wanted terrorist (Spader showing charisma in spades) turning himself into the FBI to help them catch bad guys but only by working with an inexperienced FBI agent for reasons only knows to him. The fact it's on NBC makes me nervous as these guys are worse than Fox at axing shows well before they should. The pilot is riveting and laws the groundwork for an exciting show. I hope it lasts.

2)Sleepy Hollow- The only reason this isn't number one is because ABC has the best show of the year. But this is a close second with an exciting premise that combines, Rip Van Winkle, the Headless Horseman, witch covens and the Book of Revelations. Now that's a story. Ichabod Crane wakes up 250 years in the future only to find the Headless Horseman is back and searching for his head which, if he finds, will end the world. He is partnered up with a young deputy who has had run ins with demons in her past and acts as his guide in this new, unfamiliar world. The fish out of water story is really well done, with the scene of Crane in his first car ride hysterically funny. A must see.

1)Agents of SHIELD- This show may actually hurt NCIS as the expectations are skyhigh. With Joss Wheden at the helm, this show is going to be gangbusters. I know this because nothing Whedon has ever done has sucked. That's talent. Add in the mysterious re-appearance of once dead Agent Coulson and an expansion of the Marvel universe we all know and love and this is a surefire hit. I cannot wait to see it.

WORST OF 2013.

Pretty much everything not mentioned above either is terrible or looks it. Almost every new sitcom looks dreadful and the new dramas seem to have been dreamed up by a someone who had way to much to drink. "You know what would be a good idea, HIC, let's bring back Robin Williams." Christ.

5)Master Chief Junior- I am a huge Gordon Ramsey fan. I literally have watched every show here or in the UK over the past decade. But I am breaking that streak with the ill conceived idea that what viewers really want is a kinder, gentler Ramsey instructing nine years old how to cook. I HATE kids on reality shows as I feel it is exceptionally cruel as they do not have the maturity to handle that kind of stress and it feels exploitive to watch. Everytime on AGT when some six year old struts on stage I fast forward. This show seems crass and disturbing. I will not be watching.

4)Reign- Leave it to the CW to come up with a historical drama about Mary Queen of Scots and turn it into some sort of weird episode of 90210. Hokey, preposterous and stupid are just three of the words I would use to describe this epic misfire. Both women and men talk in dubiously modern speak and handle situations in ways that would never have happened in that time period. However, as it is placed in a really weak time slot of Thursday at nine, this may actually succeed. God I hope not.

3)Ironside- The remake no one was asking for. Blair Underwood returns as the wheelchair bound cop who is such a dick I hope someone shoots him again and takes him out for good this time. Raymond Burr was much better than this drivel and this seems certain to be one of the first shows cancelled out of the gate as I don't see much in the way of ratings on this epic fail. Must miss.

2)Sean Saves The World- I was a huge fan of Will and Grace, a hysterical sitcom about gay men and the straight women in their lives. This is NOT that sitcom. Painfully unfunny, the show lurches from terrible sight gang to pratfalls to really bad double entandres that would make a five year old angry. Once again Sean Hayes is gay, this time with a daughter and an ex-wife. Would it kill you to play a straight guy for once Sean? That's why it's called acting. Neil Patrick Harris isn't doing every gay sitcom on the planet and it's working gangbusters for him. Easily the lousiest of the family oriented sitcoms.

1)Lucky 7- I don't even know where to start with this one. Seven people win the lottery and their lives change. I've seen this before in the failed Luke Perry show Windfall back in 2006. This isn't any better. Based on the BBC show The Syndicate, as usual they deviated wildly from the source material where new winners were shown every season, by sticking with a cast of bland unknowns. Considering it is up against Person Of Interest and Chicago Fire, I predict this show won't see episode seven. Considering how flat and boring it looks, that shouldn't be a surprise.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I would like to point out that I correctly predicted the race and lone gunman theory long before anyone else yesterday and I hardly have a multi-million dollar news budget. It mostly consists of me, my computer and the ability to read fantastically fast. Before the blood had even dried, we had conspiracy theories courtesy of Alex Jones and gun control from Obama and bitch fascist Diane Feinstein. The sad part about all of this is that the Republicans have correctly identified the problem as mental health issues while simultaneously destroying Medicaid, which has led to situation like this. Last month, we almost had another Newtown shooting when a mentally ill man thought about killing a bunch of school kids before sanity returned and he gave himself up. He was off his meds because he couldn't afford them after being kicked off of Medicaid, due to the GOP not interested in fixing the situation. They have further hampered the situation by not passing many laws that have passed their desk since the election of President Blackenstein, as they were too bust sharpening their pitchforks and gathering their torches.

