Sunday, December 18, 2016


Another week where the Republicans come across as unqualified hatemongers as the democrats provide their usual brand of wimpy ineffectiveness. Obama has been channeling Jimmy Carter, and not the good parts, as Trump sends us closer and closer to the abyss. There is NO hope for our future if these are the only two choices we ever get. Let's see those runner ups.
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10)Electoral College- Much like a lot of the Constitution at this point, we have yet another archaic device that should go away, like trial by jury and permanent seats on the Supreme Court. This was supposed to be used to prevent unqualified people from getting in and now we have had two in the last 16 years. This is a system that no longer works and should be scrapped. The College meets tomorrow to vote and if any of these idiots actually read the Hamilton papers would see that according to him and the Constitution, no one should be voting for Trump who epitomizes all three check-boxes as to why he shouldn't be president, dangerous demagogue, helped by foreign powers and a clear loser to the millions more who voted for Hillary. There is almost no chance this happens, because if it did, civil war would erupt. Not that it matters as these yahoos will kill hundreds of thousands of Americans by the end of 2017 if their plans come to be, which is likely if they eliminate the filibusterer, which they might and the democrats should have when they had the chance. The College needs to go but that is as likely as a good GOP health care plan.

9)North Korea- If there is any place that nuclear war may break out, it's here, thanks to two unstable personalities here and abroad. Apparently resident midget and retard, Kim Jung Un, got black out drunk and made his generals write apology letters for their behavior. When he sobered up, he had no recollection of doing anything to them, but his cryptic comments about them being old and foolish for showing up for a meeting he didn't schedule (forgotten actually), several burst into tears thinking they were about to killed. This man is unstable and so is ours. Get ready for a surprise, America because they may have nukes capable of hitting the mainland.

8)DEA- Here's an organization that should be on the chopping block and never is. This week these assholes decided to make CBD's a schedule one drug even though you cannot get high off of it. What it does do is cut into the Big Pharma profits so these guys once again act as stormtroopers for the elites. The DEA is a fraud and filled with crooks. Don't deal with these dicks ever. Refuse them service where ever you can.
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7)Obama's "fake' birth certificate- Are you kidding me? Sheriff Joe Apraio is at it again, saying after a five year investigation he has solid "proof" Obama's birth certificate is a fake. It isn't because in order for it be, Obama would have to have a time machine in his possession to go back and fake the news articles taken out in local papers when he was born and thousands of people helping him cover this up. Not possible. As expected, they seemed awfully short of facts and had a lot of supposition. Please tell this dork to just go away.

6)Muslim hoax attacks/ dead kid in Santa's arm- A Muslim woman in NYC who claimed that Trump supporters assaulted her on the subway turned out to be a hoax, as did the five year old who died in Santa's arms. Both were reported by the news without any due diligence that would have suggested otherwise. The Santa story had few facts and should have been seen as a hoax right away. The other story fell apart later but still showed holes where an actual reporter might have noticed, but we don't have those anymore as today's journalists are deaf, dumb and blind. And they wonder why newspapers are dying.

5)CIA- These guys cancelled a briefing this week for members of Congress about the Russian hacking for no apparent reason. These guys do know their job is to inform Congress of stuff like this right? Do they have nothing? If so, why tell everyone there is a problem? This story stinks and so does the CIA. Come forward or shut up.
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4)Trump- This asshole also cancelled a press conference this week where he was going to tell the press how he plans to divide up his business dealings. The fact we never saw his tax returns make him a candidate for blackmail from foreign entities, something some have suggested is happening already. Is he going to use a blind trust or not? These are questions we need answered.

3)China- Stop stealing our stuff! This week, the Chinese "borrowed" an underwater drone for reasons unknown. This is most likely saber rattling to see how we react and it is exactly as expected: Obama did nothing and Trump threatened to burn the planet down. How is it we go from one extreme to another? China is ratcheting up their threats and Trump is highly unlikely to seek the mundane options Obama keep doing. The worst part is both are doing great harm to American interested by doing nothing and everything, with zero in between.

2)Obama and Russia- So let me get this straight: you knew for months that the Russians were hacking our elections and chose to say nothing so as not to appear biased for one candidate over the other. You do know that is your fucking job right? Then, even after you come out and say Russia is to blame, we do absolutely nothing to them, even though what they did is an act of war. Moscow should be blacked out and nude photos of Putin fucking a guy should be plastered all over the internet, even if none of it is true. Grow a spine democrats, This is why you lost and will continue to do so. No more high road bullshit. And if Chuck Schumer decides to meet Trump halfway on anything horrific, his constituents better show him the door in 2018.
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1)North Carolina Legislation- These assholes lost the governorship and as a result have taken away a lot of powers the incoming governor would normally have like selecting staff, appointments and the like which now all have to go through the Republican controlled Senate. A lot of people were pissed that their vote didn't matter and the courts will obviously have a say which, even in a red state, doesn't have a lot of hope of going through. This is an obvious power grab and their Supreme Court is unlikely to rule in the GOP's favor. This is fascist crap and we are going to to be seeing a lot more of this with our idiot in Chief ruining the world. A snapshot of what is to come people and indeed these are douchebags of the week.

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