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Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis has the world faced nuclear war like it has now. No matter what you think about Trump however, know that this was going to happen regardless of who was president because past morons kept kicking this can down the road to it's inevitable conclusion which at best will result in a limited nuclear exchange and at worst the end of everything. This all could have been avoided had we the guts and follow through to actually win a war, a fact that this country, and most of the world, no longer possesses.
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The Korean War is still going on. It actually never ended because we got tired of killing people and decided to go home instead. Because we never went after Chinese supply lines, the war was never going to end and both sides knew it. So we signed a ceasement agreement and a temporary truce that has held for sixty years. But it was never going to last and right now that agreement is in tatters.

Back in 1994, the Koreans signed an agreement to not seek nukes. Jimmy Carter was responsible for this and it did not go well as expected. The plan was flawed from day one and, even worse, the House and Senate went Republican soon after this was signed and they did everything they could to sabotage it. With Bush in office, by 2003, this while thing was dead. And instead of ever attacking North Korea, which would have been bad but this now is far, far worse, we are left with the dawning realization that this planet may be headed for extinction.

We should have wiped this country from the planet decades ago. Now it's too late and the inevitable clash between our two cultures is coming with death to a best case scenario of millions in the forecast. Has we had people in government and the military who understood this, we might have been able to avoid it. But as our military advisers seem to have the game strategy of a bad game of Risk, that seems unlikely. How people who allegedly have studied this in the past and have military experience could miss all of this is unexplainable.

North Korea is threatening to hold missile tests on a weekly basis and bomb us back to the Stone Age if we attack. To be honest, living on the East Coast, I highly doubt there is anything he can do to affect me, short of getting an ICBM with a nuke to knock out all power with a massive EMP blast but that is unlikely to occur. If war does break out, the places with the biggest worries are Japan and South Korea, with a lesser worry for the US in places like Hawaii, Alaska and the West Coast. Kim's 70 subs could wreck havoc on the planet especially if we uses chemical, bio, and nuke weapons.
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The real threat isn't North Korea. It's China and Russia, both of which are moving ships, troops and heavy armaments into the area. Both have troops and equipment now on the North Korean border and ships watching what our flotilla is doing. On top of the aircraft carrier Carl Visson moving there tomorrow, there is also the USS Reagan in Japan and the USS Nimitiz being moved into position later this week. All we need is one wrong move and it game over planet right now. The pieces are being moved to facilitate WW3, a fact that could occur at any second over the smallest miscalculation. Feel safe now? It's not helping that Kim is threatening nuclear war at any minute as Orange Hitler plays with his war toys.

I keep hearing that Kim is not suicidal and would never use nukes. I am not so sure on that assessment. If Kim truly believes he is a God, he may think himself immortal and will be protected by "divine right." Go back in history and look at similar types and realize that almost every time this occurred, madness came and war followed. Just because something has never happened before, doesn't mean it can NEVER happen at all, it's just unlikely. And war here is hardly unlikely.

May 9th is being described as a hard date and that's because that's when new elections will be held in South Korea after the last person is now headed for jail. Until then, there is no stable government and no one to reign in Trump. Until then, the US can do as it wants. After that, they have to deal with a new leader who will most likley want no part in a scenario that destroys the Korea peninsula in total. Therefore, it is more likely than not that anything that will occur will happen before then. If we make it to May 9th, that may give us more breathing room assuming the South Koreans don't vote in their own version of Trump and then we are all doomed.
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To remind my readers again the feast days of Baal are upon us. I have no idea if Baal is real or not and even I admit the whole thing sounds stupid but I cannot deny how bad things go for the final two weeks of April. If war was going to break out, if history is any indication, it will be before the end of the month. Pray that we see May because at this point it seems about 50/50. If war does break out, get to someplace like Greenland, New Zealand or any other out of the way place. The rest of the planet will look like death and ash.

Fuck Trump. Fuck Kim. Fuck anyone who supports either of these two assholes. Nuff said.

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