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First off, let me say that my predictions about imminent war have been horrific at best. They almost always seem to be wrong but not always. I did predict attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia with amazing accuracy and many months previous. However, others, such as predictions of a Middle East war back in 1999 actually helped shutter some companies when employees stayed home in droves to wait for an Armageddon that never arrived. Oops.
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Usually, I admit my own failings and have stayed away from these kind of predictions for some time now. But this time it's different. All the things you look for in an hostile escalation are occurring as we speak and that is not in doubt. What also cannot be ignored is that we have two man-babies with nuclear weapons. I keep hearing from fools (Mike Riveria I am looking at you) who keep saying just because we have never used nuclear weapons in a war since WW2, we shouldn't worry about Iran or North Korea getting nukes. This flies in the face of today where an unstable persona with nukes now is meeting another unstable person with nukes. This won't end well.

The only good news is that China has been sending messages that if North Korea keeps up acting like a spoiled child in need of a time out, China may spank them hard. While they have been telling us not to attack North Korea or else, they have been spending far more time warning their neighbor the same. They have accurately noted that a nuclear armed country will NEVER be allowed by the US and with good reason. A psycho with nukes could destabilize the whole region, affecting China badly as well. State TV there has warned the midget ruler that if decides to go through with his nuke test on Saturday, China will cut off all aid to the country, which will led to it's ultimate death as they have no way to continue without Chinese help. They have already stationed hundreds of thousands of troops along the border to prevent any mass exodus across their border when things go ugly there.
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However, China realizes that any attack upon North Korea will have disastrous results to everyone around it, including itself. It has strongly told both sides that war will be a huge risk and millions could die. It is because of this that I issue this warning. If you are in Japan or South Korea right now, leave. There are unconfirmed reports about Pyongyang being evacuated which would be a big deal if true, but so far is alleged at best. What isn't in doubt is that may be headed for a giant war that probably won't affect most of us here at home, but war is a big unknown and anything could happen.

Then we have Syria. The Trump administration has "confirmed" Syria as the culprit behind the sarin gas attack but refuses to give any evidence beyond "trust us." You guys lost that right over the years cultivating in getting us into a war in 2003 for no reason whatsoever and then did nothing to arrest the people responsible. And that was just the final straw in decades of fake wars. As a matter of fact, while I don't ascribe to all of them, just about every war ever here in the US has been met with some degree of suspicion. Both Gulf Wars and Vietnam were fake wars. The other have clouds of suspicion. With that history, why should believe anything the government says?

The best reason to question the official story is because it makes zero sense. Why would Assad, on the verge of winning this war and about to enter peace talks, fire chemical weapons at civilians? Militarily, this is beyond stupid. It galvanizes opinion against you, hurts your chances of peace and damages world leaders views. There is NO upside to this attack so why do it?

Theodore Postol, a professor at MIT and a top expert in missiles attacks (he used to work for the Pentagon and has spoke before Congress as a recognized expert) says he sees no evidence of Syria behind this attack. He went even further to say what he has seen from declassified reports in no way suggests what the White House has said about Syria, making giant mistakes and huge leaps of faith to sell their narrative. The MSM keeps telling us the 2013 chemical attack was by Assad but almost every study about that, including ones by the UN and our own government, say that Assad had NOTHING to do with it and was actually carried out by the the rebels, a fact I have said for years. Yet, we keep being lied to and then told to trust them. Fuck that!

Here's is a link to that site:

It's fascinating to see everything they told us is fake. Trump keeps screaming about fake news and then gives us all a big ole heap of it. Postol, who would know more than us, is telling us it's all a lie. Yet, we are going full steam ahead with the narrative that Assad did it. And now we have regime change which seems to be a broken record at this point. I agree with Ann Coulter in this instance in that even if Assad IS guilty, I don't care. Regime change has made the world worse, not better, and every time we get involved, far more die than if we did nothing. Assad sucks but he's not a threat to anyone but his own people and ISIS. Let them duke it out and kill however survives then. Until then, we should butt out.
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All of this is moot if we go to war this weekend which is about a 50/50 split at this point. And those are not odds I want to bet on.

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