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No one has done more harm to this country than the DNC, Obama and Hillary Clinton this year. Trump gave them a run for their money, and he's a person I firmly believe will kill us all sometime soon, but even he and his fellow douchebag Republicans were only half as repugnant as the Democratic party which just decided to never win another election with the half assed, center right policies. What they did this year was unforgivable and they can cross me off their list as I will NEVER vote again, short of a ballot question, because I just don't care anymore. Both sides suck and I no longer give two shits which side wins. They both are going to kill millions before they destroy this country once and for all. Let's see those runner ups in a truly pathetic year.
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Dishonorable mentions- George Zimmerman (someone needs to tell this guy to shut the fuck up), Brock Turner (defining white privilege), Antonin Scalia (died and still screwed us over), Ryan Locte (nice cry of Wolf dumbass), Rick Snyder (why again are democrats getting the blame here for a Republican controlled state about poisoning the Flint water supply?), Kim Davis (drop dead you fat, nasty bigot) and Billy Bush (frat boys suck!).

10)Jared Fogel- This guy had a really bad year. What was once an inspiring story about weight loss that raked him tens of millions of dollars, ended in a long jail term, his family leaving him and all that weight coming back in droves. This dork wasn't even trying to hide his attraction to young (and I do mean young) children of BOTH sexes, asking friends if he could fuck their children. EEEEWWWWWWWW! Plus, he was apparently embezzling from his own charity as well. Enjoy prison loser.

9)Martin Shkreli- This guy was the poster-child for Douchebags R Us. After raising a life saving drug to exorbitant proportions, one he purchased not developed, this ass became the most hated man in America. What didn't help was his frat boy attitude and comparing himself favorably to robber barons of the past. With that much scrutiny, it was no surprise when he was arrested for insider trading and fraud charges. His trial should start sometime this year and I hope he gets a lengthy prison sentence.
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8)Roger Goodell- This man is destroying football. He sidelined Tom Brady for a bullshit reason (there is no science behind deflated balls that supports Goodell here), expanded the NFL beyond what can be sustainable as player talent has been seriously watered down across the league and failed for the zillionth year to do anything about lousy refereeing which are costing teams games. Can we please get someone in here who knows what he is doing?

7)The Police- It was a banner year for horrible cops. Just look at any list of bad cops for 2016 and you will see a litany of greed, extortion and murder. If these guys were anybody but police, they would have been labeled a gang and destroyed by now, We saw multiple executions of innocent, mostly black, people. In many cases, like the one in Charlotte, where video appears to show a cop plant the gun allegedly held by the victim, yet charges are not filed against him. Others, like the St, Louis cop caught doing the same thing, was arrested as was the South Carolina cop arrested for shooting a man in the back, even though his case wound up in a mistrial when one juror refused to say guilty. Two of the worst were Sean Toon, who infamously did a Captain Kirk barrel roll for no reason after beating a 15 year old black girl in a bikini and Daniel Holtzclaw, who was convicted of raping multiple women, almost all of which were poor and black. And then they wonder why cop shootings have gone up dramatically this year.

6)BLM and black people in general- Wow, do you guys need a new direction. BLM is being labeled a terror group in several nations now where vandalism and attacks on white people have increased dramatically. They are not that far from that here. Their demands are not for equality but superiority, much like radical feminism has become over the years. I have no problem with saying we are all equal. But in order for that to happen, black people have to stop the level of racism within their community that blames white people for all their problems. White people are not killing you. You guys are doing that to each other. And self segregation is not the answer unless you really want to see how bad life can get when you all live in walled off ghettos more Escape from NY that you want.
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5)Muslim Terrorists- These guys were on a tear this year with attacks across the planet and hundreds of thousands dead because of it. What they don't seem to get is that they are not winning at all with this strategy. Quite the opposite actually. Sometime soon, one of these losers is going to kill a lot of people, more than the world can tolerate. And when that happens, all hell is going to break loose for anyone who even looks Muslim. Don't think interment camps cannot happen because it will either be that or dead in the street when panicky mobs wipe them out. People band together with tribal like actions and our side has nuclear weapons and every world power will act as one at such a threat because it will affect every non Muslim nation equally. How long will the Middle East last if three quarters of the planet wants you dead? You guys are on very borrowed time and that includes innocent people here as well as scared people rarely make sane decisions. If this continues, expect the Muslim faith to be wiped from the Earth.

