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As bad a week as Trump and others had, United was far, far worse. They showed you first hand what they think of you, which is baggage. If you are dumb enough to fly United, a crappy airline I have done everything to avoid for some years now, you are everything wrong with this country. Unless there is no other option, this airline should be dead last on your travel schedule. Walk first. There were so many assholes this week I had to dial up the tally to 11. Let's see those runner ups.
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11)Kenneth Adkins- It has been my experience that the more religious you are, the more likely you are to be a total creep. This ass has been front and center with his anti-gay and transgender views, once praising the Pulse Nightclub shooter for killing gay people. Now, fuckwad is going to jail for, wait for it, eight counts of child molestation. Douche liked to have two underage teens have sex in front of him many, many times and would have sex himself with the girl on occasion. Now, he gets to see first hand how gay sex works. God works in mysterious ways doesn't he?

10)Chechnya Death Camps- It is been alleged that gay people in Chechnya are being put to death by the hundreds as Islamic purges seem to be growing. Journalists trying to report on the story have been threatened and say they fear for the safety. Nice. The MSM have done their usual ability to completely miss important stories and have said nothing about this. More on the later but this is unacceptable. There is an opportunity here to make some peace with Russia but no one will actually do it because this world wants war. It's coming. Bet on it.

9)Alabama Governor Robert Bentley- Apparently dumbass never heard the expression "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Once again a "family values" idiot gets caught Kenneth Adkins style betraying everything he allegedly believed in by cheating on his wife, which last I looked is a venal sin. His wife had found out about the affair and then set about to ruin him which she accomplished quite well. She taped conversations between Bentley and his mistress and then used that during their divorce to slam him into next week. He was forced to step down this week after impeachment hearings started (using taxpayer money to pay for his mistress is a big no no) and even in blood red Alabama, couldn't stop the slide. Fuck off douchebag.

8)Bill O'Reilly- This guy is an ass and always has been. After it came out that this pig sexually harassed five women to the tune of over $13 million in payouts, public opinion turned big against him and over sixty major advertisers quit the show, echoing Rush Limbaugh's similar fate. As a result, O'Reilly has been forced into a vacation and his return is questionable as the profitably of that show just tanked. Rush is still on somehow, but he has other revenue streams that must profit the radio stations as well. Fox does not have that luxury and because of that The O'Reilly Factor may be yesterday's news.
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7)Sean Spicer- You would think that the person hired to be press secretary would at least have the ability to speak well but that went up in the air this week. First, Spicer decided to rewrite history and claim erroneously that Hitler never gassed anyone, somehow missing the six million dead Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies and other undesirables in places like Dachau and Auschwitz. He then went back up to the podium to fix the problem and made it worse when he said that obviously Hitler killed people in "Holocaust Centers," which no one ever has called these awful places before. He wasn't even off the stage before his aides started telling what to apologize for next. And all of this happened on Passover. Sigh.

6)The Democrats- For the love of all that good and holy in this world, stop praising Trump for his idiotic attack on Syria. It wasn't smart, it wasn't well thought out, and appears to be complete bullshit (more on that later). He is a dangerous tyrant whose every action should be treated as if he just ass raped a kitten. Just like they did to Obama. Get with the program. And please start treating 2018 as if your life depends on it because it does. I swear to God if you guys keep running brain dead identity politicians who CANNOT win just to score social justice points, there isn't going to be country left. GROW A PAIR!

5)Assad and Russia- You guys are not helping your cause. As I will explain soon, the attack on the Syrian base appears to be a false flag operation most likley set off by ISIS. However, as the two leaders of these countries come across as dangerous demagogues, no one believes them that they had nothing to do with it. Can Assad not control his army who is winning and doesn't need to resort to atrocities to win? Can Putin go one day without looking like he swallowed a lemon? Still, these two won't end the world, just damage it further.
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4)North Korea- These guys are fucking dangerous. Know this though that no matter who was president, just about everything that happened this past week would have been done regardless. Hillary would have followed the same game plan, making me question if the president has any real power as everyone who gets in does the same idiotic crap regardless of previous promises. This is a country we should have beat way back in the 50's but when we refused to cut off Chinese supply lines to the country, the war was never going to end. And it still hasn't as we are still technically at war with North Korea. Now we've kicked the can down the road, avoiding war in 1994 and again in 2003, when at both instances the nation should have been knocked into next week, Instead we waited and instead of hundreds of thousands to millions dead, we are now looking at one hundred times that number, especially if they have capabilities we don't know about. Kim tried to fire off one of his new missiles this week but it blew up on the pad. I have a feeling some Korean scientist and his family are taking an extended dirt nap. War is coming, most likley before the month is out.

