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Feel free to go back and read my previous columns about what would happen if Trump became President. Killing the TPP. Check. Destroying the environment. Check. Giving huge tax breaks to rich people. Failed but is actively trying it. Starting WW3. He is barreling toward that one. Eisenhower and Kennedy both warned us of the MIC and how dangerous they are. Who else could convince Trump to do a 180 and attack Syria, something he promised he would never do unless forced to. An alleged attack of chemical weapons by Assad led to this even though he didn't ask Congress and we the public have seen zero proof of Assad's involvement. To be honest, I can come up with no logical reason to use chemical weapons in this instance as he is winning, America just the day before said we had no interest in regime change and then this. We keep getting lied to by our government and then they wonder why we don't trust a word that comes out of their mouth, Let's see those runner ups as we rocket toward the end of the world. Just remember America, you voted for this.
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10)Ghost in The Shell- I saw this film this week and generally liked it. Was it as good as the original? No. But it was visually impressive and ScarJo was fine in it, whitewashing aside which, to be fair, would have generated better press had they put a Japanese actress in the part. However, as she was a Japanese girl put into the body of a white android, this was not as open and shut as the SJW would like you to believe. I think it would have been a better movie had they even touched on the race switcheroo which is barely mentioned, but that was hardly the biggest problem. As I knew before even going in, the PG-13 rating was stupid for this film. I own the original, which is unrated, bloody and filled with nudity and sex. This film has none of that. The magna comic all of this based on is even more sexual, exploring the main charters bisexuality, a fact hinted at in the film, but sanitized due to the shitty rating. You can't make a PG-13 movie for a fan base much older. No one under 18 could have cared less about this project and the BO showed that. Stop making films safe and film them as the material demands. Trust me you'll make more money this way and have less flops which so far in 2017 have been chock full of. You guys need way better screenwriters, Call me. I am available and have half a dozen ready to go.

9)Pepsi- Every so often, somebody does something so tone deaf it is shocking. This time it is Pepsi and Kendall Jenner teaming up to shoot the world's dumbest commercial. In it, Jenner walked through a generic protest after a photo shoot and calms everything down by giving cop a Pepsi. People rightfully had a fit about it, saying it diminishes protests to sell a fucking can of soda. Last night's SNL had a great parody as Beck Bennet played the writer/director of the commercial proudly calling his family to tell then about it right before it is set to shoot. One by one they tell him it is a terrible idea yet he has no choice but to go through with it. It was hysterical because somewhere out there, this actually happened. Some idiot wrote and directed this turd and all his buddies know it. It got pulled a day later but will live on in the internet forever.

8)Recep Erdogan- If anyone wants to see our future, look no further than Turkey. Their leader is a dangerous madman intent on grabbing all the power until he is a true dictator praised by his crazed followers intent on going wherever his madness takes them. In this country, if you still think Trump is doing a good job, you're an idiot. Overseas in Turkey, they are going to hold a vote to make Erdogan president for life or some bullshit and end democracy there once and for all. The consequences for this cannot be lost on us where we face similar circumstances as a brainless public screams for Trump as he tries to take away our health insurance, the environment and all regulations on everything that keep us alive. The cold opener on SNL last night had Trump in Kentucky at a rally and telling the cheering crowd how he plans to kill them all which they eat up. That is dead on. What happens in Turkey could have serious ramifications for us all, not to mention a window into our future.
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7)Coal Voters- See above. You guys got SCAMMED so bad. You might as well a SUCKER sign around you for voting for Orange Hitler. So far, he and his fellow GOP assholes have taken away health insurance from 17,000 miners, ended regulations that keep people in that area from drinking lead water and LIED through his teeth about bringing your jobs back which are NEVER coming back. Now had the She-Bitch that ran against him mentioned this even once, she might have done better in the states she lost. Instead, she promised them she would fuck them out of their jobs and throw them to the wolves. Yeah, that'll get them to vote for you. She could have said coal is going away, it's not coming back due to natural gas and renewable energy being the future. She could have also said that we would need their expertise in other fields like precious metal mining or even constructions for new tunnels, perhaps the Elon Musk idea about tube travel at high speed. Someone has to dig those tunnels. But nope just venom.  I get why you didn't vote for her but Trump was even worse as you have all discovered. How pissed are you going to be in six months when those jobs he promised never show up?

