Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I will say this for Trump, he's not wrong about somethings. Paying four billion for a plane, Air Force One, seems outrageous, even though the fleet is now over 25 years old and does need an upgrade, can we get the price down somewhat please as Trump has rightfully suggested? The boondoogle known as the F-35 is something Trump wants scrap as well, sending Lockheed Martin stocks plunging. Oddly, stock signs show someone shorted that exact same stock minutes before Trump's tweet. He's not even office yet and there's already signs of insider trading. However, he is not wrong that this plane needs to go as it is hundreds of billions in debt and still doesn't work, even though we are selling them now worldwide. Does the lemon law apply to billion dollar failures?
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Trump will probably increase jobs but if the Carrier deal is any indication, will do it on the backs of the taxpayer. That strategy will only go so far until you run out of money. Shockingly, Mitch McConnell seems to realize that unbridled tax cuts will ruin the economy and have signaled that Trump's tax plan, and even Paul Ryan's, will need serious reworking. He has pledged no tax cuts without them being payed for, an unusually wise idea from a man for whom most of his ideas are swamp sludge. I hope he shows similar initiative when it comes to healthcare as their plan right now will destroy ALL health care nationwide. You have to have everyone involved, the dreaded mandate, or else it doesn't work. I am curious how they get themselves out of that hole they have dug deep.

The worst thing about Trump are most of cabinet picks, a who's who of establishment yahoos, douchebag billionaires and, for the most part, people wholly unqualified for the job their are being chosen to do. The biggest stumbling blocks will be his choices for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson
with John Bolton as his second. Many a Republican have pledged to block this vote and with good reason. You are being accused of being a Putin puppet and you pick a guy with close ties to Putin. Brilliant. It would be like if Hillary won and she picked Saul Alinsky for the job.

And can someone please explain to me how we hear of Hillary and Obama being communists, which is laughable, but our President elect can kiss ass to Putin and no one says boo? You people are idiots. You've been brainwashed to accept any GOP idea as patriotic and the other side is garbage. Grow a brain morons and think for yourselves. If you can't see that you got played, you should stay off the internet because a Nigerian Prince scam has your name all over it.
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There are strong signs that a looming disaster is coming. Will it be economic? Yellin raised interest rates today so it remains to see what effect that will have. Most of the stock market rise is due to stock buyback programs. When companies like IBM and Caterpillar cannot do this anymore, their stocks will plummet to junk status and billions will be wiped from the market. There are some signs that the world economy will plummet, but as to when and how is unknown as the rigged system is truly unpredictable. See the Big Short for a prime example of how the laws of economics get suspended by a fixed system. Will it be terrorism? Considering the last time we had a president not go to daily briefings we got 9/11. The next one will be worse. And with Orange Hitler at the helm, things will go belly up fast.

Prepare for the worst, because the end is most likely near. One way or another, this country is going to rip itself apart because stupidity is magnifying on all sides and it is unsupportable at this point. No one believes anything beyond what they hear in their bubble and when facts don't matter, societies fall. The Romans saw their end, why can't we? Enjoy this Christmas because I have a feeling that next year we won't feel like celebrating, assuming that even live that long. I plan on flagging down a passing space ship with my trusty towel and pray I wind up somewhere where humans aren't on the menu.

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