Monday, December 12, 2016


These are indeed dark days. Enjoy this Christmas because it maybe our last. The incompetent democrats seem incapable of even realizing what a hole they are in as Trump sends us skyrocketing to Armageddon. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Burkas- I have no problem with religious freedom. But sometimes it goes too far and these schmucks need to be dragging kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The burka is being debated being banned in Germany as it should everywhere, especially non Muslim countries. There is NO passage anywhere in the Koran that says this how women should dress,beyond being modest. This is a far cry from modesty. There is NO religious basis for this yet we allow it to fester and happen. The burka has no place in modern society and banning it is a start toward getting some of these lunatics to moderate.

9)Cop shootings- I get it. Black people don't like cops and with good reason. However, shooting innocent people is no way to get your message across. There has been an increase in cop shootings this year, in large part because cops are shooting innocent people with impunity and when the courts don't work, people will take action on their own. Cops need to prosecute anyone who kills someone for no reason and juries need to to convict, unlike the lone holdout in the recent SC trial of a cop caught on film shooting someone in the back. Stop shooting cops. This isn't helping. If blacks had instead voted for Hillary instead of staying home, this might have stopped. Instead, get ready for prison.

8)Pizzagate- This story is nonsense. However, there is a solid reason to believe an international kiddie porn/slave trade ring exists as many who have looked into this story, like Marc Webb and Michael Hastings both died under mysterious circumstances. It is also odd that one of the people mentioned in this story is John Podesta who has really upsetting art in his house and, even though I doubt this story highly, does bear a weird resemblance to one of two men wanted in connection with the kidnapping of Madeline McCann. The other sketch does also look like his brother as well. Again, I doubt this story but I cannot ignore the fact they do look like the sketches and both have really creepy pictures in their homes of children tied up.

7)Sandy Hook- It happened. It's not a hoax. Stop IT! This week a woman was arrested for threatening a parent of the tragedy, again saying things like "crisis actors," and "false flag," even though both a demonstrably untrue. There is no evidence of anything these idiots keep posting and it is beyond all reason that the thousands of people needed to keep this under wraps, if it was indeed was what the crazies say didn't happen, is not believable. Some one would have talked by now. This is all the Fake News stories that are indeed making us dumber.
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6)Susan Olsen- The former child star of the Brady Bunch got fired this week from her radio show for calling a gay man "fag" and going off on his sexual prevalence. She has in the past gone off about crazy theories, like those above, including that being liberal is a mental illness, Hillary is paying people to protest and the like. Good bye and good riddance.

5)TN arsonists- Two teens were arrested this week for setting off the wildfires there that killed 14 and damaged billions in assets. Word is they will be prosecuted as adults which means these two may spend decades behind bars. What sort of deranged asshole thinks this was funny. Certainly not their parents who will be vising them behind glass for the next century.

4)Democrats- These guys may be all done. Pelosi has said this week that she doesn't think they need to change anything they are doing, somehow unaware that since she took the leadership position, their numbers have tumbled nationwide, having lost all branches of government, dozens of governerships, including most of NE now, and almost all state house. This is not a winning strategy when you keep getting walloped running some of the worst people in vulnerable elections. It's like they are trying to lose. Until they get back to protecting the working class, which they abandoned for decades now, they will continue to be a dying party.
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3)Trump picks- Holy God these are some bad people being put into office. Some, like Tillerson for State and Bolton as his second, are already getting flap from both sides and may face an uphill battle. So far, almost everyone he has picked had been in direct conflict with the office they are going to head. An EPA head that doesn't believe in climate change, an education head that doesn't believe in public schools, the head of the FDA who doesn't think drugs should work to be sold and so on. It's a parody of government and if these idiots get through, this country is toast.

2)Russia- Evidence strongly suggests this election was hacked by this country, a fact that Trump and his team have done everything to say didn't happen. Trump called out the intelligence community for their WMD error as proof they shouldn't be listened too and why he doesn't attend briefings every day, because he "is wicked smart." If Russia did indeed interfere with out elections, this should be seen as an act of war and steps need to be taken immediately like blacking out Moscow. This should not be taken as lightly as Trump is doing and proving he is unfit for office.
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1)Trump- This ass is going to kill us all. His cabinet picks are Hitleresque, His attitude is scary. And his tweets are starting international incidents before he even gets into office. Today, he tweeted that he would no longer recognize the "One China" policy over Tawain, a fact the Chinese said today could start an international incident. World War 3 anyone? The Republicans are also helping. Some who voted for this idiot are already getting fucked such as the 1200 at Carrier that are still lost their jobs or the 17000 miners that lost their health care this weekend, even as the democrats were the ones fighting to keep it while Republicans threw them to the wolves. Have fun paying 1300 a month for your families health insurance, a number that will skyrocket once they dismantle Obamacare. Even if the electoral college decided to vote in Hillary, which there is a slim chance could happen, then civil war happens. There is no scenario where millions do not die over the next few years. They want to dismantle Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They want to super size trickle down which evaporated the economy in 2008. I get why some of you voted for Trump, but voting he same assholes right back into Congress was insane. And now, we face annihilation. So congratulation to Trump and all the assholes out there who voted for this. You are all indeed douchebag of the week.

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