Everyone involved with this is at fault. We have the insane right wingers screaming FALSE FLAG from the rooftops, even though there is no way this was. We have the democrats crying about more innocent deaths and them saying all that would disappear tomorrow if guns went away. Year, right. Look at the crime statistics in Britain or Australia and say guns don 't save lives with a straight face. You are three times more likely to be the victim of  a violent crime or rape in those two countries than here. Stats prove more guns means less crime. What less guns also means is a government that no longer fears it's people, and increasingly devious fact.

What we need is mental health for everyone, regardless of insurance. It's called a single payer plan and it works wonders everywhere. I keep reading  about morons who tout our health care system as the best in the world. It isn't and I would know. And am a literal expert on health care having a licence to sell insurance in the state and have most of my family involved in the industry. If I don't know the answer, there are several people I can call to ask about it. And let me tell you, our health care system is broken. We spend far more for less care than anyone else on Earth. And it is also sucking the life out of all businesses, large or small, who for some inane reason were not fighting for a single payer plan which would have saved them a fortune. This was the most stunning bit from the whole health care fight where people who were going to be affected by Obamacare didn't put up much a fight, except for the insurance companies which held a full court press, knowing they stood to lose billions on the deal.

Here's my plan. Every single person gets free health care. Free dental, free health, free mental care. We pay for it by raising taxes on the 1% and corporations that currently pay nothing.Trust me, they can afford it. Corporations will save billions anyway by not having to pay for health care so most costs would be offset anyway. We set up a Medicare for all plan and let others buy private insurance to cover the cost that Medicare doesn't cover, just like now. It works in every country on Earth so there is zero reason to believe it won't work here. Anyone diagnosed with a severe mental disorder such as being bi-polar or schizophrenic will be giving free medication for their disorder. Once a month they will be drug tested to make sure they are taking their prescriptions. Failure to show up for testing or failing the drug test will result in immediate incarceration until such time they are deemed fit for society. In that way, everyone takes their drugs who is supposed to and society is protected from random nutbags becoming delusional. Everyone wins with this plan. Everyone.

But that is not likely to happen. Instead we have the left going after guns again which is destroying their credibility and driving people back into the ranks of the idiot right wingers. What part of WE DON'T TRUST YOU, are you guys not getting. We want our guns because you keep kicking in our doors for no reason and killing our pets. You keep taking from the poor to give to the rich. Eventually, this will fail and those guns are the only thing that are going to be available for our protection.

On the flip side of mental health I have this question: how deranged do you have to be to NOT get a security clearance? Ed Snowden got one and look how that turned out. Aaron Alexis was hearing voices in his head, had several episodes of violent behavior in his past, but was still given a top secret clearance. Unbelievable. He also claimed to have PTSD from his work on recovery of victims during 9/11. When did we become such a nation of pussies? I've been tortured (literally), had guns pointed at my face and have had all sort of stressful situations that were live or die moments over my life. I do not have PTSD. But Amanda Bynes has it for working on a sitcom? This jerk has it because he saw dead bodies? Please. Soldiers coming back from war have every reason to have PTSD. This idiot had severe mental issues, PTSD not being one of them. It's an insult to those of us who survived real danger.

It has also been suggested that race was a factor. Some have said that Aaron felt he was being racially discriminated against at work and was the cause for his not being given a job in Japan earlier this year. Yeah, his mental issues had nothing to do with it. Right. Black people better wise up and realize the fact that their life sucks has less to do with their race and more with their economic situation. Blaming whitey is real old at this point.