6)Mitch McConnell and the Nuclear Option- I HATE Mitch McConnell. He has done more damage to this country than any president at this point. He's turned the Senate into the House and could be in the verge of eliminating the filibuster completely. This would be a disaster as it was for the Supreme Court which is now going to allow extremists judges into the highest court, with truly damaging results. Roe vs Wade could be overturned. The pronoun HIM could be judged sexist. God knows what will happen if the court is constantly shifting one way or another depending on who is in office when a pick arrives. If this happens with legislation, we could see radical shifts in law depending on the whims of the moment. This would break society. Fuck you McConnell for making it happen.

5)North Korea- We are on a collusion course with two man babies. Due to Orange Hitler acting like a two year old and striking at Syria with less than stellar results, the North Koreans have accelerated the nuclear program (which I predicted would happen) and said we are at the brink of war. In response. Trump has de-escalated the situation by calling for immediate peace talks and a normalization of relations. I'm kidding, He sent a fleet of warships to sit off the coast which isn't helping at all. We are one miscalculation away from the end of the world people and the only person who can prevent it is Donald Trump. Excuse me while I go have a good cry.
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4)Steve Bannon- The former Breitbart editor and Trump adviser got a smackdown this week when he was removed from the Security Council which, contrary to White House reports, did not go well. He threatened to quit, and soon after, his website was going after Jared Kushner hard, the person who is his apparent rival. Word is Reince Preibus and Bannon may be on their way out, getting the blame for the failed roll-out of immigration policies and health care. Trump world is in turmoil. Good,

3)Devin Nunes- Dumbass had to step down from the intelligence committee this week after it came out he was being investigated by the ethics council for giving out classified information, something I wrote about weeks ago. Nice to see someone is paying attention. This guy is so incompetent that he may have single handedly destroyed his career. He went to the WH, met with some people he swore were not WH officials but of course were, to get some top secret info. He then held a press conference, in which he told them about classified material, before even addressing the rest of the committee, including fellow republicans. Then, he back to the WH to tell Trump who must have already known as it came from his people. Another press conference later and he was pretty much toast.  Oh, and then he finally got the rest of the committee up to speed. Better late than never right? This guy is a tool.

2)MSM- Is it too much to ask for you people to DO YOUR FUCKING JOB!!!!!!!????? I watched newscasters orgasm over missiles being fired at an empty air base never questioning once whether what the WH was telling is was accurate. They have been majorly wrong about this before, still refusing to question whether the similar attack in 2013 might not have been Assad either. I have seen ZERO proof of Assad's involvement even though I have heard we tracked a plane from that base to the attack. If true, let's see it then because both the government and MSM's word means less than squat. They tricked us into a useless war in 2003. They fail to acknowledge that the unemployment rate is far higher than it is, even though they did way back in 2009 and then inexplicably stopped. Their credibility is shit. And then I have to suffer through idiots talking about Trump "acting" presidential, when anyone with a brain will see what he has done is illegal, unconstitutional and destabilizing. But those missiles were sure purty weren't they?
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1)Trump and the MIC- I knew Trump was stupid but even I didn't see this coming. War with North Korea? Sure. Destructive domestic policies? Absolutely. Attacking Syria? WTF? For years, this dork has been right about the fact we should stay out of Syria. He even said so earlier this week. Then a chemical attack happens, with no proof as Assad's involvement, and if true, makes him the world's dumbest leader as only a fool would use a banned weapon when everything is going your way. Assad is winning, peace talks are set to begin and then this? Please! This has all the hallmarks of a false flag, a notion our MSM thinks is as real as the Loch Ness Monster, trickle down economics and non rapey frat boys. The only way this could have occurred is if the generals and Military Industrial Complex saw an opportunity to wage war and convinced Captain Moron that it was a good idea. These are the same assholes that tried to convince Kennedy a preemptive strike on Russia was smart. He wisely disagreed. During the Cuba Missile Crisis, Kennedy and Khrushchev worked behind their general's backs as both realized they were crazy and neither wanted to end the world. That is no longer the case as this proves that because Trump has zero military experience, he can be easily led in whatever direction the warmongers want him to go. This is truly frightening as the chances for an all out war are increasing by the day, including with heavy hitters like Russia or China. The attack on Syria cost us around $100 million dollars and did less than nothing. According to Russia, only 23 missiles hit the base, the rest killing innocent people in nearby towns. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen. What is not in debate is that the attack was reckless, with Russia and Iran threatening us, North Korea is even more belligerent and not without good reason. The attack itself was illegal because Trump didn't ask Congress as he should have and, as Syria was not attacking US interests, we have violated international law as well. Four months in and Trump has already committed a war crime, Nice. We are headed to our own end and some of you will be cheering as the Titanic sinks. Morons. Congratulations Trump and the MIC determined to sell weapons until this planet is a smoldering ash. You are all douchebags of the week.

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