Wednesday, February 15, 2017


If you are defending the Republicans and Trump right now over the Russian hacking scandal, congratulations, you are officially a traitor to the country. This has nothing to do with the left or right or over which side of the aisle you align. If Hillary had done this, I'd be saying the same thing. Of course if Hillary had done this, the insane right would have lynched her by now. But because it's their guy, all I hear are crickets and how they need to stop the leaks coming out of the WH. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? If this is your takeaway from all this, you are either a card carrying communist or the dumbest human in history.
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This is beyond unacceptable. The Russians appear to be exerting control over the PRESIDENT OF THE US and no one seems to care from the Republican side. WTF???!!!! Anyone actually still interested in the fate of the nation should be calling their congresspeople and demanding answers. If you live in Utah or Texas, everyone should be calling for the immediate resignation of Jason Chaffetz and Kevin Brady for actions that border of treason. Anyone who ever wrote one thing about Benghazi should be up in arms about this as this is a million times more serious and an actual scandal. But no, they are still harping about Hillary and Obama like a broken record incapable of understanding they are no longer in any sort of power, The ones that are are driving this country into the ground with the cheering support of people who are now making the mentally challenged look like MENSA members.

Let's point out that Obama had zero scandals for eight years and no Benghazi and Fast and Furious don't count because the former was bullshit and the latter had nothing to do with Obama (It was a poorly thought out DOJ operation which Obama likely knew nothing about). This is about the Russians literally taking over the country while Senate and House Republicans stall for answers. This is not okay. If you can't do your job when a foreign power attacks our sovereignty, while flaunting military power with no push back, you shouldn't be in office and need to be removed ASAP.
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The Russians just showed off an illegal missile and parked a warship off the coast of CT and this country said NOTHING! Again, imagine if Hillary had done this. Meanwhile, Orange Hitler just said that the real problem are the leaks coming out. NOOOOOO!!! The real problem is the Russians are interfering with sovereign states and should be pushed back upon with sanctions so hard it will make their balls shrivel. Plus, the Hatecicle we have as president is pushing NATO to pay back some of the money they owe, which is a good thing, but I wouldn't destroy the organization for it either. Putin would just love that and then we will start seeing Russia become the new world power when we fall AND OUR PRESIDENT IS HELPING!!!!

The Republican party needs to be branded as traitors to this country and dealt with accordingly. If anyone is still stupid enough to be following this crap, call them what they are: COMMUNISTS! Wear the sickle and hammer proudly or shut the fuck up. There is no other choice. This is a watershed moment for the country and if people don't wise up quick, there is going to be a civil war. And don't believe the nonsense that only Republicans own guns. They don't. I know lots of democrats who have a war room of legal weapons. If this keeps up, don't be surprised if some start to decide using them. I would recommend a far less lethal option personally, but we are through the looking glass here.

On a quick side note about Flynn which many in the Republican party are either too stupid to comprehend or are intentionally trying to muddy the waters with, it is NOT illegal for him to be recorded on wire taps. This was not a illegal use of the surveillance state. He was recorded because of WHO he was talking to. Flynn wasn't the target. The Russians were. This is nothing new as we have been doing this for decades and it is simply shocking that a man who was going to head the NSA didn't know this. If I call a mob boss and get recorded while talking to him, I can't argue that the tap was illegal against me as I WASN'T THE TARGET. Neither was Flynn.
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Trump was screwed the minute he went against the intelligence agencies. Kennedy tried that and he got killed because of it. Nixon did the same thing and then came Watergate. Trump decided to play hardball with a group that has everyone's secrets. I have it in good authority from contacts within these groups that they HATE Trump with the intensity of a thousand suns due to his rank incompetence and animosity toward them. Word is they are "going to go nuclear" against Trump which means I have a feeling soon there are going to be damning info against Trump leaked to the press and then impeachment for Trump and possibly Pence, meaning soon we could have President Ryan. Trump supporters will go ballistic when this happens as they despise Ryan and then we see signs of civil war again.

Because the democrats ran the most worthless human being against a caricature, we are stuck with the realization that this nation may be nearing it's end. And oddly, it will be because the Republican party decided national interests didn't matter. When bullets start flying their way from a beyond angry public, they are going to have a few seconds of soul searching before their bullet ridden bodies bleed out. One way or another, this is going to end badly. I truly hope a peaceful way can be found, but right now, I say that is not likely. You asked for this America. Now, we going to get it bad.

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