Lastly, we keep hearing that that old bugaboo, the AR-15, was responsible again, but the Feds have denied that at this point. We know he got a shotgun, which he somehow got onto the base, where outside guns are not allowed (you know the gun free zones which are not blood free zones), and used that to procure handguns from his victims and, maybe, an AR-15. The point is, the semi auto gun was never purchased by him, much like the last few shooters who stole their weapons from others. All the gun control in the world wouldn't have stopped any of these massacres.

The common denominator in EVERY mass shooting over the last few years is the shooter was insane. It's not the gun that killed the people but the nutbag wielding it. Stop trying to take guns away from law abiding people and focus on the fact that we have NO way of monitoring people who are extremely dangerous and need to be watched carefully. If we don't this will happen again, gun control or not.

Monday, September 16, 2013


UPDATE- 3:10 pm EST. The dead shooter has been identified as Aaron Alexis, a 34 year old from Texas and civilian contractor. He allegedly had another worker's ID on him. Also, one shooter has been eliminated as a suspect but are still looking for the fifty year old black man in fatigues. Stay turned.

If you live in the area of the DC Navy Yard, seek immediate shelter as there are possibly two armed gunman loose in your area. As someone who watched the Boston Bombing suspects tear through a small suburban town live on TV, let me tell you, it's frightening when psychos are on the loose. And as police lately are shooting innocent civilians with Keystone Cop-like abilities, I wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of  the shooters while holding a Subway sandwich in my hand.

A NC cop is facing manslaughter charges after firing on, and killing, an unarmed black man who was seeking help after a bad car accident. Even more unbelievable, NYC cops hit two bystanders after shooting at a suspect and missing. The odd part is that this happens ALL the time in NYC. I don't know what training they give cops there but target practice sure as hell ain't one of them. I was even further outraged when I saw video of the incident and discovered the suspect wasn't more than ten feet away. My eight year old niece could someone from that range and not one, but two, cops missed by a mile. This is why you are eight times more likely to be shot by a cop rather than a gangbanger. At least thugs are more likely to hit their targets than the boys in blue.

But I digress from the story at hand where 12 people are dead, including one shooter, while the Feds are looking for others involved. Now we should we be aware that there may turn out to be only one shooter as eyewitness testimony, especially under duress, is notoriously awful. Studies have been done on people telling what they saw during incidents like this and research shows that even the most basic of facts like race, height, clothing, even hair color are radically different from one another Memory is not Memorex and tragedy distorts the truth sometimes more than we realize. So if it turns out there are no other shooters, please do not immediately go to some grand conspiracy theory that Obama instigated this to start new gun control laws. What? You say that's already occurred? Fuck me!

Right now, we should err on the side of caution and assume there are two other shooters, even if it most likely turns out they do not exist. Now the police seem fairly confident that two others, one black, one white, are real and, if so, are extraordinarily dangerous. These people have shown a willingness to kill and will do so again somewhere else. Again, if you live in the area, get off the streets, close down your businesses and "shelter in place." Many questioned the lock down MA had when the Boston Bombers were loose. It is a good thing as they had more pressure cooker bombs and a gun and could have created real havoc should they have happened into a crowd of people.

Now assuming that there are three gunman, this defines conspiracy, even if it is just among themselves. The dead shooter has been tentatively identified as a tall black man, but none of that is verifiable and, as early reports are always wrong, this might be too. CBS and NBC already shit the bed with a wrong identification of the shooter which they had to quickly retract. Also remember that everything you hear on the news is not always fact as they each try to outscoop the other with the most baseless of information. More than half of what they report during any tragedy is crap.

What could be the motive for this? Anger over the sequestration? Terrorist act by a homegrown group bent on ending the government? Or will it turn out to be another lone gunman with a grudge? Everything now is speculative so before having Alex Jones or What Really go off the deep end about yet another idiotic government conspiracy that isn't occurring, pause and remember that sometimes bad things happen without Obama or Corporate America behind it.

