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I haven't liked Obama since soon after his first election. I voted for him in 2012, not because I thought he was a great president, but because the Republicans scared me more. And now since they control everything, my fears have been well realized. Just in the last week, douchebag Republicans have introduced bills that would destroy health care and social security. With Trump in office, however, these bills have less chance of passage than if some right wing douchebag was in there like Bush, Walker or Christie.
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While I believe health care in this country is ultimately doomed thanks to Obama screwing up health care (and Joe "Fuckwad" Lieberman who almost singlehandedly stopped universal health care by failing to be the sixtieth vote needed to overcome Republican obstructionism), and now the other side is well poised to end it for all. Less likely is their plan to end social security forever with a litany of horrific ideas like defunding the plan by getting rid of payroll taxes and establishing the chained CPI which would lower payments across the board. Since few have the worthless 401k the rich held us hostage to while simultaneously eliminating pensions, chances are good people my age are going to starve when and if we ever approach retirement age. As a lot of Republicans would be voted out en masse in 2018, as well as giving the democrats a lethal talking point, their reign would end, possible bloody if it is draconian enough. A suspect a lot of Republicans would see their cushy job disappear and, just like 2005 when they tried this then, a lot of defectors killed this plan quick. If they somehow manage to get it through, I have a feeling Trump would also kill it as his popularity, not to mention a good change at a huge number of assassination attempts by the elderly, would lead to his veto. He did promise to protect social security, but as I am about to go into, presidential promises are as valid as "the check is in the mail," or "I'll call you."

Obama was without a doubt the biggest liar in chief we have ever had. Almost nothing he promised us in 2008 or 2012 ever came to pass and no, Republican obstructionism had little to do with it. A recent article came up with 252 lies the president promised to follow through with and didn't was eye opening. Here's the link:


Here's a smattering of things that Obama lied to us about:

1)Gave no bid contracts to Halliburton even though he criticized Bush for the same thing.

2)Promised no lobbyists in his adminstation. Has at least 40.

3)Promised to reign in Wall Street. Didn't in any meaningful way.

4)Amped up the War on Drugs, including allowing the DEA to raid medical pot stores in a states where it is legal. From a guy who used to smoke a lot of week when he was younger, this is inexcusable.

5) Expanded Bush's faith based programs.

6)Supported the Patriot Act after rallying against it.

7)Prosecuted exactly one person over the banks destroying the economy.

8)Did not "save" the auto industry except for the richest shareholders as workers saw the salaries drop by half in the restructuring allowed. New workers started at $14 an hour instead of $28 with fewer benefits or protections from being fired.

9)He lied about his health insurance plan that neither was cheaper nor let you keep your doctor or even the plan you like. Premiums have spiked beyond what people can afford and this was always going to happen as the Obama plan did not take into account spiraling costs. The GOP plan will kill it and us once and for all.

10)Invested in companies like Solyndra which had zero chance of making a profit. They were making solar panels for more than they were selling them for, a recipe for disaster. This is a common practice with both sides and have been a part of this scam up close when I was blackmailed for four millions dollars by the Roland administration in CT to get a movie studio built. Instead, the plan went to Cathy Moriarty's husband who ponied up the money, got 12 million in return of tax payer dollars and then went on to just walk away with the cash. The same thing happened here. It's all a con to steal money from taxpayers and Obama was just as guilty as everyone else here.

That's just ten of the hundreds of lies he told us. Read what people in states like PA, WI or Michigan said about why they voted for Trump. Many voted for Obama and got screwed in the process. Funny enough, they are probably going to get double screwed with Republicans in office. But I can't blame them for believing the democrats for the past eight years who have gotten almost nothing done anywhere, even in states like MA and California where they have all the power. To be fair, however, these states are far superior to live in then say Alabama or Texas where your chances for abject poverty are way higher. The democrats have ignored middle class white people for too long and they paid for it.
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MTV just put out another video about how being white is racist. This is why Trump won because white people are NOT all racist regardless of what your minority friends keep screaming about. The democrats have embraced identity politics which demonizes white men. This is not a winning strategy. They chose Hillary because they wanted a woman in office, any woman, even one who couldn't win. They even cheated to make sure of it. Had Sanders been the rightful winner, he'd be president and the Senate would probably be blue. But because white men have no place anymore in the democratic party, they lost. I am not voting for the democrats anymore, except for people I respect like Sanders, Warren or Franken. The rest can go blow as far as I am concerned. End identity politics and focus on jobs and the economy which affects us all and have been ignored by Democrats for decades now.

Chances are good we all die soon because the Republican freight train is barreling right at us and the only thing keeping us safe is Trump as the engineer. If that doesn't frighten you, I don't know what will.

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