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Happy 420 y'all. Smoke em if you got em because Orange Hitler is becoming unhinged. I hear dumbass is trying to cram an Obamacare replacement through Congress next week, which would be a tall order in and itself but two major hurdles face it: the looming debt ceiling and the Senate. First off, both houses are going to be busy trying to keep the lights on which is by no means a sure thing. There are all sorts of ways the government could shut down and lead to all sorts of problems. If somehow though, they manage to cram something through the House, chances are high that what was in it to get the Freedom Caucus to vote on it will make it equally toxic in the Senate. House representatives only have to worry about their narrow band of constituents while Senators have a whole state to hold on to. Kill health care and the House and the Senate both go blue in 2018 guaranteed. This is a suicide pact. Good luck guys. Just remember when you literally are telling people to get busy dying, don't be surprised when they show up at your door heavily armed, pissed with zero to lose! Life in prison is still better than death anywhere else.
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But that is in the more far fetched, wishful thinking stage. More pressing is the constant war drums going on about Syria, North Korea, and now for some inexplicable reason, Iran. Of all the utterly stupid people Trump has surrounded himself with, and there are some doozies, Rex Tillerson is the worst of the worst. His job is so important and this fuckwad has been AWFUL at it so far. He comes across as an moody twat which is not the demeanor you want for the top diplomat in the country. When you look back and think to yourself  "Wow, maybe John Kerry wasn't that bad after all," you know you've hit rock bottom.

This week, for no apparent reason, and not one day after Trump declared that Iran WAS in compliance with the nuclear agreement we reached with them, this sour fuck started screaming about Iran and how dangerous the are. I have four words for you. SHUT! THE! FUCK! UP! My God, we have enough problems right now without you acting like a deranged Hitler and deciding yeah we can fight multiple wars on several fronts at once. That worked so well for the Germans. Idiot.

First off, the Iran nuke deal is the best we are going to get. Can we let Iran get nukes? Never. I said the same about North Korea more than twenty years ago, unbelievably predicting with razor point accuracy how all of this was going to play out and that was decades ago. If I could have predicted this outcome, others certainly did as well. But not our politicians who played kick the can one too many times and now it has bounced off a wall and hit us directly in the head. North Korea is a SERIOUS problem that few seem to accept.
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Let's put this into its simplest terms. North Korea is run by a guy who may literally think he is a God. Study what effect madness played into the end of the Ottoman Empire and why locking future leaders in solitary for long periods of time is not a great way to run a society. The same is what has happened here although the imprisoning here is more of an isolationist nature than of physically locking people away as the Ottoman's did with catastrophic results. The same will happen here. Kim has been brought up to believe he is immortal, infallible and beyond questioning, otherwise known as a God. Let's say he really believes this. If that is so, and I have every reason to believe I am correct here knowing what I know about psychology (a subject I have studied relentlessly for years), Kim is truly dangerous and most likely, quite mad.

So we have one psycho with nukes while we here have an idiot with zero military experience, no political experience in handling foreign crises like this and a staff that seems more akin to eating Play-do than strategy. Tillerson is so far out of his depth it's frightening. I can't help but make evil Penguin noises every time I see his sour puss. He makes Dick Cheney look cuddly. Threatening Iran is beyond stupid. The nuke deal all but makes sure it will be a decade before they can get the bomb. Without the deal, they can start tomorrow. Which is better in the long term, tomorrow or ten years? That shouldn't even be debatable but because we have morons running the show again, w are headed for the same disaster that W. got us into and more fake wars.
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Syria is a lie. Assad does not appear to have gassed his own people and the evidence seems conclusive on that. We watched the intelligence community say trust us when it came to WMD's and Iraq. They lied. Now they expect to believe more nonsense when the facts seem to prove otherwise. Fuck you. I am not that stupid. Modern society seems not to understand that once trust is lost, it is gone forever. And because the intelligence community, the government and even the goddamned media, all scammed us into a fucked up war that never should have happened, the world broke and it still isn't fixed. North Korea got nukes when we were too busy playing soldier in the Middle East when the true enemy skated away and now we have the first real chance at WW3.

Make no mistake how precarious a situation we are in. We are talking about attacking Syria again, at least Nikki Haley is to the UN. We are threatening Iran. And every major power on Earth is moving troops, equipment and artillery to the North Korean area. We are one fuck up away from the end of everything. Considering we have no idea where out Navy seems to be heading I am not filled with confidence on this.

Here's the big issue. North Korea will never willingly give up nukes and the US will not accept a nuclear armed North Korea with ICBM's. See the problem. It's the same with the Palestinians and the Israelis. One wants the right to return, the other says no fucking way. And thus no peace is possible because there will be no settlement on this point either anytime soon.

Make no mistake about it: at some point, because we elected morons like Bush into office and now Trump, war is going to happen and a BIG one at that. How big? We could kill all life on the planet bad. Total nuclear war is a distinct possibility for the first time in my entire life. As a matter of fact the last time we came this close to ending it all in was 1963 and Cubans were trying to get nukes. The world came this close to ending. And here we are again, more than fifty years later and nothing has changed.
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Best case scenario at this point is a hundred million dead. Had we ended this war when we could have, this number would be one tenth as high. But because we refuse to fight wars the way we should, we may all die as a result. God knows what is coming but chances are none of it is good.

Sorry to harsh your buzz on 4/20 but things look rough and about to get rougher. Party hard today because tomorrow may be a radioactive wasteland. Christ, how did we get to this point?

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