4)MSM- This was the year it all fell apart. Our society, I hate to say, is dying. It is dying because these assholes helped. Instead of reporting the truth, they sold out to corporate interests and became nothing more than mouthpieces for the government. And it didn't matter who was in office at the time. They lied for Bush and the WMD's that never existed. They lied for Obama and his bullshit unemployment and inflation rates. They will continue to lie for Trump if history is any indication. Even if they don't though, no one trusts them anymore. Hell, we don't trust ANYTHING anymore. And that is how civilizations end. When no one believes anyone or anything, society fails. I found it hilarious that the MSM screamed about "fake news stories," while they themselves continued to shill false nonsense. It's the beginning of the end folks and these giant douchebags are a major part of the problem.
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3)Voters- I have come to the conclusion that democracy no longer works because way too many people with single digit IQ's voted way against their self interests. There is nothing that states an uninformed voter can be stricken from the record and we should do this. Have a simple civics test for all citizens. If you can't get seven out of ten right, you can't vote. Get 100, and you never have to take the test again. It would certainly help thin out the herd of people who voted to kill themselves. 17,000 miners, almost all of whom voted Trump and Republicans, saw their health care go away even though the democrats tried to save it. Same goes for all the people who voted for Trump, millions by the way, many of whom will not see the end of his term when Obamacare and Medicaid disappear. and their lives go with it. Black people who voted for him will see a sharp uptick in arrests of minorities are private prisons continue. Worst off will be Muslims or Hispanics in this country who are going to be persona non grata, either deported, shunned or killed off. So way to go guys, you've ended this country. The same can be said for every single democratic voter in the country who picked Hillary over Sanders. He would have won, she wasn't going to and didn't. Now we have what we have. Awesome.

2)Donald Trump and the GOP- We should take bets on how long it will be before one of his tweets causes an international incident. We got Trump because the rest of the people running were somehow, someway, worse. Jeb BUSH! Please. The same went for Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Carla Fiorina, Ben Carson and the 700 other people that ran. I still like Trump more than the rest of these idiots. I am hoping he will do better than Obama, but that's a low bar to hurdle even for the Donald. I fear they are going to kill a lot of things people like, Social Security, health care, the world, but I also see the same things that destroyed the democratic party happening here. They are not all on the same page and this could lead to the same tug of war that caused the democrats to get almost nothing done in 2009 when they had all the power too. People are furious with this and want things done now and quick. That is unlikely. If they slog it out too long, they could pay a huge price in 2018 or even sooner if their policies anger people enough to grab their guns and head to Washington en masse. They have six months to a year to right the ship before people are going to be even more furious than now. And next time, voting might not be their option of choice.
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1)Hillary Clinton and the DNC- I fucking hate the democrats after this year. Debbie Wassermam Schultz, Nancy Pelosi and Donna Brazile may have permanently made this party irrelevant by fixing the race for Hillary and then running a piss poor campaign as well. Sanders should have been the choice but these cunts fixed it so their vagina in chief would win. Then, in what can only be described as unbridled stupidity, they gave up on any ground game in key states, ignored white voters completely and played identity politics in such a way that it drove voters away instead of vice versa. Picking Tim Kaine was one of the dumbest, idiotic, beyond stupid picks in all of human history. Instead of wisely picking a progressive like Liz Warren or Sanders, this asshole in a dress, went with a corporatist that made the far left abandon her. She lost the race here the same way Marcia Clark lost before the trial even started by ignoring advice from her jury consultant. Trump picked Pence which shored up his base. Hillary pissed on hers. She then went on to call voters "deplorable," fainted on 9/11, went high when she should have gone low (trying Republicans to Hitler would have been a good start) and a zillion other mistakes that made her lose. Instead of releasing all her emails and speeches in September, she let others dictate their release and, truth be told, weren't that bad. The unknown was way worse than what was actually in them. Whoever advises her sucked. We now face oblivion because the democrats have abandoned us and the GOP is beyond insane. We literally have no one left to vote for. And it's not like Obama has been any better. He kept almost none of his promises, reversing course on at least half of them before his seat was even warm. Lately, with questionable action against allies like Israel and less than satisfactory actions against the Russians, he has positioned the world much closer to war. Things are going to get very, very bad soon. And this shrill bitch wouldn't have been much better. So congratulations Hillary Clinton and the DNC, you fucked us all and are indeed douchebag of the year.

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