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I explained in great detail what was going to occur if you elected Trump president. But as stupidity seems to be exponentially growing worldwide, we elected the worst human alive to be president because they looked at Hillary and rightfully said yuck. I blame no one for voting for Orange Hitler because Hillary was almost as bad. As I explained then, you had two choices of fascism to choose from, corporate or classic. The former was by and far the better choice as corporate fascism would be a slower slide but would have ended in the same place. But we picked classic fascism and now the whole world may indeed end.
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To be fair, knowing what I know about Hillary, I can safely say she would have figured out some way to get the TPP passed and thus ending national sovereignty for corporate control. And as she said just 48 hours before Trump's ill advised strike on Syria, Hilary would bombed him too. However, she would have likely had gone to Congress first as Obama did when he got shut down in 2013 (and still don't know how this was't bigger news as everyone blamed Obama for not striking Syria when it was Congress that shot that down). I also believe she would have done a far better job than lobbing a $100 million in weapons at a country and do next to no damage in the process all the while singing about what a success it was. Obliterating the airport would have sent a signal. This was a warning at best or a collusion at worst.

It is so far fetched to ask whether Putin and Trump arranged this? There are a lot of questions that NO ONE is answering. I have spent the better part of the last few days tracking down information, articles and even my contacts within the military and I have uncovered exactly ZERO evidence this attack occurred the way the government said it did and plenty to refute it. So far, the US government has provided not one iota of proof to ANYONE that this attack was caused by Syria and Russia in collusion together as is alleged. Not to the public, not to the UN, NO ONE! Considering our government has been caught on many many MANY occasions lying to us to get us into war, they have no credibility to just accept thire word for it. Nikki Haley suggested the information about the attack was classified to which I say I. DON'T. CARE! This is the go to explanation about everything and I have had it. The simple fact is I do not believe a word that comes out of the government and this administration has already bent truth to the breaking point.

What if Trump and Putin concocted this as a way to change the narrative as Seth Moulton suggested? Trump tells Putin he is going to lob a few missiles at an airport, Putin moves anything important out of the way and Trump looks good. Putin meanwhile sells out Assad for relief from sanctions and furthering weakening of NATO plans. That is not as far fetched as it sounds.

However, as stupidity seems to be the name of the game lets postulate that Assad DOES have chemical weapons still. This would insinuate that everyone involved is a fucking moron and does stretch the chances of it happening this way. But if true that means the Assad kept WMD that the US and UN both assured us were destroyed. Possible. Then Assad would have had to use said weapon for zero strategic purpose beyond death and destruction and all but guarantees a world wide response. This would be idiocy on an epic scale. Then after using that weapon in a war they are about to win and with peace talks set to resume next week, they ask the Russians, who must have known about these weapons, to bomb the hospital where the survivors are to cover up any evidence of WMD's which Russia does. That is a lot of dumb in one paragraph. But as people in general of all types and economic stratus are becoming dangerous stupid, I am not sure what has been described above didn't happen this way.
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Take United Airlines. Hot on the tails of Pepsi's tone deaf ad, comes stormtroopers dragging a man off a plane because they overbooked. Is this what we have become where corporations can drag people away because they feel like it? If this happens again on ANY flight, stand up and protect said individual from a truly out of control police force. My God people, stand up for something because acting indignant and filming it is a right step, but action is also needed. Everyone on that plane should have beaten those cops within an inch of their lives as a warning. We cannot just act as passive viewers but get involved and yes maybe even die for our beliefs.

Even worse for United was the awful response by CEO Oscar Munoz who apologized for "re-accommodating" the passenger which would be the equivalent of Nazi's "re-accommodating" the Jews. Dragging someone kicking and screaming from their seat is a PR nightmare which sent United stocks crashing today and losing about $800 million. Ouch! This could have been handled so much better but when stupidity reigns this what you get.

Because we have a man baby in the White House with zero military experience and an over inflated view of himself, the military industrial complex is manipulating him something fierce. Thus the moronic strike on Syria that accomplished nothing and the fact we seem to be headed toward a confrontation with North Korea that will likley kill hundreds of millions. In the past, when we had weak presidents stupid wars happen. Look at people like Bush and Reagan who were easily led to war. However, as bad as Clinton and Obama were, they weren't dumb and led us into few major morasses as the Republicans keep doing. Think of all the dumb wars that have been started because the MIC wanted it to. Vietnam, Gulf War 1 and 2, and Afghanistan were all created by weapon manufactures who want to sell more weapons. Peace doesn't make them profit, thus we have been at war for most of the last sixty years. It seems likely they are trying to start a new conflict for just the purpose. Add to this a group of generals that since the beginning of time have crowed that only war brings peace and you have a recipe for Armageddon. Kennedy's generals wanted him to do a first strike attack on Russia, a premise he rightfully hated. Those people still exist and they are whispering in Trump's ear. It's why we are likely to see a major war before the year is out, hell maybe even the month.
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The fact is fascism is coming. You may not have noticed but Trump is doing a lot of things behind the scenes that Hitler, Mussolini and other have done in the past. His followers, his actions and his future all portend to a different America who is one terrorist attack away from martial law and forced detentions for all Muslims. Later this week, I will show you all I have learned about why I think we are further sliding toward totalitarianism as predicted more than five years ago on this blog. Until then, stay safe, be good and stop letting Trump and corporations act with impunity. Rise up and fight or stay silent and die. Your choice.

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