Monday, April 3, 2017


Trump started his morning with his usual Tweet storm, this time hammering Hillary Clinton for some inane reason that absolutely no one cares about such as Podesta's alleged ties to Russia, which matters nothing right now, and complaining about Hillary not apologizing for cheating during the debate. Who gives a shit. She lost. Stop rehashing the election like some faded quarterback reliving his high school days after he became a fat loser. That analogy is oddly fitting. For some one who fat shames women, he's certainly quite the heifer himself.
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On the Circus last night, a brilliant series on Showtime about politics, one of the hosts went across the country talking with Trump supporters. Half were disappointed, half were hopeful but wary and all wanted Trump to stop tweeting. It was the one constant that came up no matter where he went or who he talked to. Supporter or not, everyone hates his Tweeting now. And not without good reason as his tweets are obviously juvenile and dangerous. The escalation between the US and North Korea is a good example.

Both countries have giant man-babies running the show and both have access to nuclear weapons. A recent defector from the North has warned us that Kim Jong Un is unstable and ready and willing to use nuclear weapons if he even suspects an attack coming. He has also stated that Kim will never give up nukes willingly as he sees it as the only way to maintain power. That is a dangerous statement. This means Kim will NEVER agree to talks that give up weapons which is the only thing we will accept. This means a confrontation is all but inevitable and with two idiots in charge, chances are great that a nuclear war will happen, possibly before the year is even up. How scary is that?

While the defector had no knowledge as to how far the nuclear program had advanced but believed that they achieved a much higher level than the west had suspected. His tests on ICBM have the US worried as if they perfect that, they could hit anywhere on Earth. And what happens if this ass starts blackmailing people lest he fire the weapons off to where ever? This is what our military is very concerned about because it would destabilize the planet and all but guarantee a nuclear Armageddon.

On top of all of this, South Korea is mired in it's own problems as their right leaning President was just impeached and now arrested for corruption charges. We can only hope something like that happens here. Who the next leader is could have major implications going forward. Will it be someone interested in confronting Kim or making peace with him? The later could have profound implications on South Korea and US relations.

The issue for North Korea is the internet. He can try to keep out information as much as possible, but people have figured out ways to steal connections and get to the outside world. The defector above got out because his kids had figured out what kind of backassward country they live in and started asking questions that could make them all dead. He figured it was better to run than stay but in doing so, may have damned his brother and sister left behind. As Kim kills his own family with impunity, this is not that far fetched. But people are catching on there that Kim isn't the god they have been told he is. And that is causing cracks to appear for the first time there. This is why Communism fell as once people realized that capitalism was far superior to their own, they revolted and that philosophy died with it. North Korea is happening now.
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But this could lead Kim to want a war, the same way that Trump's constant failures may make him want to start a war to distract from his own misfortunes. We each have a leader that is far more dangerous than we would like and hopefully cooler heads will prevail. Maybe Kim will be overthrown by his own people tired of living in poverty. Maybe Trump will be impeached. Or are we facing a nuclear war in which vast parts of the world disappear. Stay tuned as this crisis gets worse not better.

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