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Hot on the heels of yesterday's column about rank stupidity, in comes Sean Spicer who somehow, someway stuck both feet in his mouth and then tried to cram in a few more. Dumbass started his epic fail by inexplicably saying "Hitler never used chemical weapons." Right. The fact this happened on Passover was not lost on well, just about everyone. Then Spicer had to come back to the podium where he tried to explain, and just like the United CEO, turned a raging bonfire into a nuclear explosion. I am still at a loss for how this guy couldn't come up words like "concentration camps," or even "death camps, but instead invented the term Holocaust centers, which sounds like a place to go to learn about the era, not experience it first hand. He hadn't even gone off stage the second time before aides were already in damage control.
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Things are not going well in Trumpland. Spicer is in so much hot water, they trotted out Propaganda Barbie yesterday which went as about well as could be expected. In the interview she bristled at the idea that Trump didn't like a particular NYT reporter and demanded to know where the reporter had heard that. When he responded that Trump told him this personally, she fumbled for an answer. Like clockwork isn't it?

Things are no better for Bannon who idiotically picked a fight with Trump's son in law, who is also a democrat and now Bannon appears to be on the outs. Word is he is keeping a low profile right now, especially after his recent demotion, and fears he may be fired. If he does, the alt-right may start to think Trump has been hijacked by the "deep state," and abandon him accordingly. They are not happy Flynn is gone and blame the shadow government for his demise. They are also worried that they are leading Trump into WW3, and here is something they and I agree on: no more stupid wars. The attack on Syria accomplished less than nothing and there are scary signs we may be headed for a conflict with North Korea.

The head of the NSA HR McMaster is allegedly the guy who wanted the Syria strike and is now whispering in Trump's ear about North Korea. If he is anything like some of the generals I have met, he's an idiot with less knowledge than I have about military endeavors. Now while I have spent decades studying military strategies, I certainly have a step up from the average Joe but to talk to some of these guys who should know far more than I, have usually been far more frightening. The only one I have known to have a brain was Stormin' Norman whose battles in the first gulf war were impressive stuff. To be fair McMaster had a pretty good attack plan for the Hammurabi Tank division during the second Gulf War, has a PHD in American history and wrote a book about why we failed in Vietnam. Why he would be advocating these kind of attacks with that background surprises me.
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There are signs that we are headed toward fascism. The way Trump ran his campaign was very similar to people like Hitler and especially Mussolini who resembled Trump eerily and to which the the Hillary camp never exploited. Look at the people who voted for him: the  the rich and those without a college degree. Just like Hitler who picked a majority of his votes from rural areas. Both used racial attacks to bolster their popularity.  Mind you he is much less savvy than either of those two lunatics and for that we can thank God.

And true to form, once fascists get into power, they screw over everyone they don't need. The Nazi's called themselves a socialist party, preached socialist ideals and once in power, not only ignored all their promises, they arrested all the socialists dumb enough to vote for them. Trump has pissed on the lower class at every instance. Trumpcare was a huge theft of money for the rich while literally killing tens of thousands of people. And he wondered why people hated it. Trump is consolidating power in a different way than the TPP would have, which if enacted would have ended national sovereignty for corporate rule. Instead, he is removing all regulations and laws that keep us safe and healthy but hurt corporate profits. This is barely better.

Privatization is one of the rallying cries of the fascist state. The GOP has been the front runner for this for decades now. It also bears reminding people that these are the same assholes who tried to overthrow FDR in 1933 and established a fascist state then. Nothing has changed except the year. It's one of my major reasons to not vote Republican ever, a fact I'll admit I haven't always kept as sometimes the Democratic candidate is worse (Martha Coakley I am looking at you). The Germans called the act of privatizing everything, Gleichschaltung which translates as "bringing in line." This led to the complete control of all industry and anti-Jewish, non-Aryan laws created to steal whatever they wanted from anyone deemed OTHER. These led to the Enabling Acts, something Trump will emulate when he either creates a false flag to get us involved in Syria or North Korea or just decides to to say to hell with it and attack first. All options are on the table right now which should scare the crap out of you.

Trump will need to destroy unions (right to work laws nationally), the media (FAKE NEWS!) and political parties (the democrats are hardly doing a bang up job lately) to keep the ball rolling. So as seen, our slide to fascism is already starting and has been for years. Go back and read my 14 Signs of Fascism in the US column, which was written five years ago and predicted with eerie accuracy where we are today. We have been in a proto-fascist state for years. Trump may be the guy to go all the way with that, exactly as I said it would years back.

We are already seeing signs that the intelligence community may be in his cross hairs. Trump came down hard on Comey for what he said was light treatment for Hillary who he said "should have been locked up." Steve Feinberg,  another billionaire in a cabinet filled to the hilt with them, is being asked to head up an investigation into the intelligence apparatuses He owns Cerberus, and now owner of Dynacorp, a private mercenary group allegedly known for sexual crimes such as rape and human trafficking. No charges have ever been filed but that is due to fucked up laws governing individuals in war zones and outside US interests where it is next to impossible to do anything about it. These, along with Blackwater, whose owner is the brother of Betsy DeVos, could be the stormtroopers Trump uses down the road. This is how we get Hitler corp-like troops.
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We are headed for disaster people. We are fast approaching the Feast Days of Baal, which sounds like made-up hooey, but even I cannot deny that a lot of really bad things happen world wide the last two week of April, particularly around 4/20 and almost always involving dead children, which is maybe not coincidentally what Baal demands sacrifice of. Whether you believe this or not is unimportant because facts show that these last two weeks have more deadly issues than any other time period on a regular basis. And they are coming at the same time Orange Hitler seems poised to attack North Korea, an attack that may end the planet as we know it. Millions may die. And if it happens around that time period, which seems likely at this point, will my theory about Baal hold up?

Fascism is coming people. Prepare.

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