I will update this site today as more info becomes clear. I hope the eyewitnesses are wrong and there are not two other shooters out there because this means more likely more loss of innocent life in the area.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yet another week where voting Republican can literally cost you your life. Anyone voting for these assholes is a traitor to this country and dumber than dirt at this point. Let's see those runner ups.

1)Jordan Linn Graham- The worst Bridezilla ever decided she really didn't want to be married any more. Eight days in while on honeymoon in the no-longer aptly named Glacier National Park, her and her husband Cody Lee Johnson, were arguing on a cliff side when she pushed him over the side. She tried to concoct a story of her husband leaving with some unknown friend but evidence all pointed her way and she was soon arrested. Relatives and friends say Jordan was never keen on marriage but really wanted a wedding. Guess this is one way to accomplish that. Hope she likes prison.

2)Anthony Weiner- After spectacularly losing the NYC mayoral race, Weiner left the same way he entered: with no class and a middle finger for all. After it became clear that he would finish dead last in the race, Weiner fled past reporters, flipping them the bird in the process. He then had to be snuck into his campaign site through a fast food joint next door and past Sydney Leathers, who was attempting to crash the party and showing off her totally unnecessary new boob job. Word to any women out there: men like real boobs. So unless you need them, stay away from silicone. Weiner went on to trash the media for "wrecking his career," which in actuality he did all to himself. The icing on the cake was his appearance on Good Day New York where the two boobs who run that show (Greg Kelly is unintentually hilarious all the time, perhaps learned from his time on Fox and Friends which he used to co-host) could not shut up about Leathers, leaving a smile/sneer on Weiner's face. Priceless. I will miss him.

3)The Zimmerman's- Both George and his soon to be ex Shellie both get named this week for unbelievable behavior. Let's start with everyone's favorite punching bag, George, who seems to have forgotten he was just on trial for murder recently, is behaving like a real idiot lately. I never said he was smart, I just said the evidence wasn't there to convict. But after two speeding stops by police and  now this you have to wonder if he'll be like OJ and be seeing prison bars for some other reason soon. For those living under a rock, the Zimmerman's got into some sort of altercation over removing items from the house as their divorce intensifies. I've gone through this and Zimmerman should learn this lesson: let her take whatever she wants and buy new shit later. Trust me, it's a lot less of a hassle. Instead they argued, she called the police and, it appears,  she lied about what happened. She claims he was threatening her with a gun which police say they never found. She claims he punched her father who had a small cut on his nose. Again, I've punched people in the nose, so either he hits like a girl or it didn't happen that way as she said. A broken I-Pad is in the center of this with each claiming the other broke it. They are trying to get video off the device which was being utilized at the time and could bring charges for either if it is recovered. If it shows George attacking people, he WILL be going to jail this time. Time to move dude and change your name if you get clear of this. Florida wants you gone. Listen to them.

4)The Arsonist Who May Have Burned Down Seaside Heights- I've been to Seaside Heights many times. My relatives lived not far from there and we used to walk the boardwalk when I was a kid. When I lived down there for several years, I went during the summer often. I was horrified when Sandy washed it away. I was pissed when it burned to the ground this week and now arson may be to blame. I loathe the destruction of historical areas, and while it may not be a Buddhist Statue from the 8th Century or a mosque in Afghanistan being razed, it still hurts to see it go. And all because some dick decided to set fire to it? I hope they find him and sentence him to a lifetime of hard labor, bad food and continuous showings of crappy fire movies like Backdraft.

5)John Kerry- This was not a good week for anyone. John Kerry is proving to be one of the worst Secretary of State's ever and all for reasons I saw that everyone else ignored. Kerry may not be the worst politician but he was a terrible presidential candidate, as almost everyone from this state has ever been. Maybe Warren can buck the trend and run and win. I'd vote for her in a heartbeat. But Kerry for all his strengths, is a windbag who doesn't know when to shut up. It hurt him badly on the campaign trail and it is not helping him here. This week while talking at great length with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov, he bored the crowd to tears by going on and on and on. The key to being a good speaker is knowing when to talk and to listen. Kerry just blabs. Lavrov responded with this: "Sometimes diplomacy demands silence." That is a burn. Kerry has been all over the map from demanding a war with Syria, to asking to have more diplomacy, to war again and then acceptance of the Russian plan. Make up your mind dude.

