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Why is it neither party seems capable of change? The Republicans are still hell bent on enacting their agenda even though 2.5 million more voters picked Hillary over Trump. This can't end well when a majority of the country is against you. Word is there are already sites in the dark web raising money for assassinations against both Trump and Pence. This is exactly what I said would happen regardless of outcome. Hillary would have faced the same thing as this country bolts toward another Civil War, this time fought over abortion and gay rights. Meanwhile the Democrats keep acting as if it is business as usual and re-elected Pelosi for another term which would be the equivalent of Fiorina still working at HP even though the company was long bankrupt. WTF people? You lost and badly in some places because you treat white men like the plague and fail to offer ANY job prospects beyond failed policies. We are so screwed. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Zero Hedge- This used to be a great site until one of the founders left and the site took a sudden turn to the right. Now it is Breitbart level nonsense half the time. It was rightfully put onto a list about fake news which it is guilty of. A lot of sites I like (Drudge, Rense, WRH, Prison Planet) all have right wing nonsense but every now and then do get something correct. It's why just getting your news from one source is not a great idea. But these guys have gone off the rails lately putting forward truly questionable ideas forward. Shame guys.

9)"Fake" news sites- The media has been making hay about fake news sites. My webpage was not listed either because I report the truth, or more likely, no one knows I exist. I can see who reads this page and how many and it's not a lot. I do this for the few out there who want to know what is actually going on and to prove that on occasion I am right. But for the major news sites to bitch about fake news is rich because they put forth more nonsense than anyone. No one believes the unemployment rate is 4.6% because it isn't. It's a made up number. You can't have 95 million people not working and get that rate. Likewise with inflation which is woefully inadequate and provably so. Yet I report that and the media continues to lie. Yeah, we trust you.

8)Pizzagate- This is one of the dumbest stories that may not actually be entirely untrue. People coming through the stolen emails of Hillary came across a ton of ones devoted to pizza. Anyone who has ever worked in a office like these gets a lot of pizza. It's a quick, easy food that feeds many and people like. In what can only be described as delusional thinking, some deranged idiot with far too much time on his hand, decided pizza was code for child porn/rape and invented an insane theory around it which has grown way bigger than it ever should have. There is nothing to this story. However, there have been credible stories about powerful people engaged in pedo rings worldwide, so while Pizzagate is foolish, the fact that many have died looking into similar accusations (Marc Webb, Michael Hastings) suggests a darker world.

7)Canadian Cops- And we thought we had it bad with cops in this country comes this story. In an effort to stop drunk drivers, anyone arrested for drunk driving this holiday season will be subjected to the music of, wait for it, Nickelback. OH GOD NO! In all honesty, this is one of the bands I hate more than any other. Their music is so generic and every song sounds the same. They don't suck as hard as say, Kanye West, who music is drivel, but it's still hard to sit through without gritting my teeth. I feel bad for Canada and we have President elect Trump.
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6)Kanye West-Here's a shocker: Kanye is insane. I could have told you that from his music, his behavoir and having eyes and ears. Allegedly, he lost it after he screwed up his meds and went off the rails. And he wants to run for President in 2020? I'd pick Trump in a heartbeat. I hope he gets better as I wish him no ill will just to please go away and to take his big butt wife with him.

5)Sarah Palin- Word was she was up for the VA job which would have been funny because that would have screwed up all the veterans who stupidly voted for Trump. Instead, lightning struck and Palin wrote an op-ed that was, and I can't believe I am about to write this but, it was well written and intelligent. I know! It was also very anti-Trump, hounding him for his Carrier deal which did save jobs but opened the door for every company on Earth to demand tax breaks to keep workers too, which is already happening. Palin, as a former governor, knows eventually this tactic will bankrupt the country and said so. Now she is probably not going to get the job. Rats.

4)Trump- Wow has he done some damage this week and he hasn't even gotten into office. First he talked to the Taiwanese President, ending decades of China diplomacy at the drop of a hat. Then he did the same to Kazakhstan and Pakistan, pissing off allies in the region. Then, he saved Carrier jobs but instead of going after them with a tax penalty if they left, offered them a huge tax break instead that the taxpayer is going to find instead. This is actually worse than if he did nothing. According to the right. socialism is when you run out of other people's money. How is this any different? It isn't. Our end is near because there is no way we survive these next four years. Bet on a major terrorist attack sometime next year that will make 9/11 look small in comparison. It's what fascists do once in power. Find an enemy and get the population to focus on them instead of you. Muslims will be the new Jews soon.

3)Fascism/socialism/communism idiots- A quick lesson for people apparently too dumb to learn. Communism is far left. Socialism is center left. Fascism is far right. It is literally impossible to be all three. So many have called Hillary and Obama commies lately I expect Joe McCarthy to rise from the grave and laugh at them. He knew communism, even if he was blinded in his hatred for it. These two were at best center right and at worst Fascist lite. Neither did anything ever that could even be thought of as communist in nature. And Obamacare does not count because ALL medical plans worldwide require it to be socialistic for it to work. Crack a book guys.

2)Recount critics- Why are some people screaming bloody murder about recounts? If the tables were turned, you'd be pissed if a recount DIDN'T happen. We should be doing a recount EVERY time to make sure we got it right. Otherwise, our elections could be stolen and there is no way to find out otherwise. There is some evidence that this election was stolen by the Republicans and we should find out the truth if that is the case. Demand a recount instead of shouting down democracy.
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1)The Democrats- It's like they want to lose. They have no young people as up and commers, the party elect 70 plus. And who do they get in to have  afresh face and new leadership? Nancy Pelosi. AGAIN. The democrats have lost across the board by going after guns, ignoring white America and talking subjects that trans gender bathroom bills that divide America. Most people are not going to notice who uses what bathroom unless you have a beard and a dress on. Not a good look by the way. I get cross dressing but that seems odd to me. Any way you look at it, they are losing voters because they focused on social issues but ignored everything else. They are pro trade at a time when that is highly unpopular. They go after guns which makes people mental. They have safe spaces and words that can't be said anymore because someone got their feelings hurt once. A lot of people have had enough of that. I sure have. How about protecting union you have abandoned for decades? Or a jobs program in states you control like CA or MA? We get nothing. Now to be fair, the Republicans are a bunch of dick sucking losers but their constituents are too dumb to know better. What is our excuse? This party is headed for oblivion because it refuses to acknowledge it's deficiencies. Congratulations guys. Keep this up and 2018 will be a bloodbath. You are all indeed douchebag of the week.

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