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This guy is quite the tool. He might as well just put a sign around his neck saying "bought and paid for by the Trump administration." His "investigation" has been proven to be an utter sham yet Trump and Ryan still have "the utmost confidence in him." Why? Trump is looking guiltier and guiltier and this ass is NOT helping that image. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)April Fool's Day- I hate surprises. I hate fake news. I HATE this holiday. Considering how much news isn't real in today's world already and this stupid holiday needs to go away. I hate reading some article that sounds too good to be true and inevitably is. George Takei teased us with running for office before going "GOTCHA!" That is so not funny. I WANT people like him to run because it's the only way the retard public is ever going to vote. The last election proved that when many a person could't be bothered to vote in the primaries or the general election and as a result we have a GOP controlled Congress and Trump. FUCK! Stop the jokes for this day because it's just not funny anymore.

9)PETA- I love animals and have spent a better part of my life to do whatever I could to make their lives better. I have written countless articles about pet needs, have fostered many a pet in the past and have had a Noah's ark of various animals over the years. You would think someone like me would love this organization but in reality I find them a horrific waste of time with a genocidal attitude toward pets. For allegedly looking out for them,they put to death way more than they should. They also wage battles that have no hope of anything beyond ridicule. Their latest bon mot is that white milk is a symbol of "white supremacy" and their official drink. I've met these kinds of people and let me tell you milk drinking is not high on their priority list. Beer is. This is just stupid. As always.

8)Hillary Clinton- GO. AWAY. SHE-BITCH. This cunt is still around and I am horrified and ill at the prospect that she may again try to win the president. Here is my promise. The first person I see with a tee-shirt or a bumper sticker that says Hillary 2020, I will kill on sight. Literally anyone else would have won the presidency and, most likely, the Senate, but Shillary kept the voters away who either didn't vote or voted for Orange Hitler. There were plenty of other woman who could have run (cough, Warren, cough) and didn't so we got Martha Coakley part 3 instead. This woman is HATED and not without good reason. For the love of fuck go off into that sunset already and leave the rest of us alone. I hear the woods are lovely this time of year.
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7)George Ciccariello- The far left is becoming every bit as annoying as the far right. The ass, a professor of History at Drexel, has a background of posting really stupid shit. He once wrote that all he dreamed of for Christmas was white genocide. What makes this even funnier, Ciccariello is white. I have friends like this who seem to hate the color of their skin and do everything to make up for it. His latest tweet was how he was going to vomit because some guy gave up his first class seat for a soldier. What. A. DICK! Yeah, the guy who is serving his country and putting his life in harm's way is the issue and not your pansy ass to frightened to pick up a gun and serve. The military may make mistakes but the problem is almost always the higher ups and not the grunts doing as they are told. For a guy who teaches history, he seems to know very little about it.

6)Internet Privacy- Ajit Pai is the new FCC chairman and from day one I knew this guy was trouble. Trump, contrary to his statement that he only hires the best and brightest, has stacked his cabinet with yes men, billioniares and idiots. This guy is definitely the later. He has been trying to kill net neutrality which would end the internet as we know it and kill free speech in the process. Blogs like this would cease to exist if the powers that be decide to slow speed here to a crawl. No one is waiting days to read my piddly shit. I write this and I wouldn't. Now,Captain Dumbass has helped craft a bill that ends internet privacy. Everything you do on line is going to be sold to advertisers and others. The really funny part about this is is that EVERYONE'S browser history is going to be for sale and that means politicians too. Money is already being raised to purchase the history of Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Let's see how fast that law gets changed when that occurs.

5)Bill O'Reilly- This guy is a dick. He has been caught in the past making sleazy references to women, acting like a buffoon and lying through his teeth about his past. His latest bullshit involved making fun of Maxine Waters hair, comparing it to a James Brown's wig, which is fucked up because he never wore a wig. And isn't that racist as well? "You're hair is so nappy only James Brown would understand it," is racist. He is also being sued AGAIN for sexual harassment which seems to be the norm at Fox News. O'Reilly has already had a dozen complaints against him. They can't all be fake news.
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4)Barack Obama- This guy was a TERRIBLE president. He sat on his ass for eight years as the democratic party slipped into oblivion and Schultz tanked it for everyone. He was never one to get involved in politics, staying above it, and as result, the country suffered. Obama was a rotten debater, even worse at getting policy explained, and the rock bottom worst at negotiations which he did NOT understand. Now it comes out that the reason we never heard about Trump's Russian ties and the FBI investigation was because Obama told the FBI to keep quiet about it. WHY? Rumors are he hated Hillary so much he sabotaged her campaign, which may not be far off from the truth. As to exactly why he did such a stupid thing we will never know but know that his idiocy helped pave the way for Trump. Thanks for nothing loser.

3)Rex Tillerson- It's bad when you look at someone and know what kind of person they are. I saw this ass as a grumbly dick hardly suited for a top diplomatic position. Boy was I right. His staff hates him, commanding people not to "look him in the eye," while doing everything behind closed doors with NO press or even much of his staff knowing what is going on. Every indication is this guy has no idea what he is doing and is making things worse as he goes along. Not that we didn't all know this coming in.

2)Donald Trump- This week he tweeted that Obama was still tapping his phones and that the tin foil hat he wanted was delayed due to Chinese interference. How much damage does this ass have to do before some one you wake up to the fact that he will kill us all. He's going to do real damage to the environment, the poor and life in general. I can't tell you how many people voted for him that are going to pay a heavy, perhaps even ultimate, price for their vote. He is now facing riot charges stemming from a rally in which he instructed the crowd to punch someone he didn't like as they were being escorted out. His own words are being used against him here. That may play out in impeachment hearings as well if he keeps this crap up.
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1)Devin Nunes- What a tool. I have never seen someone flail and fail as wildly as this ass has been doing. His investigation into Russia has been compromised so badly I don't know if it can continue. He has been caught in lie after lie and still goes on as if nothing had happened. I can't wait to see a town hall he holds. He was met with 300 protesters when he returned home his weekend so ether is that. Even John McCain has said he has never in all his years seen anything like the circus this guy is ringmaster for. He seems to be playing for Trump and not the country which may spell disaster for him in 2018. That is if they can find someone to run against him who might win. There are way too many uncontested seats in Congress lately, especially against vulnerable opponents like this guy. Someone, anyone with a chance compete against Nunes please. So congratulation Nunes you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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