6)Barack Obama- True, he has been unfairly maligned by the GOP this week, but it doesn't help when you address the nation for the most pointless speech in American history and then veer all over the road as to what direction we are headed, that people are starting to lose confidence in you. The Red Line speech was stupid as he drew a line in the sand that wasn't necessary. He then went on to describe the scenario for every war plan we have tried over the last sixty years and with a 0% success rate as the best possible outcome. Really? Is history dead in this country? Does no one remember we've lost every war over the last half a century because we don't annihilate our enemy and instead throw a few missiles at them, put millions of soldiers in harms way for no good reason and declare victory as the rest of whatever country we've invaded tries to kill us. Limited strikes are a suicide strike. If you are going to attack someone you don't go and do it half-assed. There is a reason we won WW2 and it wasn't by playing nice with the Nazi's and Japanese. War is hell and should only be used as a last resort. Syria is not it by a long shot.

7)Diane Feinstein- The worst democrat in the country struck again this week with passage of her draconian anti-gun bill in California that will make 80% of all guns illegal there. Criminals and cops are all the ones that will have guns after this crap gets signed into law. She then went on to make changes to the worthless Journalist Shield law which would give no protection to sites like this as only "corporate" media sources would be protected. This is one of the most fascist laws to be up for passage and God help me, the Tea Party agrees. Mike Lee and Ted Cruz have both denounced the anti-blogger rule as anti-American and they are actually right for once. This bitch need to go, even if a Republican has to take her place. But the GOP will run some lunatic even worse than her, as they have continuously done in winnable races versus people like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in the past. If I would have to vote for any of those three over the GOP candidate, as I would have in the past, the GOP is truly lost.

8)Republicans- People in Colorado died this week after record rain fall sent a year's worth of rain in a few days, flooding areas severely. The reason the flood was so bad was two fold: no attention paid to changing weathers patters caused by climate change and defunding of needed infrastructure monies such as dam building in the area which directly led to the tragedy. So far, only four people are confirmed dead but that number is expected to rise. If anyone who died voted for a Republican in the last several elections, they literally voted themselves to death. Votes have consequences and the Republicans party is determined to kill us all, at least the poor and middle class. They are still trying to get rid of food stamps, unemployment, the minimum wage, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, not to mention Obamacare. They want a free for all society with no rules where the rich have everything and the poor struggle to survive. That is what anyone voting for the GOP is doing. So keep voting for the GOP people. But remember your kids are dying. You are dying. This country is dying and you are responsible. Hold our leaders to a higher standard. So congratulation republicans you are indeed douchebag of the week.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


It has not been a good week for logic and common sense. From Anthony Weiner's meltdown, to Obama's questionable reasoning on Syria to George Zimmerman acting like he didn't get away with murder, this has not been a defining moment in American intelligence.

Let's start with the big kahunas, Obama and John Kerry. When Kerry was asked how to avoid war with Syria earlier this week at a press conference, he snidely responded to a reporter that only if Syria got rid of all it's chemical weapons by the end of the week would they even consider that, not that that was ever going to happen he snorted. Perhaps not understanding dickish behavior, the Syrian agreed to do just that with the Russian's support. Obama then went on to say the only reason the Syrians gave in was the threat of missile attacks, to which I say bullocks. They were far more worried that Russia would stop supplying them with weapons and doom the regime. Obama must think none of us can read or think for ourselves.

The Republicans then went out of their way for condemning the President for making us look weak and not attacking Syria, which they were NOT going to vote for anyway. Oh the irony. There was a full court press from such idiots as Tucker Carlson (who keeps hiring this ass?), Sean Hannity and other Fox news bullshit about the whole thing comparing Obama yet again to Jimmy Carter, not realizing that it was W's idiocy that destroyed our credibility world wide, not to mention the economy of the planet. I am smart enough to know that a lot of democrats are fucking dickwads. How come Republicans don't see the same thing with their party?

