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Unlike many, I want Trump to work out. Why you ask? Because I like heat and a roof over my head. At this point though, that seems to be a pipe dream as Trump appears to be headed for tyranny and the GOP is full steam ahead with ideas that will end this country. There has been a lot of stuff that has happened over the last week and most of it was covered by a spastic three year old posing as our media system. These guys really suck lately at seeing the forest for the trees.
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Let's start with the report that Russia has blackmail material over Trump. Is that really so hard to believe? The story which the MSM focused on was Trump and his penchant for watersports and for some reason not the fact that the dossier alleged treason on the part of Trump. You'd think that would be the their focus but no it was hardly mentioned. And then there is this: this story is unverified NOT discredited as some outlets have claimed. There is no reason to doubt the story any more than there is to believe it, even if we really want to either way. I really wish we had a media that knew how to do their fucking job anymore. I am tired of being the waterbearer there.

The group, Orbis, that complied the dossier is an intelligence gathering apparatus, hardly a reliable group to spread misinformation but in the day of Trump anything is possible I guess. The author is in hiding and that is hardly surprising there as there a lot of people who will want this guy dead. When Trump assumes the presidency, it may mean the same for people like me. I will never stop what I do. Come for me at your own peril.

People who knew the author, Christopher Steele, say he is afraid for his life and is not one to post false rumors. As an intelligence gathering group would be obliterated if it was caught peddling fake news, this seems an unlikely scenario. So if that axiom holds true, Trump is guilty of everything being said and means this country is headed for disaster.
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Then Trump picked a fight with John Lewis. Civil rights icon. On MLK weekend. Brilliant. By the way, Lewis' district is NOT a hellhole and a man who literally fought for his rights and cannot be said to be all talk and no action. This bodes badly for his interactions with world leaders as he tweets could start a war.

Trump has also said he wants to change venues for the press room to a larger place outside the White House. His last press conference was a shambles where he packed the room with sycophants to laugh and jeer at his command while ignoring news outlets like CNN which he considered "fake news." Now he says he wants to bring in bloggers and alt news, so instead of CNN we get Alex Jones and replacing MSNBC will by Dan from his mom's basement but loves Trump on his blog. Yeah, that won't suck worse than now. Let the tyranny begin.

However, there are also several reasons why Trump may not survive four years figuratively or literally. His business deals which he has refused to divest fully from may lead to impeachment hearings especially if they become so obvious even the Republicans cannot ignore them. His recent deal to expand his golf course in Scotland is just one example that the Constitution explicitly forbids.

And there is also this: Ryan and his cronies are talking about privatizing SS, Medicare and Medicaid as they also work on destroying the health care system. If any one of these things goes belly up, the blowback will be intense and possibly deadly. Trump has said he wants health care for all. Here, here and I pray he is honest on this. If the GOP does as bad a job as I think they will, health care will end for all of us. When that happens, and thousands start dying, expect bullets to start flying their way when a furious public decides enough is enough.

Historically, the Republicans have destroyed the country everytime they achieved this much power. 1929 and 2007 should be stark reminders that these assholes are really bad at what they do and chances are high that the world is about to end in spectacular fashion. Just remember America, you voted for this.
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Ryan talked about his plan to privatize social security today, a carbon copy repeat of 2005 when they tried the exact same thing to disastrous results. The main reason why democrats gained the House back in 2006 was this talk that was almost 100% unpopular across the board. Whatever your age, race, sex, religion or whatnot was, this idea was anathema to almost everyone. Has anything changed these last 12 years you ask? Nope. Comments sections about this story was 99% negative. If the GOP even attempts to bring this up they stand to lose a landslide election in 2018 regardless. Few are that dumb to vote to make themselves or their children, penniless.

We stand at an abyss, and sorry to piss on the liberals, but Hillary would have been barely better. It was be a different story but the same end of the world scenarios would be playing out. The fact the democrats, 13 of them, turned against the American people because of drug money they get from Big Pharma shows how out of touch they are and why I will NEVER vote for another democrats as long as I live who isn't named Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders or the like. Corporate democrats can fuck off. You can ruin the world on your own dime.
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The world is coming to an end people. If you don't believe me, feel free to open a history book and watch what happens when a society starts to approach it's demise. It's a blueprint for what is about to occur here. I hope I am wrong and Trump becomes the greatest president in history. But the chances for that are slim at best and chances are good a year from now, most of us won't be alive anyway.

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