Friday, December 23, 2016


You're a dumb one, Mr. Trump.
You are going to make us dead.
You want to have more nukes,
while cutting needed programs to shreds,
Mr. Trump.
You've got a tribble on your head that looks like it barfed up a hairball.

You're an evil one, Mrs. Clinton
You really fucked us all
You had no stand on anything
You kicked us in the balls,
Mrs. Clinton.
Please for the love of God, don't run again.

You're a shyster, Mrs. Schultz,
You are corrupt beyond all words
Yet you won another term
because the public is a mindless herd,
Mrs. Schultz.
Between you an a dead squirrel, I'll take the dead squirrel.

Here are the words that best describe you, and I quote:

You're a douchebag, voting public
You really are a dick,
You picked a demagogue and a corporatist
over the one that didn't make us sick,
Mr. Sanders.
The DNC cheated us out of our pick and they deserve our scorn.

Is this really the best we get?
Can we try again.
Our choices besides Sanders, reeked of day old diapers
left out in the sun.

You disgust me, Mr. McConnell.
You really suck real bad
You are going to ruin this country
and set us back to a desolate land,
Mr. McConnell.
I hope you die of ass cancer.

You are all a shit sandwich,
with feces loaf and poo sauce
that we all have to eat.

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