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If you are thrilled Trump and the GOP took over the country, I have a feeling that support will be short lived when they destroy the planet once and for all. It is abundantly clear that way too many people who rely on Obamacare voted for Trump, somehow unaware that they were also voting to put themselves into an early grave. Some true morons thought Obamacare and the ACA were two separate entities and were shocked when they found out otherwise. On Meet The Press this week, Chuck Todd showed three counties where Trump won by mid double digits while anywhere from one quarter to half the population of said town used Obamacare. What do you think will happen when the Republicans fail to live up to their promises about fixing the health care plan, even though they have come up with nothing for eight years? Chaos. Repeal is easy. What comes next however isn't.
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Recent polls show that the population hates the soaring prices which have come to be an expensive burden upon the middle class. Tack that along with ballooning deductibles and skyrocketing CEO pay and there is a real sense as to why people hate Obamacare, although to be fair, prices would have gone almost as much without it because price controls were never a part of the act. But here's the rub, that same poll showed that the thing the public hates most next is the mandate. How dare they tell me to buy something, Idiot America screams, unaware that we require insurance for a car, why not a person? Plus, without said mandate, health insurance rates will skyrocket as only sick people will be on it. It's like asking for a glass of water that isn't wet.

With the only things so far being talked about are HSA's and selling across state lines, neither of which will do much to cut costs which is the number one thing for the Republicans to enact. Considering who is in office, that seems unlikely.  So when they start fiddling with the system, it looks clear they will break it once and for all, only this time they will be 100% responsible for it. The democrats should have enacted a single payer plan but because of assholes like Joe Lieberman, that did not happen. But since they control the whole shebang, they are the ones who have to figure out how not to wreck it once and for all.

Republicans are talking about delaying the inevitable for several years, some even have it past 2020, but Trump in his infinite wisdom wants something now. And here he is not wrong. If the GOP stretches uncertainty out, insurance companies will most likley balk and pull out of all of the exchanges. This will end the system if it occurs as no one will be able to afford insurance at all at that point. And if the Republicans break health care, as the do with everything else they have ever touched, how soon before the pitchforks and torches come out?

The Media will parade dying or families of dead people the GOP literally killed. How well do you think that will play out? Recent polls show that Trump is the driving force in the GOP, not rank and file Republicans. If things go south, voters are more likely going to blame people like Ryan and McCain and not the President. That means they are so screwed when their health care plan goes far worse than Obamacare did. We need a single payer plan and cost controls on drugs. Without either, this system cannot survive.
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Rumors have already surfaced that the Russians have Trump with blackmail material, with one salacious rumor being that Trump went all R Kelly on some hookers and there is film of it. That would make for interesting news cast. We now go to this breaking news of our president urinating on several women. Other highlights from today's press conference, which I have yet to watch, also has Trump going off on CNN as "fake news" and saying his sons will take over the business, which is not a blind trust and could lead to eventual impeachment charges. This is what we get to look forward to for the next four years. Fun. You voted for this America. Enjoy.

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