Thursday, April 6, 2017


If all you saw today was that Neil Gorsuch is going to be confirmed to the Supreme Court after Congress idiotically got rid of the filibuster, you would think the Republicans had a good day. This could have long term detriment to the GOP if they lose Congress in 2018, which right now seems likely, and the White House in 2020. If Democrats get to pick say three Supreme Court picks after the next election, the Republicans will be shit out of luck stopping any of it. This is typical of the country where short term gains are celebrated over long term goals.
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However, this was the only bit of good news today as everything else was either a blatant lie or bad news for the right. Susan Rice has been all over the news after Trump made another baseless argument ripped right from Fox and Friends which is the equivalent of doing something because your dog told you to. Right now our president is Son Of Sam and if that doesn't frighten you, you're an idiot. Let's me be clear as to this whole bit of nonsense. SUSAN RICE DID NOTHING WRONG YOU FUCKING MORONS AND STOP TELLING ME SHE DID!!!! She leaked nothing to no one who didn't have clearance to hear it. Everything she did looks to be part of her job. No press was involved, nor anyone without a right to know so what is the FUCKING problem? I am sick to death of this president making up something he heard from a less than reliable source and we all have to ask if it happened or not.
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Meanwhile, both behind closed doors and well out in the public a civil war is going on in the White House. After Steve Bannon got removed from the Security Council, Breitbart started running anti Jared Kushner stories non stop. No coincidence there as Bannon was the former head of said site. Then there was a closed door meeting between Trump staff and House Republicans that went very poorly. Attendees used the words "total chaos" and "meltdown" to describe the incident in which Trump was thoroughly pissed at Ryan for failing to get Trumpcare passed and wanted him gone from his leadership position which House Republicans didn't care to hear. It's not like there is anyone clamoring for the speakership job right now, one that even Ryan had to be dragged kicking and screaming into. He may even vulnerable in the next election now. Ha Ha.

You would think after all of that there would be no more news and you would be wrong. Devin Nunes was forced out of the House Intelligence Committee today, which he insists is only temporary, after ethics charges were filed against him for leaking classified information. So the guy looking into leaks in the Trump administration is now be looked at for the same thing. Awesome job guys.

As all of this plays out, we have not one but two areas of the planet that Trump is weighing on what to do: Syria and North Korea. The former is easy: we do nothing. I am sick and tired of the US getting involved with every spat anywhere because some fucking child is getting the shaft. I. DON'T. CARE! Life sucks. Get over it  We can't fight every fight and fighting in Syria is suicide. American interests are not affected by this and every possible thing we could do will make it worse and even more are going to get killed as a result. To be honest, I don't get the hate for Assad. Yes he's a dictator who may have killed his own people in mass numbers but at the same time is a zero threat to the US if in power. We have to stop making moral equivalents and realize who the real enemies are. Assad may be a butcher but he won't tolerate extremists and that is much more important right now. If we continue on this trajectory with terrorism, one day one of these idiots will kill millions. Getting rid of Assad, while a moral victory, could also end the planet. Priorities people.
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North Korea is another matter and a serious one at that. I recommended all out war in 2006 when they first tested a nuclear weapon. They should have been wiped from the Earth there and then but President Retard was busing playing war in Iraq and Afghainstan, the former of which we should never have gotten involved in and later which we screwed up by not fighting wars the way we should. Occupying a country is idiotic and counter productive. Blowing away infrastructure and every major terrorist site regardless of where it is and this war against terrorism would already be over. But because civilian casualties can NEVER happen, and if they do then cover them up, we are stuck in these never ending wars that do as much damage to us as them. No one wins here.

I have no idea what Trump will do with either but it won't be smart of good. Nothing he has done so far suggests that it will be credible in anyway. Military actions are being eyed for both and that is NOT a good idea. Syria will entangle us with Russia and North Korea could start WW3. And we have Orange Man-Baby as our president. Chances are good none of us see Christmas at this rate.

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