Wednesday, December 28, 2016


I don't know which is worse, Trump becoming president or Obama still being president for the next few weeks. Our current moron seems to be trying to end the world before Trump even gets into office. He's pissed off both the Russians and the Israelis for no good reason, he may have just helped end the UN and the chances for all out war have increased dramatically. So much for that peace prize huh? Instead of focusing on this crap, let's take a look back at the best of TV this past year. While there was a lot of garbage this year, a few series went bold and it paid dividends. Here's what worked:

BEST TV 2016

10)Lethal Weapon- I had this on my sure to be cancelled list earlier this year. And much like my predictions of the election, I was way wrong about this show. I am huge fan of Clayne Crawford and he nails his performance as Riggs. Damon Wayans is okay and I still wish they had cast someone else. Either way, this show is action packed and funny.

9)The Wall/Match Game- Two wildly entertaining game shows. The first one is a high stakes Plinko game hosted by Chris Hardwick where contestants answer trivia and can win up to 12 million dollars. It is thrilling. The other one the payout is far smaller bit no one goes on Match Game to win money but to have fun, which everyone seems to do. Alec Baldwin has had a great year with this and his dead on Trump impression on the much improved SNL.

8)Superstore- One of the best new sitcoms on TV, this one lampoons working at a Walmart type store with all the different whack jobs who work there. Lauren Ash steals the show as the domineering Dina with terrific supporting help from America Ferrera, a hard worker whose marriage is failing apart, and Mark McKinney as the helpless store manager. Great ensemble here.

7)The Good Place- NBC has nailed not one but two sitcoms this year, a feat in and of itself. This one has Kristen Bell as a woman misplaced into heaven when she actually should have gone the other way and tries to figure out how to keep from eternal damnation. While she does, the heaven she is in is falling apart and is not the only mistake there. Ted Danson as the overly pleasant architect of this dimension is a hoot.

6)Scorpion- I love this show. As a genius, I can identify a lot with the characters here and the romance between Toby and Happy mirrors my life a great deal, as I also have to deal with an anti social Asian woman who likes to build things. Kathrine McPhee is as talented and gorgeous as ever and anything with Robert Patrick is almost always worth watching. This show is a lot of fun.

5)Marvel Shows- Their Netflix shows this year, Luke Cage and the second season of Daredevil where not to be missed TV. Next year, we get Iron Fist and the team up of the Defenders. I can't wait. On top of this, we also had Agents of Shield which introduced Ghost Rider to the mix and really ramped up the storyline. These are must watch shows.

4)DC shows- Unlike the movies both of which will be high up on my worst of film list, their TV series are fantastic. While I find Supergirl a little too female oriented for my taste, the other three, Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are brilliant, can't wait to see programs. The crossover episodes were great except for the Supergirl episode which was wholly tacked on. I am looking forward to their return.

3)Stranger Things- The most surprising show of the year. I was reluctant to watch it, but so many gave rave reviews for it, I broke down and was subjected to one of the finest programs. The kids in it are incredible, including one poor soul who had a medical condition in real life where his teeth are coming far slower than anyone else and is worked into the story. The second season will prove to be a high point for the coming  year.

2)Stan Against Evil/Ash verses the Evil Dead- Two very similar shows with very different heroes, these are some of the best horror comedy has to offer. John C McGinley plays Stan a recently widowed ex-sheriff of a small town who discovers that his town is infested with ancient witches that want him and and the new female sheriff dead. Ash, in his second season, goes home to banish the book once and for all and while there reconnects with his father (Lee Majors!), his best friend (Ted Raimi) and an old flame married to the current police chief. Both shows are hysterically funny and should be watched if you like this genre.

1)Dirk Gently- No show made me happier than this one as my life is very holistic apparently. Loosely adapted from the Douglas Adams books, Elijiah Wood once again proves he knows what projects to be in with this latest (and hot off his turn on Wilfred and the film Cooties), here he becomes partners with a guy who accidentally finds crimes to solve while being pursued by a soul stealing cult and a holistic assassin who cannot be killed and has no knowledge as to how the world works. It was trippy, funny as hell and thought provoking.

Honorable mentions; Supernatural, American Housewife, Fresh off the Boat, the X Files, People Versus OJ, Game of Thrones, Gotham, Lucifer, SNL, Big Bang Theory. Adam Ruins Everything, Preacher, Walking Dead, John Oliver, Sam Bee, Seth Myers.

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