Speaking of dickwads, the Three Amigos, Michelle Bachmann, Louis Golmert and Steve King held a bizarre press conference in Egypt thanking the military for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood, otherwise known in GOP circles as the Obama Group. Why are we sending the three stupidest people in the country to Egypt to talk to their people? Are we sending Pauly Shore to Iran next for high level talks? How about Dennis Rodman as a North Korean envoy? THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED? Christ I need to sit down. If SNL was on this week, this would be a great sketch. The fact it actually happened is mindblowing.

And then we have people like George Zimmerman whose latest antics is making every black person dance with glee at the prospect that he may yet go to jail. This past week, he was involved in some sort of altercation with his soon to be ex-wife where he allegedly hit his father in law, broke his wife's I-pad and threatened them with a gun. No gun was found at the scene, his father in law had a small bruise on his nose that is NOT from someone getting punched, unless he hits like a little girl (which may be true), and the wife's story fell apart upon any sort of scrutiny. Let me get this fact straight: I don't like Zimmerman. But he got a fair trial and the evidence wasn't there to convict. That being said, he better realize that much like OJ, he can't behave like he used to. He can't even speed because cops will pull him over once they realize who he is. His wife seems like quite the shrew too as her story sounded fishy from the first moment I heard it. Zimmerman's no saint, but if he's smart, he'll leave the South and move to Montana or Maine. Florida is done with him.

Perhaps the single biggest moment in American stupidity happened right here in my home state of MA this week when some unbelievably stupid individual decided to hold a fire drill at Logan Airport on 9/11. People flying in saw this burning plane on a side runway with firefighters putting it out and became understandable alarmed. Who schedules a fire drill on 9/11 from one of the airports the alleged terrorists took off from? Someone who probably doesn't have a job anymore. Local press caught up with Governor Deval Patrick (who has been an excellent governor by the way) who was practically speechless for a comment. This is what I imagine happened soon after.

The Governor picks up the phone and calls the head of MA Port Authority "Hi is this David Mackey, the head of the Port Authority? Governor Patrick here. Funny story, I was just accosted by a gaggle of reporters who wanted to know why some dumbass would schedule a drill at Logan Airport on 9/11. Call me crazy but that day seems, I don't know, a little sensitive maybe. And you know what? I looked like kind of a dick as a result. A DICK! ARE YOU ON DRUGS MACKEY, BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY EXPLANATION FOR WHAT A COMPLETE ASSHOLE YOU ARE. WHAT KIND OF MORON DECIDES 9/11 WAS THE RIGHT DATE FOR THIS? WAS IT YOU? IF IT WAS I SUGGEST YOU GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER BECAUSE YOUR JOB JUST WENT BYE BYES!"

Someone is getting fired. It probably won't be Mackey, but you have to figure he got chewed out by the Governor who then reamed some lower level lackey until it stopped with someone getting axed. Low man on the totem pole and all that. All in all, an incredibly stupid moment in a week filled with them. Awesome.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Regular readers know that I debunk most conspiracy theories outright. The Boston Bombings, the Newtown shooting and the Seek shootings all got the crazies with their panties in a bunch seizing upon highly unreliable, eyewitness testimony and questionable logic to suggest a wider false flag operation. None of those were guilty of anything more than really bad press on the subjects which led some to believe more was happening than really was. My favorite is the death of John John in a plane crash which people to this day still say was a criminal act as there was no fog in the area at the time, even though I lived less than a mile from the airport and the fog that night was the thickest I have ever seen. People like to believe nonsense. Just ask any Tea Party moron out there.

But there are four cases over the past few decades that do not pass the smell test. The first, and what got me most interested in disinformation tactics, was the downing of Pan Am 103 which came across as bullshit. Years later I was vindicated on this when a new trial was ordered for the alleged bomber and the whole case began to fall apart. Two witnesses came forward saying they had planted evidence, earlier eyewitness testimony appeared to be coerced by authorities, and evidence found did not connect in ways the earlier trial had suggested. It got so bad they let the guy go under the guise of "humanitarian reasons," as the bomber was dying anyway. The real reason is they were losing and they knew it.

