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These assholes are going to kill us all. Trump wants a health care plan now. The GOP on the other hand, has nothing, because their plan was stolen by Obama and worked about as well as it was ever going to. When the Heritage Foundation is where the idea originated, you know it's a dog long term. So they continue to squabble among themselves, conjuring up images of Nero fiddling as the country burns. This is not going to end well for anyone. Let's see those runner ups in another week rocketing toward the Apocalypse.
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10)James O'Keefe- The king of fake news got punked this week when undercover agents caught him on camera trying to hire agent provocateurs to disrupt the Trump rally and then blame liberals for their actions. This is a tactic done for centuries and we're on to you, O'Keefe. His videos have been horrific for the country, destroying ACORN and convincing millions of people of his altered reality. His abortion videos were selectively edited, contrary to what some have claimed and he was the only one arrested for voter fraud when he tried to vote under someone else's name. Nice going schmuck. Drop dead already.

9)Trump's cabinet picks-  Most of Trump's cabinet seem woefully inadequate for the job. A plethora of billionaires running the show does not inspire confidence in me. We saw Ben Carson wither under questioning by Liz Warren (think how great things would be if it was her going into the White House), Tillman cozy up to Russia and several say very troubling things about China. His pick for Education Secretary has no experience in that field and is a huge proponent of getting rid of public schools for for profit ones instead. Stats show that just like private prisons, they are run pretty poorly with our youth suffering because of it. Even people who voted for him and some high profile pundits are sounding the alarm about this and many think we are on the verge of everything collapsing. Choices matter people. Considering that Trump said today that the One China policy was on the block, we should be very afraid of either a trade war or a real one will happen before the end of the year.

8)Ringling Brothers- I used to love going to the circus as a kid and even went a few years back to Big Apple Circus with my sister and her kids and had a blast. But then elephants were phased out, which I understand, and that led to the end of this 146 year institution. If you get a chance, go see one of the last tours of this spectacle. With today's kids having the attention span of a drunken gorilla, sitting for over two hours was too much. Hell, parents aren't any better.
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7)Celebrity Apprentice- Holy God does this show suck without Trump. I don't know what moron is overseeing this train wreck but he/she is either way our of their league or really bad at their job. The jobs the "celebrities" (really who are half these people?) have to do are nothing more than product placement with NO money raising stunts yet which are some of the best ones to watch. The icing on the cake for the this abomination of a TV show is the fucking editing. I have done editing in the past and know that you shouldn't cut away until at least seven or eight seconds have passed for a normal shot. While showing the videos they had prepared for one task, they kept cutting to reaction shots every other second, creating a strobe light effect and making understanding what was going on in the videos impossible. Please cancel this show already, fire the editor and send Arnold back to making shitty movies.

6)Weekend Films- Speaking of shitty movies, this weekend was chock full of disasters. January is always the dumping ground because this is when prestige movies open wide after their Christmas Day release for awards seasons purposes. Not since the disastrous Oct 23-25 weekend of last year have so many films died a painful death. The previous weekend saw Gem and the Holograms and Rock The Casbah compete for lowest grossing picture opening on 200 screens. Gem won that title. Also going under was Witch Hunter and another god awful Paranormal Activity film. This weekend was somehow worse. The only film that did okay was Patriot's Day which I cannot wait to see. Four others did not do as well. Silence and Live By Night did very poorly but let's be honest, both were pet projects by talented directors that never had a chance at a big reception. The subject matter wasn't going to resonate with a mass audience. The other two, Sleepless and the insipid Monster Trucks were dumped here to goose money out of a gullible audience. The one new film that opened big was the Bye Bye Man which is exactly what is going to happen to that film over the next two weeks. It opened big, but word is the film sucks and audiences have punished it with a C score. Next week, this will fall off the map as word of mouth kill it. If you go to the movies, see Hidden Figures playing now or Rouge One. They both rocked. Other than Patriot's Day, ignore the rest.
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5)Homeless in Hawaii- Politicians are having a fit that homeless people are using war memorials as places to shit. Here's an easy solution: give the homeless people a home. Studies have shown that giving someone without a home an actual place to live cuts down costs of hospital visits, drug use and a host of other issues this country has roundly ignored for decades. Utah gave all their homeless a place to live and the results have been astounding. Let's do this nation wide and we no longer have to worry about poo bombs at Pearl Harbor.

4)The Police- The cops are asking for MORE militarization under Trump and I am inclined to think he will go through with it. If you think living in the inner city is bad now, wait until shock troops are on very corner and black and Hispanic people get harassed daily. So much for Posse Comitatus. If you are black and voted for Trump, congratulations you voted to get rid of your health care and your freedom. Enjoy prison.
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3)The FBI- These assholes were in fine form this week. We found out first that for some inane reason the FBI gave the gun back to a guy who would eventually kill 5 and wound dozens more in Ft Lauderdale airport. So let me get this straight. A lunatic comes into your offices claiming the CIA is forcing him to watch ISIS videos and voices in his head are telling him to kill people. He gets committed, let out a few days later and then, wait for it, GIVEN HIS FUCKING GUN BACK! What more do you need to see this guy was a real threat. Then, after a closed door meeting with James Comey and Congress, people left PISSED. They couldn't talk about what they had seen but it was clear they were no happy. Comey is a traitor who should have been fired two seconds after that letter came out derailing Clinton at the last minute. But outgoing President Pussy didn't do that. We are so screwed.

2)Corey Bookey and the Traitorous 13- The democrats cannot seem to realize that their party is in freefall. Every time they try to do anything positive, some greedy corrupt politicians step in the way. This week, they had all the votes they needed to bring down drug prices. But then 13 democrats jumped ship and the bill died. Why did they vote against it? According to their spokespeople, they were worried that defective drugs were come across the border which begs the question where are all the dead Canadians killed by their awful drugs? Oh that's right, they don't exist because drugs coming out of Canada are every bit as safe as the ones here. The fact that Booker gets tons of money from Big Pharma of course had nothing to do with his decision. Here are the rest: Bennet (CO), Booker (NJ), Cantwell (WA), Carper (DE), Casey (PA), Coons (DE), Heinrich (NM), Heitkamp (ND), Menendez (NJ), Murray (WA), Tester (MT) and Warner (VA). This means that those living in NJ, DE or WA have no representation beyond big business. Vote these assholes out of office when they come up and let's get some true progressives in there.The current democratic party is useless. Until we get new blood in there, nothing is going to change.
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1)Republicans and health care- Health care destroyed the democratic party. Instead of focusing on jobs, they went right into a death spiral and never recovered. It led to their loss in 2010 and beyond. Unfortunately for the GOP, as they control everything, they have to actually come up with a plan which they 100 % have no idea on what to do. It already causing problems in the ranks as some want a replacement plan now and others foolishly want to kick the can down the road. That is not possible as if they wait too long, companies will pull out of the insurance markets and if they go back to the way things were, prices will soon skyrocket out of control. The media is already showing sick people pleading to live. It will be worse when we start seeing coffins and lots of them. What they want to do is not feasible as keeping costs low while eliminating the mandate is physically impossible. They are the dog that caught the car. Saying no is easy. Doing something that actually works is far, far harder. The best route would be a single payer plan which the GOP has no interest in. So whatever they do cobble together is almost certain to fail and with it, this country. If people start dying in huge numbers, the GOP will fall to infighting and most likely, assassination attempts. When you start playing with people lives and that of their loved ones. getting shot at is inevitable. We are rapidly reaching the end game people where the idiots on both sides of the aisle we have put into office kill us once and for all and we have no one to blame but ourselves. So congratulation GOP you are indeed douchebag of the week.

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