3)MSM- I have HAD IT with the fucking press. How can they possibly be this bad at their job? It takes real skill to suck this hard. All week all I heard from the press was Syria bombed their own people with sarin gas and that's that. Except it isn't. This week, one of the top experts ON EARTH, Theodore Postol, (Dean Emeritus at MIT, expert on missile damage and chemical weapon dispersion patterns) wrote not one, not two. but three papers all of which state that according to his expert opinion, the "sarin gas" attack on Syria was bullshit and he can prove it. Photos and video taken show no evidence of any chemical weapon and lots of reasons to doubt it's authenticity, which our government never bothered to do. The best we heard is the government has "high confidence" in their evidence. which is Newspeak for "we have no evidence and therefore will never show you anything." Postol went on to accuse McMaster, head of the NSA, of treason for knowingly attacking Syria with all the evidence against what they are telling us is. 2003 again anyone? Postol also said either Trump is an idiot easily led or in on the whole thing. I know which my money is on and it's that he's stupid. Still doesn't excuse him or our press from once again lying to us to get into a war. They still keep saying Assad gassed his own people in 2013 even though the UN report says that's not what happened and the NYT was forced to print a retraction about that accusation as well. Yet, there's Don Lemon telling me that Assad DID gas his own people in 2013 and that's all there is to tell about it. Fuck you, Don. Just fuck you.

2)Donald Trump- What an asshole. He did get Neil Gorshich jammed into office, effectively stealing the seat from Merick Garland and that was as far as his highlight reel went. Syria was a bust as the airport was fully operational a day later, regardless of what Trump and his minion were spinning. For all we know, this was all a big dog and pony show where we launched a few missiles are an empty base to make both sides look good. No real damage was done which makes me very suspicious. Fat Orange Hitler is back at Mar-a-Lago again, for his four hundredth trip there. So much for never playing golf or taking vacations which is all he seems to do. I am truly frightened as to what this ass is going to do over North Korea. As he 180'd on everything he promised this week (isolationist to warmonger, export bank bad, no wait good. Yellen sucks, no I like her), my head hurts from watching it all. His supporters are not thrilled that he is mirroring Obama in promises crushed in the first 100 days. The only difference is I knew 100 days in Obama was an ass. What are Trump supporters excuses? If you support Trump still, you're dumber than he is. Riots broke out yesterday for just that reason. I can tell you if you are dumb enough to wear one of Trump's red trucker hats, don't expect to get a rave reactions and may instead get your ass kicked which you would deserve for being an ass. Trump is dangerous and if you can't see that, you're just as bad.
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1)United- You know you had a bad week if you can out Trump Trump, which is exactly what this third rate airline did. To be fair, I FUCKING HATE United. I have had bad experiences on these flights and avoid them like the plague when I can. But because our previous moron president allowed every merger he could, we have far fewer airlines to pick from and fewer ways to fight back. This week, United though it was a great idea to drag an elderly Asian man off a plane so they could put more important people on instead. All of this was on tape which created a PR nightmare. CEO Oscar Nunez didn't help when he praised his staff for doing the right thing causing a wild fire in the process. After almost a billion dollars of stock loss later, Nunez tried to apologize again and again, with middling success. Then right after all of this on another flight, another passenger was bitten by a scorpion while in the air. Good times. This has had some good news in that flights will up their bribe rate ten fold for bumping with Delta saying they will go as high as ten thousand dollars if they have to. That would have worked out better than what United did which was bail at 800 dollars, even though nothing was stopping them from going higher. Instead, they thought storm trooper tactics were far better. They were not. The guards that dragged him off have been fired and the airport, airline and city are all getting sued. The doctor is going to win big all of which could have been avoided with the smallest ounce of common sense. But we don't have that anymore and instead resort to violence first as a fallback. Dangerous idea because had I been on that plane there is no way I wouldn't have gotten involved. Keep pushing guys because some of us ready to push back. Fuck you United and your shitty airline. You are indeed douchebag of the week.


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