The second case was TWA 800 which had tons of evidence that a missile hit the plane and not some once in a lifetime explosion that has never been recreated scientifically. This was also a case where eyewitness testimony directly contradicted the official statement, and these eyewitnesses included scientists and air force personnel. The officials only listened to the eyewitnesses who fit their narrative and ignored the rest, which is highly unscientific. I've talked with people I knew at Boeing at the time who said the official story was bunk and they could prove it.

The third case was OKC which had so many holes in it I do not know even where to begin. This was another case where security cameras were everywhere yet the public still hasn't seen 99% of them to this day. Why? Why did the blast damage not conform to the type of bomb used according the the best experts in the world? Why were all of the Federal departments inside the building empty that day? Why did the FBI continue to murder people they suspected connected with the bombing afterward like Kenny Trentadue, whom the FBI mistook for some one else completely, and also wound up dead afterward? Speak with the FBI at your own risk as they have a tendency to kill people for no reason. Just ask the father of Ibragim Todashev. I helped identify John Doe #2, which the FBI says did not exist, as a member of Elhoim City and grandson of it's founder, which had ties to both the FBI and Tim McVeigh.

And lastly there is 9/11, the granddaddy of all conspiracy theories. As someone with ties to high level military sources, I can say without a doubt the official story is bunk. I am not alone on this as both heads of the 9/11 commission have echoed that sentiment in later books they wrote in which they called the whole thing sham and a whitewash. They actually called out the military which lied to the commission, and proven by the way due to documents from the FAA that were supposed to have been destroyed but thankfully weren't. These documents showed either rank incompetence from the military or collusion. There are no other options. And how many people got fired for that? Zero. Rules for engagement in such a course were changed months before 9/11 and the changed back soon after. Why? NORAD said they couldn't track the hijacked planes. I know people who have worked at NORAD. They all say that is a lie.

Why did Norman Minetta testify that Dick Cheney gave a stand down order as the plane was approaching Washington? Why was that testimony removed from the 9/11 commission? Why was the CIA's video of how the plane hit the Pentagon physically impossible? I know many fighter pilots. I have several in my family. And even they say there is no way that that plane could have hit the Pentagon like the video shows. And the pilot at the time was terrible. Like OKC, where are the countless video around the Pentagon that would have shown what happened. We've seen two videos, from the same area, that show nothing. Where's the rest? Why did Bush and his cronies drag their feet about an investigation? 3000 people die and the Republicans say nothing. 4 die in Libya and it's an impeachable offense. Sad.

Why were we planning to go into Afghanistan eight months before 9/11? Not much of a coincidence there. Why did the BBC say WTC 7 had fallen when it was clearly in the shot behind the reporter? Psychic maybe? How did WTC 7 fall? No one has ever shown how ANY of the buildings fell with the NIST refusing to release their findings all these years later, knowing full well that it won't hold up under scientific scrutiny.

Why was super thermite dust found in several independent studies in WTC debris? Why do countless pilots, engineers and physicists say the entire story is fake? How did all four black boxes not get recovered, an impossibility, especially the plane crash in a open field?

Why were planes not sent from nearby Andrews Air Base and not Otis which was much further away? Why was the website changed the next day about Andrews base plane capacity? Why did the planes fly at super low speeds to get to their destination? Look it up yourself and you will see that the planes sent could not have been going very fast even though air traffic was nil at that point and an emergency was going on.

These are just a few of the questions that remain unanswered to this day. That is a lot of holes to plug. But because our media is bought and paid for, we've seen none of it in MSM. 9/11 was a false flag that was used to start two illegal wars and bankrupted this country. Worse, no one believes the government anymore due to crap like this and, because if that, this country is ultimately doomed. Until we get the whole story, this country will continue to sink. Don't let it.